FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Forced Destiny"
Part 17
by Jennie
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‘He’s gonna hurt Maria,’ was the last thing Michael thought before breaking free from Max and Isabel’s hold.

Maria crumpled lifelessly to the floor in front of Corey, killing Michael’s world immediately. What had he done? How could be go on without her? He sunk to his knees feeling dead inside. He didn’t cry, for that took more energy than he could muster. Michael simply sat staring at the back of Maria’s blonde head, missing the look of utter confusion that crossed Corey’s face.

But Max didn’t. He took the opportunity to hurl himself at Corey, catching him slightly off-guard. They slammed down onto the rotting wood floor before Corey was able to flick a hand, sending Max into the opposite wall as if it were an everyday occurrence. And it probably was.

“Foolish boy. Do you really think that physical force can harm a messenger of Hemsta?”

Michael vaguely thought about how his life was ending too short but quickly came to the conclusion that it was too brief for Maria as well and at least he would be joining her soon.

Corey began speaking in a language that he felt he should remember but a curious red mist was tickling his legs, distracting him.

“Talox tloutile cicaja firaid Hemsta sponket paorsgion ernwrob…” The mist swirled around the room growing and breathing with each word Corey spoke.

Michael panicked when Maria disappeared from view but he couldn’t seem to be able to drag himself up to look for her even though he needed to be close to her right now. It was the end after all. In the back of his mind he thought about how morbid he was being, wanting close proximity with a dead body. But it WAS Maria, he reasoned.

He looked up to Corey to make sure that that bastard hadnt touched his angel again. Nope, Maria wasn’t in his arms. The air was thick now with the red smoke. Michael felt it infecting his throat, chest, lungs. Where was Maria?

Corey finished his incantation, turning his attention to Isabel. He outstretched a palm and blew a gust of thick black powder onto her skin. “Hemsta take this daughter of the light, youngest of the mystical trinity. Take this one named “confidence” into your depths, cursed for eternity. Take Uriah!”

Why Michael found this humorous would later be chalked up to his being under the dangerous influence of the addictive mist. But at the time he did find it funny and smiled at Isabel wondering if she was happy now that she knew what her real name was. And then she crumpled to the ground.

Corey turned to Michael and he tried to sober up. He was about to die, he really shouldn’t be smiling. Corey blew the glittery black powder into the air and Michael watched as it floated gracefully down and instantly absorbed into his skin.

“Hemsta take this son of light, middle of the mystical trinity. Take this one named “strength” into your depths, cursed for eternity.” This was it. “Take Zimri!”

Michael involuntarily flinched even though he know death was inevitable. He expected some huge flash of light, or angel’s singing, or maybe a floating experience… anything. Anything generally associated with death but nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

He blinked, surprised to still be staring at Corey who looked as dumbfounded as he felt.

“What?!” Corey roared. Michael chuckled as the “evil” man frantically tried the spell over again, dusting him with the black glitter once more.

“Zimri!” Nothing. By this time, Michael was grinning wildly. He easily stood up and looked down upon the layers of blood red air.

“Michael!” came a familiar cry from the other side of the room. Though he now stood above the majority of the mist he still could only see Corey who was two feet in front of him. It must be his imagination, the influence of the smoke, or his being so close to death.

“Michael!” it came again. Maria. She was alive! “You’re the only one who can defeat Claurican! You know what to do! I saw it!” For once Michael appreciated those pesky visions that Maria got. This one saved her life.

And even though he had no idea what she was talking about, his hand rose almost by itself. The look on Corey’s face was priceless. The mix of shock and pure terror tore through Michael, seemingly feeding the surge of power building inside his body.

“Yep, you messed up royally,” Michael smirked. A flick of a finger and suddenly time was his to hold in his hand.

It wasn’t as if he were seeing with his eyes, that being made virtually impossible by the thick blanket of fog it the room, but more FEELING his surroundings.

Max was off to the side holding Isabel, Liz and Maria were by the window trying to get close to fresh air without abandoning their friends, and Corey… well, it really didn’t matter where Corey was because he was as good as dead.

A motion of his head and the room started to clear out, the mist kind of evaporating into thin air. ‘Cool,’ Michael thought before turning to his opponent.

Confidence was a new experience for him. Michael always figured it was an overrated emotion but now he couldn’t get enough.

Corey was obviously confused about his fatal mistake in the identities of the ‘chosen one’ but he still seemed to be gathering strength.

Time slowed to a crawl giving Michael a chance to look around. He was aware that he shouldn’t play around with something he wasn’t even sure he was controlling but it was too tempting. Michael slowly circled the still room, marveling at the advantage he possessed.

He knew fully well what Corey planned to do. If he was going to die, Corey planned on taking Maria with him.

‘How did I know that?’ Michael questioned to himself. But no answer came, not that he was really expecting one. He took the opportunity to check on Maria. At the moment she was frozen in place, shielding Liz as best she could. Her eyes were wild as they fixed upon the place he had been.

“Don’t worry Maria. I won’t let that asshole touch you again. I promise.” Slowly, he leaned down brushing his lips against hers.

The visions hit him forcefully, knocking him down onto the ground, continuing to slam into him one after another even though the connection had been broken. When it was over, he lay there dazed and breathing heavily.

He knew. He remembered. He knew what he must do.

Michael positioned himself where he had been before and balled his hand into a loose fist. When he opened it, a brilliant white powder coated his palm. It smelled remotely like one of those scents Maria was always spraying in her car. He sent time back into motion.

“It’s time to end this, Claurican,” he growled, blowing the powder onto Corey’s skin. Corey shrunk away.

“How did you know?” Michael never took his eyes off of Corey as he began the incantation.

“Hemsta take this son of darkness, messenger of evil. This one named ‘nightmare’ into your depths, cursed for eternity. Take Claurican!”

Corey fell to the ground, gripping his head and shrieking almost as piercing as the light that flashed, blinding everyone in the room. The light faded and Michael allowed himself to relax. He was gone. It was over. In his place lay three glowing stones. They could wait until later.

“Isabel!” he cried, remembering what had happened. Max was helping her up. She was shaky but alive. He turned to Maria. There was so much that he needed to tell everyone. He knew it all. It felt so goo to have no more questions.

Michael pulled Maria in for a tight hug, his arms naturally encircling her waist as if he had done it a thousand times. He pulled back with tears threatening to fall.

“I’m human,” he whispered to her, leaning his forehead against hers.

“I know,” she mouthed back, eyes sparkling. Maria leaned forward and captured his mouth for a long awaited and well-deserved kiss.

“What?” Max asked, his arms around Liz and Isabel.

“We’re human, Maxwell.”

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