FanFic - Michael/Maria
"On Hollow Ground"
Part 10
by Ria
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or any of its characters I'm just having some fun with it all.
Summary: Some fishy things go down in the little town of Roswell and when problems arise the pod squad doesn't know who to trust. Takes place after Destiny minus all the couples breaking up.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I know it's been forever since Cruel Intentions and 3 Strikes and You're Out, but I finally made the time amongst my summer vacation and wrote my second real fan-fic so I hope everyone likes it.
"Are you ready to talk now?" A slightly over weight baldheaded officer set a stack of papers on the desk Michael sat in.

"Don't I get a phone call?" His gaze locked with the officer's whose nametag shined in gold, the name Bill. He really wasn't in the mood for this. He needed to get back before Max and Alex.

"That all comes later. How much later, depends on if you're ready to cooperate." He opened up the first folder on the desk. "Michael Guerin. 17 years old. You attended West Roswell Junior High until the 8th grade, and you are now currently a sophomore at West Roswell High." He snorted out a laugh. "Go comets." He smiled down at Michael as he leaned over the table to him.

"What?" Michael asked Bill's face nearing his. "You lookin' for a kiss big boy? Well, I don't screw guys, let alone kiss them, so you'll just have to wait 'till you get home to your boyfriend."

"Funny, you little shit." The man's eyes and tone roughened at the questioning of his sexuality.

"Even if I did consent, which is a dream for you that's never gonna come true, you'd still go to jail for kiddy rape-like you said, I'm only 17." He smiled edging his face closer to the officers, thanking God they were being watched behind the mirrors the room was full of.

"You've been in nine different foster homes in the last six years." Bill took his face away from Michael's and sucked in a deep breath, wiping away the drops of sweat that coated his forehead. "Lastly with Hank Guerin who only a few months ago kicked you out on your ass and left town." He frowned at the emotion not shown on Michael's face. "No body wants you. Why do you think that no one can stand to be near you?" He added trying to get under Michael's skin.

"I'd rather be alone than hold the reputation of the biggest fruit in town. Tell me how does it feel to know that every fag in Roswell has slammed you up the ass?" Michael shot back, feeling his own emotional wounds burning. Without a word, the man lunged at him, grabbing him by the collar almost pulling him from the chair.

"That'll be all Bill." Another officer gave Bill a reprimanding look as he let go of Michael's shirt, letting him fall back into the chair.


"Maybe we should do something." Maria tried to dry the dishes in Michael's dish board. "I feel like we should be at least checking up on him." She frowned sitting a dry glass on the counter next to the other dishes she had dried. "Or maybe Liz was right, we shouldn't go it's pointless." She argued with herself as Isabel sat with her eyes closed, trying to block Maria out. "We've got nothing better to do than wait. I think-"

"Maria." Isabel snapped, annoyed with her jabbering. "Could you please be quiet, I'm trying to concentrate." She rudely huffed, shutting her eyes and taking a few deep breaths.

"Sorry." Maria said back softly, not wanting to argue.

"Come on Michael, let me in." She squeezed her eyes shut and held her breath until she was in a room surrounded with mirrors. In the middle of the room Michael sat with his head in his arms as he tried to get comfortable. "Michael." She called out to him.

"Izzy." He looked up at her from his seat. "What's the plan?" She looked at him and before she could stop herself, her mind was figuring a plan that worked to her advantage.

"Max is getting Alex from the airport and as soon as he gets back he's taking Liz, Maria, and Alex to a safe place." He bit his fingernails, carefully listening to every word she said.

"A safe place?" He asked spitting a chewed fingernail across the room.

"Well, we haven't exactly figured where that is but, it's someplace where Nesado and Tess can't get to us."

"And when they go to this safe place where will you be?"

"Helping you get out of here." She let a small smile grace her lips.

"No, you're going with them. I don't need your help getting out of here." He looked into her hurt eyes. "They don't have anything on me-there's no reason they won't let me go." He lied. "And when you figure out where you're going tell me and I'll meet up with you guys later."

"Michael, I know you're lying so you can cut the crap. You need help getting out." A smashing noise filled the room.

"What's that?" He asked, knowing it didn't come from the police station.

"Maria." She frowned, angry that Maria always came between Isabel and Michael. "I swear, that girl's is as dumb as a brick."

"Isabel." Michael's not amused face brought her eyes to the floor. "Go see what's wrong with her. She could be hurt."

"Fine." Isabel opened her eyes to see Maria kneeling on the floor looking down at a pile of broken glasses. "What'd you do?" Isabel's voice and face weren't friendly.

"I-" Maria stared down at the pieces of glass then looked to Isabel's face. "I can see you."


Liz couldn't bring a smile to her face, thinking of all the goofy things she, Maria, and Alex had done as kids. Worry clouded her mind and left barely any room for anything else.

She stuck her toothbrush in her mouth and scrubbed her teeth, letting the minty taste of the toothpaste cool down her mouth. She frowned at herself in the mirror. She looked sick. Her skin was pale and seemed to hang off her bones, like she hadn't eaten in days. She pulled a clean pair of pants on, juggling her toothbrush and her pants, then finished brushing her teeth, not wanting to get drops of toothpaste on her clean shirt.

Spitting the remains of toothpaste from her mouth, she tapped the end of her toothbrush on her front teeth. Tap, tap, tap. She froze, not wanting to jinx herself. Holding her breath, she turned the water on and listened for the sound of the water hitting the inside of the sink.

"Oh my goodness!" She screamed a smile on her face, hearing her own familiar voice again. She flung open the bathroom door, throwing her toothbrush on the bathroom floor as she ran into the kitchen. "I can hear!" She yelled enjoying the almost forgotten sound of her voice.

"I can see." Liz looked down at Maria on the floor, Isabel's arms rapped tight around her. "I can't believe this." Liz took Maria's elbows and pulled her onto her feet. "I thought we'd be like that forever." She smiled, pulling her best friend in a hug.


"I don't really know what happened. I was just getting off the plane, minding my own business. I wasn't hurting anyone-nothing. Then all of a sudden, out of no where this guy lunges at me and grabs my head and after so kindly giving me a good few punches in the face, whispers something lame, you'd hear in a movie in my ear. Then, my mouth just didn't work…" As Alex rambled Max rubbed his thumb across the cellular phone Isabel had just called him on. Liz and Maria were fine. They both had their sight and hearing back. He looked to Alex still chattering beside him. "No sound, nothing just the sound of my cheeks flapping as I tried to force some kind of sound past my lips…" Max turned off the exit onto the familiar streets of Roswell, listening to Alex gabbing on and on about what used to be useful information-the first time Max heard it.

"But I don't get it." Max cut Alex off in the middle of explaining how it felt to feel sound in his throat again. To Alex, not being able to talk for two hours was a serious trauma. "It's weird the way all of a sudden all of you got your missing things back. Liz her hearing, Maria her sight, and you your voice. Something just isn't right."

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