FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Coming Together"
Part 4
by Bizzie57
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Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Michael didn't stick around to see what was going to happen between Maria and her mom. So, Michael went home. Home, but where is home? He thought. He could hardly call his trailer his home, because after all, isn't home where the heart is? And his heart definitely wasn't at his trailer. Usuallu the walk from Maria's to his only took about 15 minutes, but tonight it seemed to last forever. Probably because I am thinking to much. Someone once told him not to think to much becuase it gives you headaches, which he was starting to get one. Finally, Michael was coming up to his front door, but he didn't want to go inside just yet, so he went to go sit down at the little broken down table that Hank keeps outside. Michael slowly sat down in the chair and put his legs up on the table.

Michael started to think about Maria. He remembered when he borrowed her car that one time when he was on his mission to Marathon, TX. That night in the nookie hotel is where he first started having feelings for Maria. He remembered when Maria was telling him about her dad and the sad look on his face. Michael remembered shifting in his seat, kind of a way to lean in closer to her but not have her notice. He knew that she never did notice the intense look on his face while she was talking. Michael also knew then that he couldn't let anyone in and that's what was happeneing with Maria, so he pretended to be more tired than he really was.

Michael remembered back to the first time he and Maria kissed. It had been so easy, so why was it so hard now? Michael had told her that it was to calm her down, but really it was something that he had wanted to do since the night before.

Then, Michael started to remember back to when the Heat Wave had hit Roswell. The heat wave is what really got him. That was when him and Maria were at their closest, physically.

Before Michael knew it, he had fallen asleep.

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