FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Maple Syrup"
Part 1
by Diana
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters. No infringement intended.
Summary: Michael invites Maria over for breakfast. (future fic)
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: G
Authors Note: This story’s nothing but foof. :-) And it’s one of those stories I started writing while I was *supposed* to be finishing one of the many long, angsty fics I started eons ago {sigh}... Feedback is always appreciated... Thanks to everyone who's sent me feedback on my other stories. :-D
Michael soaked his pancakes with maple syrup and Tabasco sauce. Maria grimaced at his plate.

“What?” Michael mumbled, his mouth full of pancake. He smothered his food with more syrup, then dug a forkful of fat-free-simulated-margarine out of the container that Maria had bought weeks ago, and dropped the buttery-flavored mass onto the thick layer of syrup.

“That,” she said, pointing to the mess on his plate, “is an abomination. I mean, what did Bisquick ever do to you to deserve a punishment like that?”

“Funny,” Michael said. He shoved more pancake into his mouth.

Maria picked at her plate, the looked at Michael. She made faces at his food, then looked at Michael. She drank some of her orange juice, then looked at Michael.

“What?” He finally asked. “You called me up at seven o’clock on a Saturday morning and practically begged me to I come over here. After getting over the initial shock of hearing *you* beg *me* for anything, I get up, get over here and what are you doing? Eating pancakes.” She squinted at the plate. “At least, I think those are pancakes. I can’t even tell with all that stuff covering them up. You really should work on the eating habits, Michael. I don’t know anything about Czechoslovakian physiology, but there is no way that stuff can be good for you.” Michael gulped down about half a glass full of the skim milk that Maria had bought days ago. “You gonna finish that?” He asked, pointing his fork at her half-eaten stack of pancakes. Maria watched a gob of maple-Tabasco-flavored-simulated-butter drip from Michael’s fork, onto her plate. “Go ahead,” She said, trying not to smile. [That’s my Michael,] she thought. “So why did you call me over here, anyway?” “I thought you might be hungry,” He said, chewing. “How are those pancakes?” Maria squinted at him again. “They’re great. Really. But, I’m guessing that you didn’t call me over here just because you wanted me to try out your new recipe for what I hope are low-fat pancakes. What’s going on?” “Well I thought you might also enjoy my company while you’re eating. Considering you do love me, and all.” He gulped some more of his milk. “I know that the combination of maple syrup and my charm is irresistible to you.” Maria laughed. “Well aren’t we cocky this morning.”

Michael laughed, too. “*We* are not cocky. We are simply stating the truth.” He looked her squarely in the eyes. “You love me, Maria. And that’s good, ‘cause I love you too. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you.” Maria blushed a little, then tried to compose herself. “All right, spaceboy. Since it looks like we’re gonna be stuck with each other for a while, we need to set some ground rules.” She shook her finger at him when he rolled his eyes. “And don’t give me that look.” Michael was already working on his second stack of pancakes. “All right. I’m listening.” “Rule number one:” Maria started, “I do love you. You need to remember that. Number two: I want what’s best for you. You need to remember that, too.” “And rule number three?” “Rule number three…” A melancholy smile crept across Maria’s face. “Don’t pull any more disappearing acts on me. ‘Cause I don’t know what I’d do without you either.” Michael smiled and nodded. “I think I can deal with those.” Maria smiled again. “But I have a few rules of my own,” He pointed his finger at her when she rolled her eyes. “Fair is fair.” “Fine,” Maria sighed. “Fair is fair.” Michael cleared his throat. “Rule number one: don’t make fun of my pancakes.” Maria laughed. “Rule number two: I love you. You need to remember that.” “And rule number three?” “Rule number three…” Michael paused and thought a little. “You have to wear this.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a little diamond ring. He walked over to Maria, took her hand, and placed the ring on her finger. She stood up and faced him. “Michael… this is…” “Yeah.” “So you mean you want to…” “Yeah.” “So you want me to…” “Yes, Maria.” It was a pretty little ring. And on either side of the pretty little stone lay a pretty little emerald. “They reminded me of your eyes,” Michael said softly. Maria smiled. [Hold on girl.] She thought again. [Don’t let him get to you just yet.] She looked up at him. “You’re going to be the death of me, you know that? I mean, I never know what to expect from you. First you were just creepy, then suddenly we were together. Then we weren’t. Then we were. Then there was that… destiny,” Maria shuddered, “And then after we all dealt with that, we were together again. Then we weren’t. And now we are and… I just don’t know what to do with you. You’re my pig-headed, obnoxious, strange, passionate, vibrating spaceboy. And… and now you’re asking me to marry you?” “Yeah.” Maria looked up at him. “Yes.” A grin spread across Michael’s face. “Would you mind repeating that?” Maria had to laugh at herself. “I said yes, Michael. I’ll marry you.” He enveloped her in a hug that swept her off the floor. The two of them whirled around the syrupy breakfast table, laughing. When he set her down, she looped one arm around him and put her ringed hand on his shoulder. She smiled at the ring, then at Michael.

“Mrs. Maria Alexandra DeLuca-Guerin. How’s that sound?” Michael kissed her forehead, then rested his chin on her hair. “I think I can live with that.”

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