FanFic - Michael/Maria
"And the Stitches Become Undone "
Part 5
by Calie
Disclaimer: I do not own Michael and Maria or any of the characters from Roswell that I have borrowed for this fic.
Summary: Maria gets pregnant by a certain alien. But the pregnancy brings along lots of physical and emotional problems.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
"Before I get to Maria's condition, it would be easier if you knew the whole thing." Max began.

"We know about the shooting. Ms. Parker got shot. You did something to her." Mulder offered.

"I healed her. Liz was practically dead." Max explained.

"You healed her. How?" Scully questioned.

Max didn't respond to her question. "We aren't from here. In fact we don't know where we're from."

"Your not from here?" Scully asked. Of course she had an idea of what he meant, she just wanted to be sure.

"We're not human." Michael said a little annoyed. He turned as he felt a hand rest on his shoulder. Maria gave him the faintest smile, reassuring him.

Isabelle sighed. Max had to make everything to dramatic. "Look, crash, 1947, that was us. We are aliens." Isabelle said emphasizing the last word.

"Who is?" Mulder asked.

"Michael, Isabelle, and I. Maria and Liz didn't get mixed up with us till after Liz got shot." Max told them. Now everything was out in the open.

"Are there anymore more of you?" Mulder asked. He couldn't believe this. He had found the truth in 3 teenagers.

"There where. But we don't know if there are anymore." Isabelle said a little sadly.

"Do you have powers?" Mulder asked curiously.

"Yes." Max admitted. "We can heal, move things, change the molecular structure, go into other peoples dreams. There are other things, to many to go into. We don't want to hurt anyone. We just want to find out where we came from, and maybe get there someday."

"Okay." Scully said. Of course she knew Mulder would start his numerous row of question. But she had other matter that need attending to. "Even though I lean more towards the scientific side of things I knew something was wrong here. So now we know why. What we don't know is what is wrong with Maria. You said you would tell us."

Max turned and looked at Maria. This was her turn to tell. But like last time she wouldn't open her mouth. But Michael did.

"There is nothing wrong with Maria. We know what to do for her." Michael told the women.

Scully looked at the boy. "Maybe I should make myself clearer. What happened before was not natural. Not for a human like Maria. Now the conclusion I am drawing is that it has something to do with the baby she is carrying. But why?"

"Michael is the father." Maria admitted and looked down at him. "The baby is only half human. The other half is whatever he is."

"It's a hybrid." Scully forced out.

Maria looked up at her a little confused. "Yea, I guess."

Scully turned to look at Mulder. Would it be the same situation as hers? Or would this baby be able to be saved.

"Maria is only human, she can't give the baby enough energy to survive on. So it takes it from her. Then we have to give her energy. Unless it's Michael. For some reason when Michael does it the baby takes the energy from him. It may know he is the father. We're not sure." Max admitted. And that was the scariest part of all. Because at this point anything could happen with Maria and Michael.

Scully studied the two kids. It was obvious there was some attraction there. But she would never have guessed that it was him that was the father. But of course it had to be between one of the two boys. And he was the obvious one. "Maria needs to see a doctor." Now she'd done it. There where a chorus of no's and there reasons followed. Once it was all over Maria began talking.

"We can't do that. They'll know something is wrong. Max had gotten in a car wreck and they had FBI agents there at the hospital. We just can't do it." Maria said decidedly and shook her head.

Scully frowned. She turned her attention towards Michael. "Is that what you think to?" she asked him but his ace remained neutral. "If the rest of you willing sit back for the next few months who knows what could happen. It may not even take a total of 9 months. You said so yourself, you know nothing. You need some sort of help. Even if it isn't the kind of doctor you should be seeing." Scully said.

Mulder turned to Scully. She was actually serious. He turned to look back at the kids. "Scully can help you. Kind of. She isn't the kind of doctor you need to see, but she can help. I would recommend taking her offer, because you have no idea what you are dealing with." Mulder told the kids evenly.

"And you do?" Liz asked.

Mulder didn't answer.

Scully turned her head to look away.

"When can you um, you know." Maria said uncomfortably.

"Right now." Scully said and stood up.

"Now?" Maria asked and watched to petite women.

"It's after midnight, we can go to the hospital." Mulder explained and stood up following Scully.

"But we can't just break in there." Maria said and pushed herself up off the couch.

"Why not?" Mulder asked.


"I don't like this." Michael said and jumped up off the chair once again pacing in the dim room.

"Michael, just calm down, I think they can help her." Max told him. Of course he was a little anxious himself.

Liz pushed herself up off of a couch and made her way over to a shelf of books. Instead of going to a hospital they had broken into a doctors office. One that dealt with women in Maria's condition. Well, not exactly Maria's condition. But close enough. So that had been sitting in the doctors office waiting while Agent Scully looked over Maria. Agent Mulder had left to make sure none of the other Agents had followed them. But he would be back soon. She turned away from the shelf of books and looked to the others. "I think they know more then there letting on."

"What do you mean Liz?" Max asked kindly.

"Well, as soon as they found out about Maria, they knew it as a hybrid. I would think most people would think of it as half alien or something." Liz explained.

"So what. Maybe there all into alien technical terms." Isabelle shrugged it off.

"But that's not all. It actually seemed to worry Agent Scully. