FanFic - Michael/Maria
Part 4
by Alexis
Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me, although, boy what I would give to have Brendan... anyway, they belong to Jason Katims and whoever else owns Roswell.
Summary: Maria is kidnapped and Michael is sent to rescue her, but in the process, things go horribly wrong.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Later parts will have music to go in the background...On with the story!!!!!
After a few minutes, Maria's head had cleared enough that she could walk by herself, just not very quickly. The drugs had left her dizzy, and her memory of what she had told Topolsky was fogged.

Michael blazed a trail into the desert ahead of her. He hadn't turned around to look at her since he had stopped carrying her. She was glad of it. Maria had no idea of what she had spilled to Topolsky when she had been injected with that...'serum.' She was afraid Michael would hate her now. She wouldn't be able to handle that.

Suddenly, a wave of dizziness swept over Maria and she gave into her exhaustion, ignoring her reluctance to speak to Michael. "God, Michael.....I'm so tired. I don't think I can go on," Maria breathed.

She stopped dead in her tracks, afraid that she would faint. Michael turned around, and a look of concern washed over his sculpted features. "Why are you stopping?" Maria asked, confused and breathing heavily.

He walked back to her and swiftly scooped her up into his strong arms. At first she was tense, but she gradually began to relax and let her exhaustion finally take control. Maria felt sleep tug at her eyelids and she decided she was overdue for nap, and she let blessed oblivion overtake her.

After a while, Michael set Maria down. It was nearing dawn and both of them were exhausted. But, sleep wasn't on his mind. * beautiful, so brave.* He sat down next to her.

Michael was sure that he had outrun Maria's captors, but just in case...he watched her breathing. Even and steady. He stared out across the desert and started to relax. *A few minutes of rest wouldn't kill us,* he thought as he closed his eyes and dreampt about Maria.


"Michael!" came Maria's muffled scream. His eyes shot open and he took in the sight before him. Topolsky, with her goons. One of the masked men was holding Maria and she was struggling. Michael stood up slowly. To his right was Topolsky, on his left was the men with Maria. *I can take them...* Michael thought.

"No. Stop right there, Mr. Guerin. Don't think I don't know that you're planning to escape from us again. We can't have that, can we?"

Michael's eyes became cold. "And what make you think that you can stop me?"

"Well..." Topolsky gestured casually behind him.

*Behind me?* Michael turned around. Another masked man was there, waiting for Michael. Suddenly, the man made a move toward Michael and Michael staggered back. Maria couldn't see what was happening. Slowly, Michael turned around to Topolsky. He stared at Maria with wide eyes, completely shocked. His mouth hung open in a silent cry. Maria's gaze drifted downward to the point of Michael's shock. A large knife lay embedded in Michael stomach.

The man had stabbed him.

Michael's face went pale and he dropped to his knees. Maria screamed. "Michael!" "Excellent," cooed Topolsky. "Now he isn't such a threat to us." She motioned to the men. "Take her to the warehouse. Him too. The experiments are about to get interesting..."

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