FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Forced Destiny"
Part 15
by Jennie
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Max slowed the jeep as sirens and flashing lights assaulted them for the second time in two days. Reporters had already flocked to the scene and were currently running around like chickens with their heads chopped off.

"No! Maria!" Michael jumped out of the back and tore through the police tape to the entrance to his apartment building.

"Michael," Valenti yelled grabbing him forcefully by the arm. "You do NOT want to go up there… it's… messy." Valenti actually grimaced.

"But Maria, I need to get Maria!"

"Maria DeLuca? Son, she's not here. Everyone was evacuated." He gestured to a group of Michael's neighbors.

"What happened?" Michael asked his panic ebbing slightly. She got away. She had to have gotten away.

"I…" Valenti hesitated in thought then pulled him out of earshot of the eavesdropping reporters. "I'm not really sure. Missy Brown was found… mutilated outside your apartment and your door was destroyed. But Maria wasn't there. Maybe she's at home." The sheriff pulled a cell phone out of his jean jacket. "Here. Go ahead and call her."

Michael did but no one answered.

"Don't worry, I'm sure she's fine. I'll send a squad car out looking."

Michael was used to feeling lost but this was more extreme than ever before. How could a girl get into his heart in only a few days?

Numbly, he walked back to his brother and sister, ignoring the incessant buzz of annoying reporters. "Maria's gone…"

"Oh my gosh." Isabel covered her mouth with a delicate hand. "I know where she is!"


Thoughts of past lives, future heroes and other worlds were flittering through her clouded mind as her back rested stiffly in the hard plastic chair.

How did she get involved in this? Just a few days ago, she hated the 'aliens' with a passion and now she felt compassion for Max, friendship towards Isabel and … and … love for Michael. She had never been in love before but there was no doubt in her mind now. She loved him.

The door jingled, a usually friendly greeting but now it simply terrified her.

The trio entered, led by Michael and Maria let her paranoid side take over.

She thought fast. "Wait. Remember that time a year ago where Isabel and I went to that party and you two followed?" She knew she was speaking fast and probably didn't make any sense but she was about to hyperventilate so she figured it was better than nothing.

The three aliens looked at her oddly. She almost laughed. Who would've thought that aliens would be thinking that SHE was odd.

"Maria?" Max asked cautiously. "Are you okay?"

"Just answer the question!" she screamed, backing her way to the side door. She hoped that it actually was an exit and not some cleverly disguised closet. That might get messy.

"Maria, you hated us. That never happened. Are you losing it?" Michael said slowly.

Maria let out a sigh. "Oh, Michael!" In two-point-three seconds she was wrapped in his strong arms. He just stood there, obviously confused but not wanting to let go.

Suddenly, she pulled away and smacked him squarely across the chest. "Don't ever leave me alone again!"

Michael offered his trademark smirk in response. "Sorry, Princess."

She smiled faintly at his new nickname for her but she had something else on her mind. "I had another vision." Maria involuntarily shuddered. "I know where that ass is keeping Liz. We need to leave now." She started for the door. The dark wasn't as scary when there were others there with her. Safety in numbers or something like that.

"Where is it?"

"In the desert so he can see someone coming a mile away BUT there's a river running by the shack."

"Well, let's go then."


No moon. Of course it would be Maria's luck that clouds decided to grace Roswell by covering the sky that night. Max said it was good so that Corey or whatever his name was couldn't see them approaching as easily, but Maria wasn't so sure. If the guy could erase memories and send shape-shifting aliens after her, who's to say that he couldn't see in the dark?

It was decided that Maria would go with them considering her 'instincts' were the ones they were following. Well, that and the fact that Maria threatened to scream bloody murder if they left her alone.

So Max climbed down into the icy river, being the most determined of them all. "Oh, by the way," Maria said casually. "Don't fall… there's a hundred foot drop about thirty feet after the shack." He quickly jumped out and onto dry land.


The churning water was cold around her feet and calves. She was surprised to discover that although it only reached her knees it had considerable force. It pushed and tugged relentlessly, as if it were a living thing with a mean desire to topple her. She was not in danger of falling as long as she stood in one place with feet widely planted, but she was not sure how long she could maintain her balance while walking.

She had no difficulty picturing herself tumbling and twisting helplessly, choking on freezing water, desperately but unsuccessfully grabbing at elusive hand holds, suddenly plummeting a couple of hundred feet straight down, banging against boulders, breaking bones, smashing her head to bits, hitting the shallow bottom with…

Well, yes, she COULD easily picture it, but suddenly she didn't see any wisdom in doing so.

Maria again tugged at the rope. Though it was old, Max said it was still strong, and Maria hoped he was right. He had tied one end around his waist earlier. Now he looped the other end around Isabel and Maria's waists and finally tied it around Michael's, leaving approximately eight feet of play between each of them. If one of them fell-well, face it, Maria was far and away the one most likely to fall and most likely to be swept to a wet and bloody death-the others could stand fast until she had time to regain her footing.

That was the plan, anyway.


Michael's legs were burning but at least they were almost there. He wondered idly how Maria was. She had refused to have Max heal her from her romp around town. They had remained silent, aware of how noise travels in the desert. Why draw any unwanted attention? Those "Jelly Monsters" could be anywhere.

The water was creeping higher. At first he thought he was imagining it, but then he realized the torrent had risen to above his knees. Poor Maria. She was by far the shortest. The water had to be to her upper thighs.

The damned darkness was the worst of it, not being able to see anything, virtually blind, unable to be sure what was happening. He couldn't even see the petite blond in front of him no matter how much he squinted. Michael never realized just how much light the stars and moon provided.


The rocks on the creek floor were slippery and Maria was wearing only her worn orange Filas… the ones with no tread of course. Ahead of her she could hear Max and Isabel carefully guiding the way through the unfamiliar water. Every once and a while, they would stop. Maria knew that this was her cue to close her eyes and open her senses. Almost there. She could feel it… it was almost a buzzing in the air. Softly, she would splash twice, signaling Max to keep going.

The pressure was getting stronger and she knew it was only a matter of moments. Suddenly, her foot slipped and she teetered precariously not wanting to tug on the rope to gain balance in fear of pulling someone else under. And then she was under, the freezing water invading her senses.


Michael felt a strong yank and then heard a splash.

'Shit,' he thought, instantly knowing it was Maria who slipped.

Abruptly he was jerked forward again. Two, three-oh, God-half a dozen steps. Isabel had fallen also.

'Max, don't fall!' he screamed to himself.

Stumbling, almost losing his balance, realizing that they were on the edge of disaster, Michael leaned backward on the line, using its tautness to steady himself instead of rushing forward with the hope of developing slack again. He hoped he didn't resist too much and get yanked off his feet.

He swayed. The line pulled hard at his waist. Without slack to loop through his hands, he was unable to take most of the strain with his arms.

The pressure of water against the back of his legs was growing.

His feet skidded.

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