Fanfic - Michael/Maria
"Just Like Me"
Part 3
by Ariana
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Summary: Maria never lived in Roswell, and Nasedo raised her because she is half-alien.
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Rating: PG
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"I wish he would get here already I'm starving and I want to go eat," Tess paced around their small motel room.

Maria flipped through a fashion magazine. "I wonder what good news he has to bring us today," she said with a sarcastic tone.

"I just don't like waiting," Tess looked out the window.

Maria turned the page, "I thought you'd be use to it by now."

"Yeah well things have sort of changed," Tess continued to stare out the window. "Here he comes finally!" Tess anxiously threw open the door before Nasedo could knock.

Maria closed the magazine and waited for Tess to close the door, "So what's the news? Tess is about to pee her pants."

Tess threw a pillow at her, but sat down next to her to listen to what Nasedo had to report. "I found out that Topolsky has been in contact with Max's little girlfriend Liz."

"Wait," Maria was surprised. "Liz knows about THEM."

"She has known for some time now. It seems like he saved her life last year," Nasedo shared assuming his position as he stood in front of them. He acted like he was a general debriefing his soldiers.

Tess questioned, "When you say saved does that mean using his powers saved?"

"Unfortunately, but Liz isn't the only human that knows. One of Isabel's boyfriends knows too," Nasedo said.

"It must be Alex," Tess told Maria.

Nasedo looked at Maria; "It looks like THEY are starting to follow in your father's footsteps. It is a good thing we are here to prevent that."

"So is that it?" Maria asked wanting to leave.

Nasedo shook his head, "No there's more. Topolsky is trying to gain their trust, but is not succeeding. However, she did tell Liz about the Special Unit, and so THEY are probably suspicious. For now I will keep observing them, and you two will pretend to live normal lives."

"Speaking of normal lives, do you mind dropping us off at the Crashdown Café?" Tess asked politely.

Nasedo said, "Actually I have something better. Come with me." Nasedo left the room, Tess and Maria had no choice but to follow him. Nasedo walked around the corner of the motel, and he pulled out two sets of keys from his pocket.

He stood in front of a small, white SUV. "This is for you Tessie." He handed her the keys to the SUV.

"This is mine," Tess squeaked in amazement as she took the keys from him.

Nasedo nodded, and looked over at Maria, "Don't you go thinking I forgot about you little lady. The Ford Explorer is for you. Navy blue is still your favorite color right?"

"Oh my God! You got me an Explorer!" Maria squealed with delight as she grabbed for the keys.

"Don't worry they are both paid for, so you are free to roam around Roswell anytime you want," Nasedo told them.

Maria began to wonder, "How do you get all this stuff?"

"That is for me to know, so don't worry about," Nasedo stated this words clipped indicating that he will not tell her anymore.

Maria raised her eyebrows, "Fine."

"I have to be going I have some things I need to take care of you girls enjoy your new toys," Nasedo said as he left them bewildered.

Tess opened the driver's door to her SUV, "I can't believe he bought us cars."

Maria's happiness soon faded, "Wait, why would he do this? Do you think he plans on settling in Roswell? I mean three cars are a lot of baggage to be moving across country."

"I don't know what his motives are and I don't care. I want to enjoy life in Roswell as much as I can," Tess said getting in the driver's seat. "Come on we have to meet Isabel, I'll drive."

Maria got in, "I guess for tonight I'll try to forget all our problems."


"Michael I need that Eclipse burger for table four!" Liz called to him from the serving window.

Michael was busy at the grill; "You can't rush an eclipse. I really hate this job."

"Hey Liz," Alex greeted as he approached the counter. "I got the movies, are you ready?"

"Oh Alex…I completely forgot. I promised Max we go out tonight. He thought it would be best if we just acted as normal as possible," Liz looked really apologetic.

"Ah come on Liz. I rented Notting Hill and everything," Alex whined not too happy that his friend was ditching him.

Liz smiled at him, "I promise we can do it next week."

"I guess," Alex looked disappointed. "Hey Michael what are you doing tonight?"

Michael handed Liz the eclipse burger; "I'm closing."

"Oh," Alex murmured.

"Hey Liz, Alex," Max and Isabel came to the counter. "Are you ready to go?"

"Yeah, just give me about 15 minutes," Liz told him delivering table four's order.

Isabel said, "I'm going to sit over here." Isabel slid into one of the booths against the wall. Alex followed her and sat across from her.

"So how are you holding up?" Alex asked noticing that she looked a little distracted.

Isabel picked up one of the menus and pretended to be interested in it, "The usual, you know laying low. I don't want to show any weakness."

"Is it showing weakness for wanting to make sure nothing happens to you?" Alex asked hoping she could sense how much he cared about her.

