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"Forced Destiny"
Part 8
by Jennie
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Ten minutes later, the three were still in the same positions except this time everyone was fully dressed, much to Max's relief. Maria had just finished explaining what had happened to Liz earlier but Michael was hardly paying attention.

Angry thoughts filled his head about what had happened barely an hour before. How could he have done that? Michael had never been known for his control, but he still did not know what possessed him to lose it so completely this time.

"So, the man gripped Liz's head?" Max was asking. "Maybe he stole or erased her memories or something like that."

"That would mean that he is an alien too," Michael responded slowly, suddenly skeptical.

"Yes," Max conceded.

Maria snorted. "But WHY? Why only memories of you?"

Max sat in silent contemplation for a moment. "Who's to say it's only me? Maybe she doesn't remember Michael or Isabel either."

"Well," Maria said, jumping up. "There's only one way to find out." She grabbed the phone on the table and dialed Liz's cell.

Michael listened to Maria's side of the quick conversation as he half-heartedly tried to ignore the attraction he felt for her.

"Do you have Michael's phone number?" Maria was asking. Michael couldn't stop staring at the way her fingers twirled in the cord. "Yeah, I know I hate him. I'll explain in the morning, I promise. Oh, okay. Thanks babe. Sorry to wake you up. Yeah, will do. Bye."

"So she remembers Michael?" Max asked, confused and hurt.

"Yep, and she also remembered how much he freaked me out." Maria blushed. "She told me that she would call Isabel in the morning for his number if I promised to tell her what was going on."

The three sat silently.

Max cleared his throat. "You said that you interrupted him, right?"

Michael saw where he was going with this but still couldn't help from pacing impatiently.

"Yep," Maria agreed, her eyes following Michael's every move.

"Maybe he never finished. He started with me because I have the closest bond with her. Obviously this guy-this alien-doesn't want anyone to know about us."

"But why?!" Michael finally broke in, obviously confused by what was happening and not liking it.

"That's what we need to find out," Max said, determined, his face grim.

Maria sighed. "So what do we do now?"


Maria watched the two boys drive away through a crack in the curtains. It was just like them to drop everything and leave her to make sure Isabel was okay. The so-called alien had attacked a human so far and not only a human, but one with close connections to the trio. And they just up and left her. Jerks. She almost wished something would happen to her just to make them feel guilty.

This was the first of the many consequences that Maria realized would come from her "bonding" with Michael.

What the hell was she thinking?! Wait! There's the problem! She didn't think.

It was late, or maybe it was early, depending on how you looked at it, but Maria was now wide-awake.

Not wanting to attempt to find a decent program to watch on TV at this hour, Maria went up to her room to clean. She couldn't help but be surprised by not only Michael's actions but also her own.

It had been amazing and wonderful, yet terrifying at the same time. How many dire consequences was she to endure? Maria knew there would be many because Michael was a very difficult person.

Unable to sit still with so many thoughts flying through her head, Maria turned on her favorite mix CD. She desperately tried to ignore the attraction for Michael that was creeping into her mind. From his attitude before he left, she could tell that he regretted everything. Thinking about him would simply depress her.

She listened to the music as she tidied her room, letting it envelop her senses.


She was in the desert. It was hot, but she couldn't feel it. The heat waves danced around her, taunting her.

Maria looked up into the sky, blinded by the sun for a moment and then they came into view. A flock of pure white doves. They dipped and dove above her.

Maria looked down and found herself staring at gently milling water. She glanced around and saw water, no... ocean, surrounding her on every side with no land to be found. She stepped carefully forward, staying atop the depths.

A whisper in the wind blew past her. Startled, she discerned it's meaning.

"Once upon a time, Three were born to shine. Triplets by the Sphona, Uriah, Zimri and Tarikan."


Maria was on her side in the middle of her cluttered floor, the rhyme still pounding in her head. Her eyes focused on the stereo in front of her and saw that she was on song nine. Song nine?! That's about forty-five minutes!

"Why does that rhyme sound familiar? Where have I heard it before?" she pondered aloud, spooked by the loss of time. She knew that it hadn't been merely a dream. It was too real.

It hit her. School! English! That boring guy!

She wasn't sure what was happening and maybe if she did drugs she wouldn't think twice about these random hallucinations, but Maria didn't do drugs. These HAD to mean something. Even if they only meant that she was going crazy, at least they meant something.

Forgetting that she didn't want to see Michael at the moment, Maria grabbed a light jacket and darted out into the night.


Maria made her way up the walkway and quietly knocked on the front door hoping that they were awake.

The door crept open to reveal Max, still dressed in jeans and a sweater.

Without a word, he moved aside allowing her access to his house. She walked in and found a homey living room occupied by Isabel and Michael, both intently staring at her.

Maria fidgeted, not knowing if this was such a good idea any more.

"Maria, are you okay?" Max asked, worried. Isabel looked away and turned to a nearby magazine. Michael just looked uncomfortable.

Maria decided that it had been a mistake to go there. "You know what? Never mind. It was stupid."

She turned to go but Max stepped in front of her, blocking the way.

"No," he said placing a hand on either of her shoulders. "You obviously felt that it was important enough to walk all the way over here. Please. It may help Liz."

'Maybe if Michael and Queen Snob leave the room,' Maria started to think but she quickly dismissed the idea. 'For Liz,' Maria decided, determined to help her friend in any way possible.

"Well," she began, trying to think of how to say what needed to be said. "I've had visions." She watched as the three turned slowly to look at her. This obviously wasn't what they expected to hear.

"What kind of... visions?" Max questioned.

"What kind of question is that? They're visions. Are there certain categories I should be aware of?" Maria knew she shouldn't be this agitated because he was only trying to help, but it was difficult with Michael so close and yet so far. Out of the corner of her eye she saw him smirk.

"How many have you had?" Isabel asked, impatiently trying to get answers so that she might sleep at least a couple of hours that night.

"Three... the first was last night. I was outside, lying on the grass and it just hit me. In it I was looking for something..." Maria trailed off, her cheeks turning crimson at what she was about to admit.

"Oh, for goodness sakes!" Isabel cried, standing up and walking over to Maria. "Even though I've never actually don't this, I'm sure it'll be much faster than listening to you." She placed her hands on Maria's head. Maria tried to keep most of her thoughts personal, but Isabel, whether unintentional or not, invaded her mind thoroughly.

Mere seconds later she pulled away, leaving Maria winded and dizzy.

"Well?" Michael asked hesitantly.

"They were... interesting to say the least. Funny how they all had Michael in them, or maybe, that isn't so funny after all." Isabel glared icily at Michael. "I won't even get into that right now," she warned. "But I could feel their importance as well, and they were familiar some how.

Maria was still leaning against the couch for support even though she had regained her balance.

"Here," Max offered, leading her to the front door. "Let me take you home so that you can sleep. We'll figure something out tomorrow, I promise."

She nodded her agreement, but not because she was tired, but because she wanted to get as far away from Michael as possible. She knew that it had been a mistake but she hadn't allowed herself to believe it. Now, after seeing Michael's attitude towards both her and what happened, she was forced to come to terms with the situation.

"Good night guys," she muttered before jetting out the door, not hearing the whispered response from Michael.

"Sweet dreams."

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