FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Dying alone "
Part 3
by Caroline
Disclaimer: Someone else, who I probably won't meet owns them...
Summary: Ok, it's a Maria/pregnant fic...without the sex scenes, only there are some interesting plot twists.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Roswell is moving to Monday...Caroline IS NOT HAPPY about this....
"I took my time
I hurried up
The choice was mine
I didn't think enough" -Blink 182, Adam's song.

Maria walked down the streets of Roswell. The sidewalks were usually crowded this time of day, it was a good time for her to blend in with the crowds. She never seem to notice how many mothers were outside all the time with their newborns and sometimes a husband at the side. She closed her eyes briefly, thinking how just this morning she thought all she had was the flu. Now she was dealing with a whole new ball game.

Michael's first reaction was to go to Maria's house. He needed to see her, tell her he wasn't ready for this, and that he couldn't do the whole father-deal. 'I should have just kept away from her, and kept my distance. Now I've got two strings attached to me.' He said inside his head. After knocking unsuccessfully on the front door he decided to try her window. She usually kept it open for him anyways.

He walked over to where he had many times before, he looked in her room to find it empty but decided to check the house out. Once he was inside he walked down the hallways and through some rooms to find that the house was completely desolated. "Damn." He said to himself.

He had to think, she wouldn't be at Liz's because she was working and she wouldn't be upstairs by herself, she's not home, she wouldn't to Alex's yet, I doubt he even know, although Max and Isabel did know.

Maria sat down on an empty bench to contemplate her options. There was always abortion. It still wasn't too late, that way Michael would never have to know about it. But was that fair to Michael, no she would have to tell him before she did it, if she did it. There were other options obviously. There was keeping the baby, for a moment Maria picture herself with a little boy in tow of her and Michael walking down the streets happily, a boy with a small frame and spiky brown hair. But then she quickly erased the thought, knowing that would never happen. There was adoption, but could she really go through the pain of having to leave a baby after seeing it for real?

Michael was now walking down the streets of Roswell, going to places where he thought he might find Maria. He too was noticing more babies with their parents outside today. Suddenly a wave of guilt rushed over him. He had been so worried about himself and what he was going to do now, he didn't even think of how Maria was doing. She must be in complete chaos of herself now. His need to find Maria was even stronger now.

Maria saw Michael before he saw her, he was walking down the streets in deep thought obviously. Yet he was walking like he was on a mission. "Damn" Maria said as she tried to get up and walk away but she didn't have the will to do it.

Michael right after saw her sitting there and he rushed over to her. "Maria" He said calling her name, he felt so horrible when he saw her, her face was tear streaked and she looked in distress. "Maria we need to talk."

She looked at him sadly, then reality crashed into her. "You know don't you." She could see it in his eyes that he had found out already. "I tell one person and they can't keep there mouth shut, serves me right. You know Michael, don't worry, if you ever get your big chance at home, you don't have to worry, I'm getting rid of it. You won't have to worry about a thing, you can go back living life and so can I. As soon as I can I will get it out of me, and then you won't have to worry anymore." She was about to leave, go home, go anywhere but where he was. She didn't know when she had decided to pin him down as the enemy, she just kind of said what was in her mind.

He held his hand out to keep her from getting up. "Can I get a word in?" He asked minorly agitated. "Yeah, I do know, and I don't understand why I wasn't the first one you came to, I thought we were close enough for this stuff? I guess I was wrong there. Listen though, I don't want you to form your decision on me. You do what you want to do. I won't lie to you though and say I'm happy that this is happening. It doesn't have to be a bad thing thought. Whatever you decide I will be fine with." He stopped a moment to catch his breath and see her reaction.

Maria saw there, she was waiting for him to say one thing she needed to hear more that anything. One sentence that would determine the rest of her life.

Michael's eyes softened as he began his next statement, "Maria, whatever course of action you take, I'll be with you all the way."

On the verge of tears Maria smiled at him, that's exactly what she needed to hear from him.


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