FanFic - Michael/Maria
"The Misadventures of Maria in the Kitchen"
Part 3
by Miri
Disclaimer: Nope, they still aren't mine.
Summary: Maria is a gourmet chef. NOT!!!
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG
Authors Note: This is all pure fluff.
Maria replaced the receiver in the cradle, and squealed in delight. She could not believe that she had actually gotten Michael I'm-too-cool-for-you Guerin to come over for dinner. Now she just had to cook something yummy!

She ran to the fridge, and saw the frozen casserole. She knew it would be perfect. Grabbing it off the shelf, she took off the plastic wrap, and stuck it in the oven. Maria went to her bathroom to primp for Michael. She wanted to look perfect.

Ten minutes later, a glitter covered Maria opened the door for Michael, who looked good enough to eat.

//He must have broken down and showered//

Maria chided herself for thinking such mean thoughts, and let him in. She led him to the living room, and they sat on the sofa, bickering affectionately. After about half an hour, Michael inquired about their meal. Maria excused herself to check on it.

//That's funny, it should be done by now, but it doesn't even look thawed.//

"Hey, Michael, could you check out the oven please? I don't think it's working."

Michael came into the kitchen. He sauntered over to the offending oven, and bent down to have a glance. Maria checked out his butt, nonchalantly.

//What nice, firm cheeks he has.//

"Maria, I don't know too much about cooking, but I *do* know that the food won't heat up unless you turn the oven on."

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