FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Opening and Closing Doors"
Part 2
by Ariana
Disclaimer: I own nothing, so no infringement intended.
Summary: Michael returns after a three-year absence only to find that things have majorly changed.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I don't know where I'm going with this, so I hope it doesn't suck too much.
Michael stood on the front porch of the Evans's house debating whether or not to knock on the door. Finally, he took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

Seconds later an excited Isabel answered. "You don't know how much I've missed you," she exclaimed wrapping her arms around him.

Michael hugged her back and smiled, "I missed you too, Iz. How have you been?"

She let him in the house and they both sat down in the living room. "I'm good…um…I'm in law school right now and I hope to bring justice to all aliens," Isabel joked around. "What about you? What have you been doing?"

"You'd be surprised," Michael said. "So where's Max? I thought he would be anticipating my arrival."

"Uh," Isabel knew it wasn't her place to tell. "He's probably home at his apartment."

Michael was impressed, "Wow, so he moved out, he must be living the high life."

"Yeah I guess," Isabel said quietly.

"So how's Maria? Is she doing okay?" Michael asked looking sort of nervous.

Isabel decided, "You know what you should probably go see Max and Maria." Isabel scribbled their address on a scrap of paper. "We can do more catching up later."

"You are that eager to get rid of me already," Michael teased as Isabel practically pushed him out the door.

"I'll see you later, I promise," Isabel reassured before she closed the door.

Michael got in his car and drove to the address that Isabel wrote down and as he pulled up he saw the familiar sight of Max's jeep. "Some things never change," he said to himself. As he approached the front door he heard a little girl cry out "mama." He thought he might have gotten the wrong apartment, but after he knocked a familiar face appeared in the doorway.

"Michael," Maria said breathlessly.

Michael was speechless because she looked even more beautiful than ever. She had a certain glow to her face that he has never seen before, but that sudden loving feeling went away when she opened the door even wider. He then realized that this was where Max lived and she revealed to him Max holding the most beautiful pair of twin girls he has ever seen.

"Please come in," Maria told him, but Michael felt frozen in his place. Max set down the girls as Michael slowly entered the apartment.

Michael finally spoke, "Isabel gave me the address…to Max's apartment."

Max pointed out; "Actually this is our apartment."

Michael realized that the little girls couldn't be more than two and half years old, so that meant that Maria found a replacement for him soon after he left. "Oh, I guess I should have expected that."

"Expected what? That Max and me shacked up right after you left. That since both you and Liz were out of the picture we might as well get it on," Maria couldn't hold back the tears any longer.

Michael knew he shouldn't have said that, "Look Maria"

"For your information Michael Guerin these are my children and I've only been with one man, so you do the math," Maria turned and ran to her bedroom.

"I'm sorry it just took me by surprise to see the two of you, and then the two of them," Michael was in a state of disbelief.

Max told him, "Someone had to take care of them Michael."

"These are really mine," Michael bent down to see the twins.

Max pointed to Lynn, "This is Madeline Isabel or Lynn, and this one is Madison Elizabeth we call her Maddy."

"Uncle," Maddy said pointing her finger at Michael.

Max corrected her, "No, baby that's your daddy."

"Dadda," Maddy said smiling.

"Dadda," Lynn repeated.

"I didn't know," Michael said to Max as tears crept into the corner of his eyes.

Max replied, "How could you have? You left before she found out."

"She must hate me, I mean first Liz and now this," Michael tried to hide his frustration but Max could easily see it. Michael sat down on the couch and put his head in his hands. "How could I have done this to her?"

Max put a reassuring hand on his old friend's shoulder, "Stop blaming yourself for Liz's death it wasn't your fault…and Maria doesn't hate you she's just angry."

"I should really go talk to her, and tell her I've missed her for the past three years," Michael said.

Max nodded in agreement, "I think she would like that. Um…I'll take these two for a wagon ride and leave you two alone."

"I can't believe I'm a father, my God Maria's mother must hate me," Michael realized.

Max gave a small laugh, "Actually her mom hates me." Max noted the confused look on Michael's face. "It's a long story, but I kind of took responsibility for Maria, and so Maria's mom thinks they are mine."

"Oh," Michael said quietly.

Max continued as he put the twin's jackets on, "She's always asking when we're going to get married, but our relationship is not like that. Maria has decided to tell her mom truth, actually."

"Because of me," Michael finished.

Max shook his head, "No, she decided that before I told her you were coming back."

"Oh," Michael said again. "Go talk to her, tell her everything you feel and not what you think she wants to hear," Max said as he placed the girls in a red wagon and escorted them out the door leaving alone in the living room.

Michael wiped his sweaty palms on his jeans as he stood up. He slowly made his way down the hall and he noticed that the door to Max's room was open. He quickly peered in and saw a picture of Liz on his nightstand, and next to it was a picture of the twins. He turned to leave, but then he noticed another picture on the dresser. It was of all of them at their junior prom. Max, Liz, Isabel, Alex, Kyle, Tess, Maria, and him all lined up with cheesy smiles on their faces. Those were the days when their lives were consumed with finding out about their alien side, but at least they were all together.

Michael wanted the most important part of his life back, but he only hoped she wanted him back. He wanted to be the father he never had, and he wanted Maria in his life again, but fear rippled through him as he stood in front of Maria's closed door.

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