FanFic - Michael/Maria
Part 1
by Diana
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters. They all belong to some lucky people at the WB. No infringement intended.
Summary: Michael and Maria try to get their minds off of each other and get some sleep after they’ve been apart for a while.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This takes place about a week after the destiny episode… *This is my first fanfic. I love to write, but I have no idea if what I write is any good. Feedback is greatly appreciated. :-)
She didn’t sleep. She hadn’t slept in days. All she could think about was him. Where he was. What he was doing. What he meant when he said he loved her. She couldn’t sleep. And every time she closed her eyes, all she saw was him. So she just laid in her bed in the dark and stared at the ceiling and thought about him. And she waited for morning to come so she could go to work or do something, anything else that would help her try to get her mind off of him. She stayed awake and thought about him. She stayed awake and waited for him to come back to her.

He didn’t sleep. He hadn’t slept in days. He thought that maybe it was because of all that was happening to him now. He had finally found out what his purpose was. What his destiny was. His search was over. Now, maybe, he could rest. But he couldn’t sleep. Every time he closed his eyes, all he saw was her. He wasn’t supposed to be thinking about her. He certainly wasn’t supposed to be in love with her. But he was.

Six nights passed and he still couldn’t sleep. On the seventh night he didn’t even try to go to bed. Before he knew what he was doing he was on his way out of his apartment. He walked through the dark streets until he reached her house. He stopped when he reached her window.

He could see her through the glass. She was curled up in her bed with her sheets pulled up to her waist. He could see the outline that her legs made beneath the covers. He could see her body rising and falling as she breathed. The moonlight was shining on her hair and skin. The silver-blue light seemed to make her glow. She looked like an angel. He wanted to touch her. He wanted to open the window and run inside and hold her. Kiss her. Tell her that everything would be okay and that he’d never leave her again. But he didn’t. He leaned against the window and put his hand against the glass.

She opened her eyes. She had been trying to sleep again. It wasn’t working, but she thought she might as well try. And then she felt something. Someone else was there. Someone was watching her. She could almost feel their eyes on her. She knew who it was before she even looked. She sat up and turned to the window.

She could see him through the glass. He was leaning against the window; his hand was on it and she could just barely see the patches of fog that his breath made on the glass. The light of the moon surrounded him and seemed to make him glow. He looked unearthly. He looked like an angel. She wanted to touch him. She wanted to run to him and take him in her arms. Kiss him. Tell him that everything would work out. Tell him that she loved him too.

Before she could stop herself, she was out of bed, opening the window. Before he had a chance to change his mind and leave, he was inside.

They stood in the silver-blue moonlight that was shining through the glass.

He wrapped his arms around her and rested his cheek against her hair. She wrapped her arms around him and leaned her head on his chest. “Michael,” she sighed as she leaned against him. “Maria,” he whispered into her hair.

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