FanFic - Michael/Maria
Part 4
by Kendra
Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell or any of the characters. The song belongs to Phil Collins (I did change the ‘Oh Lord’ part to ‘Alone’ because that is what it sounded like Maria was singing on the show and fits in better with my story.)
Summary: Just the usual, Michael figures out he’s in love with Maria fic.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: *indicate thoughts*
The night after his dream Michael walked into the Crashdown. He was somewhat embarrassed. He had skipped school as usual that day, in order to avoid any questions from Maria. He still didn’t know if ‘the dream’ had been some freak dream walking episode or just something his mind had made up. He needed to know.

Maria stood at the counter helping a customer, he hung back until they were through.

She looked up and smiled. “Hey,” she said softly.

“Hey,” he replied, knowing from the look in her eyes that he had been in her dream. “Thank you,” he stated simply.

“I’ll always be there for you Michael.”

A feeling of warmth invaded his body at her words. He had never felt this way, not even with Max and Is, certainly not with his foster father, not even in her dream had he felt this loved.


Now a few weeks later they had formed a tentative friendship, not unlike Liz and Max. In fact all of them seemed to be getting along. Maria and Isabel, Isabel and Alex, him and Maria, all of them. It was no longer uncomfortable for the six of them to be together. They went to movie’s, they hung out, they had fun.

Of course Michael and Maria still argued constantly, but it was usually just in fun. The rest of the group just rolled their eyes, they knew the two of them enjoyed it.

The six of them were sitting at the Crashdown, Liz and Maria both having the day off for once, drinking shakes and eating fries. Chatting, having a good time, being ‘normal’.

Alex and Isabel were talking about his band, they were still searching for places to play even after the exposure of the blind date concert.

Michael broke in, “Is Maria still going to sing for you? She was wonderful at the concert.”

Maria looked up quickly, “You were there?” She asked, her voice intense.

Michael’s eyes widened, knowing he had given something away. “Yeah, I caught part of it.”

“Which part?” she asked breathlessly.

He lied, “Um…the part about the girl…” he stumbled to find some plausible scenario that might have actually been a song she might have sung. “…and the guy and that…place…”

“Oh.” She looked away disappointed. Maria had hoped he had heard ‘the song’, the one she had sung for him, had poured her heart and soul into.

Suddenly she needed to get of there, she felt trapped.

“Um…I need to get home, my mom is going on one of her trips and I need to say goodbye.” With that she hurried out, Liz, Alex, Max, and Isabel saying goodbye behind her.


“Is her mother ever home?” Max asked Liz.

“Not much. She’s by herself a lot. It’s more like Amy De Luca is the daughter and Maria’s the mother looking after her, making sure she eat, goes to work, stuff like that.” Liz said.

“We need to get her out more often, have some fun,” Isabel told the others, they all agreed. All except Michael, who was still looking at the door wondering why Maria had really left. She had told him earlier that her mother had left that morning.

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