FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Balance Regained "
Part 1
by Christina
Disclaimer: The characters aren’t mine. No infringement intended. Melinda Metz, you rock!
Summary: Post Blind Date
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG
Authors Note: Post Blind Date episode.
Liz runs out of the concert. She hopes Maria will understand. Once outside she picks up the skirt of her dress and catches up to Max.

“Max, wait!”

“I can’t. I ruined your night. I’m sorry.”

“You didn’t ruin my night. You made it better.”

“I wish I could remember, but I don’t.”

“Come with me.”

She grabs his hand and pulls him all the way to her apartment.

“Look,” she says pointing to the wall.

“Who-I?” he stutters.

“You did this.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll get rid of it.”

He reaches toward the wall. Liz moves his hand down.

“Leave it.”


“I want to keep it there because even if you don’t remember tonight, I want to.”

She pulls him closer to her and wraps her arms around him. A connection is formed almost instantaneously. Max sees everything he did earlier that night. He pulls away from Liz.

“I can’t believe all the things I did."

“You were being honest, Max. No inhibitions, nothing to hold you back. You told me you went crazy when you weren’t around me.”

“I-“ She pulls him back to her and kisses him. It is a warm, soft, heart-searing kiss that makes Max realize that he’s found his balance in Liz.

* * *

Maria can’t believe it. Liz went after Max.

She finishes her song and takes a bow.

“Thank you everybody. We’re going to do a song by the leader of our band, Alex Whitman. Enjoy.”

Alex smiles at her and counts off the song.

Maria steps backstage and walks into the dressing room. She dials up Liz’s cell phone number.

“Come on. Pick up.”

She hangs up and tries her home number.

“Hi, you’ve reached Liz’s Parker’s answering machine. Leave a message after the tone.”


“Liz it’s Maria. Call me.”

She sighs and hangs up the phone.

The song is almost over and she would have to perform another number.

She walks out on stage and picks up the microphone.

“This next song is a cover of the song Run by Collective Soul.”

Must give credit where credit is due, she thinks as the intro plays.

“Are these times contagious? I’ve never been this bored before. Is this the price I waited for?” she sings.

Okay, I’ve made it this far. I can do this.

Just breathe, Maria thinks during the guitar solo as she sways to the rhythm of the music.

Just as she lifts the microphone to finish the song she spots Michael in the corner of the room. Their eyes lock and she begins to sing.

The song ends and Maria steps off stage heading in Michael’s direction.

“Hey,” Michael says.

“I didn’t think you’d show.”

“You were good.”

“I think I might die of shock.”

“Why is that?”

She laughs a little.

“That’s the first compliment you’ve given me that wasn’t about my tongue.”

Michael snorts.

Maria leans close and whisper’s in his ear.

“Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone.”


She looks at him as if he’s crazy.

“I’m not even going to ask why you just said that. Enjoy the rest of the show.”

She turns to walk away. Michael grabs her arm and pulls her in for a kiss. They finally separate after what seems like an eternity.

“I have to finish the show,”she blurts out.

Maria turns and walks toward the stage a bit dazed and confused.

He’s doing it again. He’ll dump you in less than a week. Do not turn around. God, he’s a good kisser. And he knows exactly what to do with his hands. Stop that! Stop that! Don’t think about him. Think about the song. It’s not working, she thinks to herself as she climbs up on stage.

* * *

TBC Hope you enjoy my second attempt at fan fiction.

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