FanFic - Michael/Maria
Part 1
by Danielle
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Authors Note: This is it, the big Finale of the 3EB "Blue" Challenge- #13. It's set post Sexual Healing, and after the events of "Slow Motion". And it veers off continuity in a major way, but so has the whole series really, so I am not going to try to go back and fix it now! I hope everyone's enjoyed the series, and I sincerely thank everyone who's sent me feedback on it!
Their planet was dying. It's life cycle was coming to an end- their sun would Super Nova in a matter of Millennia. Their people were in danger. With their advanced technology they attempted to determine how long they had to figure out a way to survive. They had sent explorers out thousands of years before the end to find a suitable planet or planets to inhabit.

Many ships were sent to many galaxies, and so it happened that one came to Earth. They studied the indigenous people, primitive at the moment, but having similar brain capacity and physical attributes. And so they attempted to live among them. And it worked. The planet was similar to their home, and so they sent word back through space and time that it was safe. Some stayed on their new home to pave the way for future generations that would live on Earth.

They lived as humans, taking spouses and producing families. Their children were special, and their talents were developed in secret - the ability to move things, or to read minds, or see the future became the norm among some humans. Telekinesis, ESP, molecular manipulation, and predilection became the province of Gypsies and mystics, widespread and disbelieved for the most part. Humankind survived and thrived, never knowing where these special gifts originated from.

Many centuries passed, and the time to leave their home was upon them. Each year, more and more of their people left, transported to different sections of the universe to the acceptable planets that had been discovered. Earth was among the furthest planets to where their people had decided to travel, and was also among the last deemed acceptable. Few remained when the preparations to travel to Earth were complete. Among them were two families, one with a small boy and the other with twins the same age - a boy and a girl. They boarded the first transport after saying goodbye to their home.

But the fleet of ships bound for Earth did not calculate their departure well, and hours after leaving the planet, the sun exploded. Only one ship had gotten far enough away to survive the fatal implosion, the force of the explosion incinerated the rest. And three small children watched in horror as their home was destroyed.

Their ship continued its path, and for the people's protection, they were enveloped in stasis pods. Upon reaching Earth safely, the pods would open. But the ship was damaged in the explosion, and did not fall to its new home in safety. Few pods survived the crash, and of those that did, only two opened. These two survivors hid the remaining pods, hoping beyond hope that they would open someday.

The Humans came then, with flashing lights and dogs and guns. They hunted for survivors, and came across the two. One was taken away for experimentation, the other escaped into the night. He hid among the Native Americans, who understood that he meant them no harm. They called him Nasedo, their word for Visitor.

And so Nasedo watched, for many years, hoping the pods would open. He tried to integrate himself with society, but the Humans were a suspicious lot, and questioned his motives and special abilities. He trusted the wrong people, and it brought too much danger to him. He fled, but remained close enough that if the pods ever opened, he could contact the children he knew were inside.

Years passed, and he became lonely. Some would say crazy, with the solitude. He began to hate humans, killing those who got too close to him; the only sign he left was the silver handprint.

And so it happened one night in the Earth year 1989, some forty years after the crash that brought them to this planet, that the pods were struck by falling rocks in the cave where they were hidden. Three of them were cracked by the force of the impact, thus activating the lives within them. And three small children of unknown origin crawled out of the darkness of the cave and into the dessert night.


Michael lay still in Maria's arms, calm now but not asleep. She brushed the hair off of his forehead and rubbed his back to comfort him. After years of not knowing, he finally had his answers.

He looked up at her suddenly through heavy lashes. "What we saw... do you think it's true?"

Maria pressed her lips to his temple comfortingly. "It has to be Michael. It all makes sense. And where else would that information come from but within you?"

He grimaced at the thought that their true home no longer existed. He lay his head back down on her chest and sighed heavily.

Maria's question echoed in the room. "Does it help to know that you weren't abandoned?"

He thought a moment before responding. "In a way, yes. But it doesn't help to realize that I'm just as alone now as I have always been."

She reached down and grasped his face between her hands, forcing him to look into her eyes. "You have never been alone since the day you met me Michael. I will always be there for you. And if you want me, I'll be your home."

A tear formed in the corner of his eye, slowly spilling over the edge and down his cheek. He couldn't seem to find the right words. "I... you are already my home Maria. I just needed my answers to realize it." He kissed her and pulled her close to him, holding on to her for dear life as he dealt with the revelations of the evening.

She looked into his eyes when he finally released her minutes later. "What are we going to tell Max and Isabel?"

He shook his head. "I don't think we should."

Maria looked puzzled. "But, Michael, they need to know. They have to understand that their parents didn't leave them. They were bringing them here to start a new life among our people. You were meant to grow up here and have a family and become a part of the human race. Don't you think they need to know that, so they're not out on some wild goose chase, looking for something that no longer exists?"

He nodded his head. "They do need to know, Maria. But they're not ready. They have to find out on their own, by connecting with someone like we did. I can't tell them what I saw - it'd be too hard to explain. It's something that's meant to be shared with someone you love. Max needs to see this with Liz, and Izzy with Alex. They'll get there on their own soon enough. And besides, I want to keep this private. A lot more went on here that just me finding answers."

She gulped hard. What was he saying? "A lot more like what?"

He sat up and smiled, drawing her into his lap. "Like me finding where I belong, and who I belong to. I love you, Maria. Thank you for helping me understand that, and for helping me find my home. My real home." He leaned in and kissed her again, letting her know that he knew exactly where that home was.

"I love you, too, Michael." She buried her face in his neck, knowing that this was exactly where she belonged, too. With Michael, her home, her heart, her love. Forever.


Darwin- Third Eye Blind

The chromosomes divide, multiply and thrive
And the strong survive and the strong survive
And a spaceman fucked an ape
Then cut out on the date
And now it's much too late
The space ship has escaped

We're lacking something, something good
Is this all for nothing
Show me the goods, something good

The chromosome divides, multiply and thrive
And the strong survive
And the strong survive
And the grandson of an alien wears his snakeskin boots
And shows his reptile roots
He shows his reptile roots

We're lacking something, something good
Is this all for nothing
Show me the goods, something good

Boom tick tick and who skipped the long play
Who skipped the record and who amped what you say
I want to sing a song that's my own
I want to be the DJ

We're lacking something, something good
Is this all for nothing
Show me the goods, something good

And it's alright, it's alright
It's a long night, a long night
It's a long night.

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