FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Destiny Can Wait"
Part 4
by Lea
Disclaimer: I wish I owned Roswell, but I don’t, so don’t sue me please!
Summary: : In a world where humans and aliens distrust each other, an unusual pair discover whether or not they can survive each other!
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This is sort of a continuing on story to An Amazing Feeling. People seemed to like that story so we’ll see if it was a fluke and watch how this one unfolds.
As he wandered the empty streets late that night, Michael found himself thinking about Maria again. What kind of future could they possibly have together? Sure, he definitely wanted to be with her, but an alien and a human?

They would be the subjects of prejudice, that was for sure. Unless by some miracle the humans and the aliens could all live together as one community, and learn to at least like each other.

Michael smiled at the thought. They had been here like, 20 years and they hadn’t befriended the humans in that period of time, so it was not likely to happen now. He didn’t care. He wanted to love Maria, but he was reluctant to let someone in.

The only people in this world that he was close to was Max, Isabel and his human parents.

But Maria had something, like an effect on him that he couldn’t shake. She made him feel happy. Of course he would never admit that to anyone. He was a stonewall.

Michael crossed the street and snuck up to Maria’s window. Looking inside, he couldn’t see her, so he started to lift the glass. It wouldn’t move.

A slight frown crossed his face as he tried again. It was locked. Michael felt frustrated. Why would she lock the window? She always left it open for him.

He pressed his face up against the glass and looked in again. There was no movement.

“She’s not there Michael.” An out of breath voice sounded behind him.

He spun around to see Max and Liz before him, gasping for air. He hurried over to them. “What’s wrong? Where is she?” He asked in a surprised voice.

Liz looked at Max then at Michael. “This afternoon she wasn’t feeling well, so she went to the sick bay. They wouldn’t tell me what was wrong with her, but they took her to the hospital.” Liz exclaimed. “And that’s the last I heard. Max and I came hurrying over here as fast as we could because we knew this is where you would go, and that you might be worried or something.”

Michael stood there for a moment, and then a look of determination crossed his face. He turned to Liz and asked harshly “Which hospital?”

Max stepped in front of her. “Michael don’t be stupid.” He exclaimed, “You can’t just walk into a human hospital. They’ll have you kicked out in five seconds.”

Max felt sorry for his friend. “Look Michael, I know how you feel. But I’m sure she’ll be fine.” Liz nodded in agreement.

Michael took a deep breath in and tried to calm down. She’ll be fine. He kept telling himself that over and over. He heard Max tell Liz that he should stay with Michael. He watched as Liz nodded and gave Max a goodbye kiss.

He hurried off on to the street with his hands in his pockets. Max had to run to catch up.

They walked home in absolute silence. When they finally reached the front door, Max held him back. “Liz said she’d tell us the second she hears about Maria. It’ll be okay Michael.”

Michael nodded and opened the door to reveal Isabel standing in the foyer with a bemused look on her face. “What’s wrong with Maria?” she asked.

Michael gave her an angry look and walked right past her. Like she cared anyway.

Max and Isabel watched Michael trudge up the stairs and slam the door to his room. Isabel was kinda worried. She had never seen Michael like this before, and it scared her. She turned her gaze to Max’s face and he started to explain what was going on. He thought she should at least know.

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