FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Back In The Day"
Part 2
by Christina
Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine.
Summary: Maria and Michael make a little wager in elementary school.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG
Authors Note: This story is a sequel to Back in the Day- Part1- When We Were Very Young. The only difference is, I won't be switching from present tense to past tense. This is strictly past tense.
It was a bright and sunny morning at West Roswell Elementary. Maria was waiting for Liz and Alex in front of the school. She had promised Liz the day before that she wouldn't get dirty before school started and she couldn't keep that promise unless they showed up before Michael did. So much for promises, she thought as he approached her. "Hello and good morning," Michael breathed in her face. "Eww! Banana breath!" Maria exclaimed disgustedly, "Brush much?" Michael grinned evilly and yanked on one of her curls. "Okay Ape boy, you asked for it!" Maria shouted as she tore across the playground after him. "Come and get me Dog breath," he called back. "I'm going to make you eat those words Mickey Guerin!" she promised. "I'm shaking in my shoes DeLoco!" he taunted. Maria finally caught up with Michael and punched him hard in the arm. His eyes narrowed and he tacked her. They both landed in the mud. "Get off me," Maria complained, "You weigh a ton." "You know, this shade of brown rather becomes you Miss Mudpie," he said caking another handful of mud on her head. "Get your knee out of my thigh," she said trying to push him off of her. "Okay, okay," he said rolling off of her. "Maria!" Liz scolded, "You promised." "He started it!" Maria claimed sitting up and pointing at Michael. Michael scowled at her and pushed her back into the mud. She squealed and threw herself on him pinning him to the ground. Liz rolled her eyes. There was no use trying to keep Maria clean. She spotted Alex across the playground and decided to join him, leaving Michael and Maria to their never ending battle/ flirt fest. "I'll make a bet with you," Maria said. "What kind of bet?" he asked. "If you win round two of mud wrestling, I'll give you five bucks,"she offered. "And if you win?" "You have to sing with me at karoki night tonight at the Crashdown." This was too easy. "You've got yourself a bet." "You're going down Guerin," she warned.
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