Isabel looked a little surprised, "You really want to protect me. No one has really felt like that about me, except Max and Michael but they're my brothers."

"You know how I feel about you, and I know that this isn't the greatest time but what if we start slow," Alex reached into the paper bag at his side and pulled out a videotape. "How about a video date I got Notting Hill."

"Oh I love that chick flick," Maria and Tess casually approached Isabel and Alex's table.

Tess added, "Except he totally didn't deserve her. Hey Al."

"It's Alex," Maria reminded her as she sat down next to him.

"Oh right," Tess took the empty seat next to Isabel. "I'm completely famished I haven't eaten since lunch."

Isabel quickly handed her the menu she was holding, "I recommend the Will Smith with extra jalapenos."

"I love jalapenos. I think I'll get that," Tess said briefly glancing at the menu. "It's funny I usually eat jalapenos with chocolate sauce as a little snack."

"I've never tried that before it sounds…unusual," Isabel responded wanting to try it.

"So how about after we eat we go to the drugstore and get some of those French manicure kits. I saw this thing in a magazine I want to try," Tess babbled on.

"This seems like a girls only night and I obviously have the wrong hormones for that, so I'm going to head out," Alex told them grabbing his bag of videos.

Maria stopped him, "No stay for a burger with us."

"Maybe another time," Alex said. Maria scooted out, so Alex could leave.

Isabel smiled, "Bye Alex."

Alex gave a short wave and walked away, but when he turned back around the three girls were completely engrossed in conversation as if he never was there. "What are they doing?" Michael questioned from the kitchen.

Alex rubbed his eyes; "They are having some girls only night with Isabel, so I wanted to bail before they started debating on whom has the better abs, Brad Pitt or Ben Affleck."

"I think Isabel should be careful on who she associates with," Michael said.

Alex agreed, "Yeah I hear you. Did Max and Liz leave already?"

Michael started wiping the serving counter, "About 5 minutes ago."

"Oh well, I guess I'll be going then," Alex headed to the exit.

"Later," Michael said, but he wasn't looking at Alex he was too busy observing Isabel and her new friends. That was when he noticed that there was no resemblance between Tess and Maria. Tess was on the short side with curly light blonde hair. While Maria was about two inches taller than Tess with long straight strawberry blonde hair. They had different facial features, and Michael would have never thought of them being related.

He wiped the sweat from his brow, as he continued to look at the girls finally narrowing his gaze to just Maria. He studied her face, her gestures, and he still couldn't shake the feeling that he has met her some place before."


One week later

"I think they are suspicious of us," Maria said to Tess from the driver's seat of her Explorer.

Tess checked her lipstick in the mirror, "Don't be silly we haven't done anything in the past week that would draw their suspicion."

"Nasedo was very confident that he convinced Sheriff Valenti and the others that Topolsky had escaped from a mental institution. He also sensed that there is a lot of tension between Michael and Max," Maria tried to pay attention to the traffic, but her mind kept diverting to Michael.

Tess reminded, "Nasedo did say Michael was the loose cannon of the group."

"That doesn't mean everything is his fault, and besides Max isn't exactly perfect either," Maria defended.

"The truth will come out. Once they find out who we are we will find the truth," Tess said with a voice filled with confidence.

Maria pulled into the Crashdown Café parking lot, "But with the truth comes consequences."

"We can't change what happened that night, Michael," Isabel said sitting with her brother at the counter.

Michael paced behind the counter; "We just have to get the orb back from Valenti."

Max told them, "Just because he has the orb doesn't mean he knows what it is."

"Know what what is?" a voice asked. Everyone whipped their heads around and saw Tess and Maria standing in the entrance. "I didn't mean to eavesdrop it is just you guys looked so intense."

Maria gave a quick laugh, "My sister, she has a good sense of hearing, and sometimes picks up on pieces of conversations that is really none of her business."

"Can I get you anything to drink?" Liz offered trying to change the subject.

Tess smiled, "Oh Cherry Coke with lime."

"I'll have the same," Maria chimed in as she took off her jacket and sat down. She felt Michael's eyes on her and when her eyes met his he looked away and Maria blushed.

Max didn't pay attention to the unspoken attraction between his best friend and Tess's sister, but instead he couldn't take his eyes off Tess. His gaze went beyond physical, he saw something deeper. A flash came so intensely it almost knocked him over. It was of him and Tess holding hands.

"What's wrong? Do I have something in my teeth?" Tess asked as she noticed Max staring at her.

Max shook his head, "No, I'll help you with that Liz." Max got up and he and Liz went in back.

From the glow on Tess's face Maria knew that Tess was infatuated, and as much as she wanted to see Tess happy it was the outcome of the other people involved that she was worried about.

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