FanFic - Michael/Maria
Part 3
by Laura
Disclaimer: Of coarse I don't own um. If the other 100 fanfic writers out there don't, then why would I? Just borrowing um for a bit. I'm a poor teen so if you sue me you won't get much.
Summary: Maria gets some insight on how Michael feels about her, but in a strange way.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG
Authors Note: This is my first fic so please be kind. If you give me some feedback, I may write some stories that are poppin up in my head as we speak. Just wanted to thank my fam and my 3 closest buds cause I talk about Roswell way too much and I don't know how you put up with me. You guys know who you are. *g*. And thanks Annie, Courtney, and Nicole for bein my on-line Roswell buds. *g*
Maria had spent the night at Liz's talking about everything. Isabel even joined them for their little girls night. They mostly talked about their lives in their worlds. What happened after the shooting, etc.

"So basically, the only difference really between these two worlds are, Michael, and me being shot."

"Seems that way. Michael would never fight with you or act the way you say yours does."

"Yeah, Liz, but he does care about me. He just doesn't want to hurt me and he's scared."

"Liz!" The three girls looked toward the balcony and saw Max standing there.

"Man, he's got it bad." said Isabel. Liz climb out her window onto the balcony.

"Hey, Max. Anything wrong?"

"No, just that Michael really wants to talk to Maria. Can they go for a walk or something? You know how much he cares about her. He just wants to get to know her a little. Sorry for asking you this Liz. I know you miss her too."

"I understand Max. It's ok. You don't have to explain. I'm sure he was hurting more than I was after the shooting. I'll go ask Maria."

"Hey Maria? Do you wanna go for a walk with Michael? He's outside right now."

"Uh, sure. Just let me change."




"How are things going dorkbutt?"


"Uh..nevermind. Must just be a my world thing." They walked in silence for a bit. "So, If your not going to say anything. I'm heading back to Liz's." Maria started walking away.

"Ok. If that's what you want." But then she stopped.

"Wait. Just 'ok.' That's the best you can do?"

"What do you want me to say?" Michael said gently.

"Well, I expected a little arguing, friendly banter. A come back that I could respond to.

"But you said you wanted to go..." Michael said with care.

"Yell at me! Please! This whole nice conversation we're having is killing me! Come on! Let's have a fight!"

"What is wrong with you? Why would you want us to fight? I just want to be with you." Michael said tenderly.

"Gahh...stop being so nice." Maria then went back to Liz's. She was right, this Michael didn't want to fight with her. And as much as it sounded weird, she missed fighting with him. She had gone one day without seeing her Michael. Everyone else here was the same as they were on her world, so she didn't really miss them.

"Hey guys. I'm back."

"That was fast. What happened?" Isabel asked.

"He wouldn't fight with me or anything and it was too weird. So, I had to get out of there. No matter how much they both feel about me, he's not my Michael." Maria said sadly.

"Well, it's getting pretty late guys. Maybe we should get some sleep." Liz said.

"Yeah, today has been one long weird day." Maria said while going into her sleeping bag. "Good night you guys."

"Good night."

"Good night."

"Hey, Maria?"


"Thanks for coming here to our world. It was good to see you again."


Maria woke up sleepily and didn't know where she was. She looked around are realized that she was in her bed.

"What the? How did I get here?" Maria saw a post it on her mirror saying, 'Note to self: wake up early tomorrow 'cause your working the morning shift.' It must have been a weird long dream she thought to herself. Maria looked at the clock and saw that it was past 10 o'clock.

"No...Liz is gonna kill me!" Maria got out of bed and realized that she had fallen asleep in her uniform. She quickly grabbed her keys and antennas and ran to her car. While driving to the Crashdown, she noticed that people from her school in another car were looking at her weird.

"Ok..this is getting a little freaky..." she said to herself. Maria ran to the back of the Crashdown and heard Liz start to come down the stairs. Maria quickly tried to smoothen the wrinkles out of her uniform.

"Liz, you wouldn't believe the dream I had last night! It was so weird! In the dream I woke up and hurried to work and then you fainted and Max and Alex told me that I was the one who was shot in September instead of you Lizzie. Are you listening to me?" Maria noticed this strange look on her face. Oh no! Not again she thought to herself.

"Uh..." Liz still had that look on her face. Then suddenly, she started to laugh hysterically. "Uh Maria, did you look at yourself in the mirror this morning?"

"No. Why? I was in such a hurry that I must have forgotten to." Liz was still laughing at her. Then Liz dragged her to a mirror.

"You uh, forgot to comb your hair and your lipstick is all smudged on your face."

"Ah!" Maria took the brush Liz had in her hand. "No wonder those people from school were looking at me weird! Liz, what am I going to do? My hair is all messed up!"

"Maria, relax. Here, just comb it like this." And Liz fixed her hair for her. Maria started to wash her face.

"What were you talking about earlier? Something about a dream?"

"Oh yeah. It was really weird and messed up!" Jose then walked through the employee's lounge and smiled at them. "I'll tell you all the details later. But, in sum up, I was shot in September instead of you. And Michael was all sad and depressed." She whispered.

"Wow. That's some dream. But you're right. You can tell me all about it later. We have customers demanding alien themed greasy food."

"Ok, ok." They walked into the Crashdown and even though Maria didn't look like herself, she still looked ok. With the help of Liz of coarse. Oh, if Michael had only seen her before Liz fixed her up. He would have had a field day. It would have a made a great fight she thought to herself. And Maria remembered, that she was now home, with the people she cared about. This made her smile. Then she remembered her dream and thought, did Michael really feel that way about her? And with that, Michael walked into the Crashdown and sat in her section of coarse.

"What's with you? Your not usually this cheery in the morning."

"I had a weird dream that made me think of a few things is all. So, what do you want?"

"Hmm...The usual. And with tabasco sauce of coarse."

"Why do I even ask? You always order the same thing every time." And Maria left the table to go get Michael his cherry coke and a bottle of Tabasco sauce. And when he thought she wasn't looking, she saw that he was staring at her. A long, intense stare. His eyes told it all. She smiled to herself. Maria figured dreams do show a little insight into your lives.

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