FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Just the Two of Us, Some Friends, and a Spaceship"
Part 6
by Kim
Disclaimer: Me No Own, I'm just playing with them and I will return them when I am done.
Summary: They search the ship and discover two more orbs.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This story is written in response to all the stories written about Maria or Liz where they are pregnant and on their own. As a young (20) single mother I feel it is sometimes glamorized by people (not necessarily by anyone on the list, cause a lot of us are moms) and single motherhood is anything but glamorous. Okay I am now stepping off of my soapbox. This is my first fanfic so feedback would be great. Please be patient with me. :)
They had hiked for about an hour when Tess had begun to complain about the monotony of the hike. "This is so boring guys. It seems like we have been hiking for hours. Can't we do something to make this fun?"

They all thought for a few moments and suggestions were tossed out but quickly discarded until Liz remembered her favorite childhood game; Red Light Green Light. It was an instant hit. At first they played rather awkwardly as it had been a long time since they had played it, but then it became more familiar and they played with an increased frenzy. As if they were trying to regain their childhood. They had been looking over their shoulders for so long, fearing discovery, that they had forgotten what is was like to feel so carefree and uninhibited.

When they had played for almost an hour they stopped to catch their breath and Max told them it wasn't much farther ahead. When they continued on their way they started playing Michael's favorite Freeze Tag. It made the last leg of their journey go much faster. When Max had been tagged 'it' he motioned for a time out.

"All right everyone, the ship is right over that next rise," he said pointing a short distance ahead of them. "Are you ready?" he asked.

"Yeah we are. Let's go. We've waited long enough." Isabel said. With that they all linked hands and began the slow walk up the rise to their destination. As they reached the top Max told them to stay there and he would go down and deactivate the cloaking device that would reveal their ship.

They all watched closely as he descended into the valley below. They were all lost in their own thoughts wondering what laid in store for them below. None of them knew what would happen here or what would take place when they returned home. They all gasped as out of nowhere the ship appeared. It was not your stereo typical silver discus type of spaceship. It was shaped like the communicator orbs and was the same purplely silver color.

"Okay everyone, you can come down now." Max shouted up to them. Slowly they climbed down to where Max stood in front of the ship that was resting on it's hull on the desert floor.

"Oh my god, I can't believe we are actually standing here. Is this a dream? I never expected this...." Isabel said becoming quiet, wondering where this would all take them in their lives. "Can we get in?" she asked quietly, almost fearing the answer.

"Yes, we just have to touch here." Michael said pointing to a spot at eye level. Isabel reached up and touched the spot he had indicated and off to the side a door swooshed up to reveal the inner chamber.

"What are we waiting for?" Maria asked impatiently. She wanted to get a look at everything but didn't want to appear to anxious.

"Yeah what are we waiting for?" They all asked quietly as if they were afraid to go any farther, afraid to find the answers they had been searching for their entire lives. It was only natural as everyone fears the unknown.

"You guys don't have to do anything with this information we get today, that you all don't want to do." Liz said taking Max's hand.

"Liz is right you know, you guys have very full lives here and there is no telling what has happened to your planet. You don't even know if it exists anymore." Kyle said, secretly hoping that they would all turn around and go home to live their lives as if none of this had ever happened. He didn't want Tess or the others to leave. He had become closer to them all since that day in the UFO Center when he had been shot and Max had healed him. Lately he and Tess had been spending more time together....alone. He thought that he was falling in love with her. He wasn't sure where these new feelings might lead but he definitely wanted to find out. He couldn't very well do that if she ran off to explore her home planet in galaxies unknown.

They all felt the same way. Nobody wanted any of them to leave but they all had to face the reality that it just might happen. None of them could imagine their lives without their friends and they didn't want to.

"We know, but I guess we're afraid of what could happen. Our lives will never be the same once we go inside." Isabel said, "But I guess we should check it out. We've all come so far."

Alex came over and took her hands in his and said "You know I love you no matter what happens next."

"I know. You always say exactly what I need to hear. Thank You." Isabel replied.

"You all know we feel the same way. No matter what happens we'll be there for you." Maria said looking around at all her friends as if she were trying to memorize their faces.

"All right lets go check this out. Cause if we don't do it now we are going to be walking back in the dark," Michael said taking charge. Without another word they all walked through the door into the interior of the ship.

It was very dark inside and so quiet that is was unnerving. "Where are the lights?" Liz asked in a shaky voice.

"Hold on here they are." Michael said waving his hand in the air above the wall. When he put his arm back by his side the room was softly illuminated and they got their first look at the inside of the ship. There was a long console that ran the length of the ship in the front and there were two chairs side by side behind it looking out a window that was presently covered. There were other chairs around and off to the sides there were four separate chambers that everyone figured were bedrooms.

"How about we split up and search. We'll make better time that way. We can meet out here when we are done." Tess suggested. "All right, lets go. But be careful and bring anything back that looks like it might be important." Max said as he and Liz went off into one of the rooms.

Everyone was quiet but they worked quickly feeling the need to be done and on the way home. It took them about two hours to finish their search because despite it's appearance the ship was quite large. When they finished they all met back in the main room, and sorted through the stuff they had found. " Hey Michael isn't this one of those communicators?" Maria asked.

"Oh my goodness here is another one!" Liz said as she picked up another one that had fallen under a chair.

"They look like the ones we have back home." Max said, "Lets see if they work."

All four of the aliens touche them like they did a couple of years ago and out of nowhere a hologram appeared. But this time it wasn't their mother.....

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