FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Opening and Closing Doors"
Part 4
by Ariana
Disclaimer: I own nothing, so no infringement intended.
Summary: Michael returns after a three-year absence only to find that things have majorly changed.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I don't know where I'm going with this, so I hope it doesn't suck too much.
Three months later

"What are you going to do when you get to New York?" Maria asked as she handed Max his clean laundry.

Max replied, "I don't know maybe take in a Broadway show."

"I hope you are aware that you'll have to do your own laundry now that you are leaving," Maria teased.

Max laughed as he packed the pictures on his dresser in a box, "I'm pretty capable of doing my own laundry, but thanks for worrying."

"You don't have to go Max," Maria told him before she left his room.

Max put down the box he was holding, "I know, but I can't stay here any longer. You, Michael, and the girls, you guys are a family."

"Max, you are a part of my family. You have done so much for me and I love you for that. You are my brother and best friend, and I'm going to miss you terribly," Maria said to him.

Max wrapped his arms around her, "I won't be gone forever and I will call you everyday."

"I just want you to be happy Max," Maria said.

Max reassured her, "I am happy Maria, I'm happy for you Mrs. Guerin, we finally have what we want. You have Michael, and the girls and I have a cool loft in New York walking distance from Columbia University. Life is great."

"Yeah, but you'll be so far away," Maria whined which made Max laugh again.

"Christmas will be here before you know it," Max reminded.

"Hey guys, we're back!" Isabel called as she and Michael returned with Chinese take out.

Max slung his arm around Maria's neck as they walked out of the room. "Oh wait, I need to check on the girls," she said.

"Let me, for old time's sake," Max volunteered and Maria agreed as she went to the kitchen.

"Where's Max?" Isabel asked when Maria entered.

Maria got out clean plates from the cupboard, "He's checking on the girls."

"I still can't believe he's leaving. Roswell will never be the same," Isabel sounded a bit sad.

Michael reassured her, "He'll be back Izzy. Roswell and aliens just go together."

"I guess it will be cool going to visit him in New York," Isabel smiled as she looked on the bright side.

Maria sat down at the kitchen table, "It is just time to move on, for all of us to move on."

"I vote that Michael has moved on the most," Isabel joked. "I was just getting used to Michael the father, and now you are Michael the husband."

Michael laughed as he placed his hands on Maria's shoulders, "Don't forget Maria the wife."

"Or how about Izzy the lawyer," Maria included.

"Don't forget Max the doctor," Max added entering the kitchen. "At least in a couple of years."

Maria thought about her lost friends, "But we'll never forget Alex, the her and Liz…the one who brought us all together. They are with us in our hearts."

"And that's where they'll always be," Isabel placed her hand on Maria's.

Isabel spent the night that night, because she was going to take Max to the airport the next morning.

"Do you have everything?" Michael asked as Max zipped up his duffel bag.

Max nodded, "I'm having everything pretty much shipped over."

"It's not going to be the same around here," Michael told him.

Max smiled, "You know you are glad to get rid of me."

"Yeah I was thinking of making this room into a game room," Michael joked. "I'm going to put a fooseball table here, and some arcade games over in that corner."

Max shook his head; "Yeah I'm sure Maria is thrilled with that idea."

"Well you are always welcomed here, you'll always have a home with us," Michael told him sincerely.

Max nodded, "You did the right thing I coming back. Maria was waiting for you…we all were. Besides you got Maria's mom off my back."

Michael laughed, but then his face turned serious, "Thank you Max…for taking care of them. I know these last three months can't make up for the past three years, but I'm trying."

"You have your family now Michael, and you have a whole lifetime to spend with them," Max replied picking up the bag.

"You've always been my best friend Max," Michael told him.

Max nodded, "And I always will be."

"Hey what's going on?" Maria entered the room.

"Nothing," they said in unison and then they laughed.

Maria looked at them as if they were crazy, "OK, well the girls are asking for their Uncle Max."

"How can I resist my two favorite girls?" Max hauled the bag into the hall.

Michael offered, "I'll take that for you and put it in the family room."

"Thanks," Max said and Maria could see the sadness in his eyes as he went to go say good-bye to Madeline and Madison.

"I'm really going to miss him," Isabel said as they waited for their turn to say good-bye.

Michael put a reassuring hand on her shoulder, "We all are."

"Why all the long faces I'm going to back soon," Max said entering the room.

Isabel felt tears well up in her eyes; "Well if mom and dad drive me crazy I'll be showing up on your doorstep."

Max gave his sister a tight hug, "Remember there are law schools in New York."

"I love you big brother," Isabel said before letting go.

Max replied, "I love you too Izzy."

"Enough of this I love you crap," Michael gave Max a quick hug. "Take care of yourself Maxwell."

"And take care of yourself too, and your family," Max told him. "That's an order."

Michael nodded, "I will."

"Don't worry Max I'll keep him in line," Maria took his hands in hers. "I owe you so much Max I don't know how I could ever repay you."

"You don't owe me a thing Maria. Your friendship has been everything to me, and I wouldn't have gotten through these past years without you, so thank you," Max wrapped his arms around her and held on to her tight. "I'll call you when I get there." Max picked up his bag and took one last look and then walked out the door. Isabel said a quick good-bye to them as she went to drive him to the airport.

"I feel like I'm losing my brother," Maria told Michael as they watched the Jeep disappear down the street.

Michael stood behind her with his arms wrapped around her, "Me too…but you have me."

"That I do, that I do, and we have our whole lives to spend together," Maria felt better just being with him.

Michael kissed her neck, "Can't wait."

Maria turned around and was showered by kisses, "Michael the neighbors might see us." Maria lost herself in Michael's kiss as she softly closed the door.

The End

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