FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Happily Ever After"
Part 1
by Erin
Disclaimer: If I owned 'Roswell,' would I be writing fan fiction? (I don't own the song, either. It's owned and written by Hanna's boyfriend)
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This is from a challenge that was sent to me personally from Hanna ( and I couldn't turn it down... all that I had to do was to write about M&M and use the lyrics. Dedication: Hmm... To Joy, who wrote an awesome fic that inspired me to write this (Crawling through Spiderwebs) and to everyone who's given me feedback on my last few stories... I love it when people compliment me!
Life seems as if it will never end in the traditional 'happily ever after.'

Or mine, at least.

Sure it's gonna be hard for a few days
But it's not the end of the world
Cause it's gonna be tough for a few weeks
But I'll find me another love

Tonight, I watched as she danced.

I watched her singing along with the music.

I watched her as she swayed to the beat.

I always watch her, whether or not I realize it.

But now, I'm not allowed to watch her.

I can't watch her.

I have to be the soldier.

I have to be strong.

I have to be alone.

I sure will find cause time is on my side
I'm gonna love tomorrow
There'll be no more pain and sorrow
Hoping for a new tomorrow...

And if I give in to this temptation, what will happen?

Will we all be attacked?

Will we be killed in the dark of night, having no time to react to what is happening to us?

So, the most beautiful goddess of all can't tempt me, even though I just want to hold her in my arms and forget about everything that weighs me down.

When I've forgotten the way you looked,
Your smiling face
Your sweet embrace
And time is on my side

I avoided her the whole summer.

Or should I say, I pretended to avoid her all summer.

Every night, around one, I would make a nightly visit to her window to check on her, just to make sure that she was okay.

This summer could have been the best of my life.

But I got scared and left her with the words 'I love you... Goodbye.'

She didn't take it too well.

I mean, who tells you that they love you and tells you goodbye right after the news?

Well, I did.

And I guess that I added onto that by avoiding her vehemently all summer long, not wanting to face her, to see how she was holding up, because it would kill me inside to see the pain I caused her.

That's the reason why I left in the first place...


But I know that she's waiting for me.

Waiting for me to change my mind and take her back.

But I couldn't do that to her.

Not me.

As cold as I may seem, I *do* have a heart.

If I drag her even more into this, she'll end up only more hurt in the end.

Just because I am who I am will hurt her, eventually.

I killed a man.

And the thing that I keep thinking about is that what happened is just the tip of the iceberg?

And all that I can think about is, what if I'm not strong enough...

For us.

For them.

For her.

So I'll be numb for a few months
But I won't let it get to me.
So I'll think of you for a few years
But I'm gonna love tomorrow

This is tearing me apart, but it's for the best.

She knows why I'm putting up with this pain.

It's for the best and even though I want something different, I have to support the cause.

I have to be ready for anything that is about to come our way.

If I'm not ready and distracted, things will go down the wrong way.

And I might never be able to have her as mine again if that happens.

There'll be no more pain and sorrow
Hoping for a new tomorrow
When you have told me why you left me
Then I'll be fine
I'll be fine
Cause time is on my side

I hope for a new tomorrow...

A tomorrow when I can wake up without fear.

And be able to hold her in my arms forever.

And now have to worry about what happens next, because it will all fall into place once these days are over...

We *will* be together.

If I survive this pain.

If she keeps waiting for me.

And she will be.

She said so tonight.

I won't be afraid of what will happen to her because everything has gone down.

Everything will be over.

And I can love her forever. (Not like I won't, anyway, but then, I can do it at my own will, without keeping her at an arm's length.)

Then, we'll live happily ever after.

The End

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