FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Maria's Ring"
Part 1
by Lucy
Disclaimer: I wish i owned them, but i don't. A very lucky person does and it sure isn't me.
Summary: Maria finds a very special ring. Where did it come from?
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This is my first attempt at a fan fic so i would really appreciate some feedback. Thoughts are in * *. Flashes are in ~ ~ . This part is pretty slow, but the next part gets more interseting. I promise.
Maria lay on her bed staring at the ceiling. Why did she have to feel so depressed? *Its because of Michael and you know it* she thought to herself. What a crock. Its his fault. 'I cant get to intense' is what he said. She couldn't believe it. Its not like she asked him to farther her children or anything, she just wanted to go out with him. See where it lead. If Nowhere then fine, they could probly still be friends. But no, he had to be a jerk and go off and do that. And now he was avoiding her. What was up with that?!?! She wanted to talk to him so that it wouldn't be awkward later on. Michael sux, maria concluded.

*But he does have great hair, even if it did look a little weird. And he does have a-*

She was cut off from her thoughts when she heard a loud crash coming from the hall way. She got up and carefully opened her door making sure it wasn't an intruder rather than just the wind knocking something over.

When she saw a bunch of books lying on the floor she sighed with relief. She always got a little freaked when her mom was away on conventions for long periods of time. *Another 2 weeks by myself* Maria thought dryly as she started stacking the books into a pile.

When she finished she looked up to to see exactly where they fell from inside of the cupboard. *Thats weird* she thought *How could they have fallen out of the cupboard if the door was closed?*

She dismissed the idea when she noticed a small box sitting behind from where the books must have fallen. *Thats weird, i haven't seen that before* as she carefully removed the box from its resting place.

As she sat down she removed the lid from the old, dusty box. As her eyes scanned the contents of the box they landed on a small ring box. As she lifted it, she opened the lid and saw the most gorgeous ring she had ever seen.

It was a simple little silver ring with a black stone that had the tiniest little specks of color in it. It looked as though it was intended for everyday wear, but it looked absolutely stunning in Maria's eyes. She quickly lifted it out of its resting place and placed it on her right ring finger.

It fit perfectly.

Suddenly she felt very serene. Happy. The opposite of what she was feeling 10 minutes ago. She didn't know why she suddenly felt so happy and peaceful. She just DID. She just couldn't explain it.

Suddenly she heard her watch beeping and realizing that her shift started in 20 minutes she quickly changed into her uniform, grabbed her bag and her coat and happily hurried out to her car heading for work.

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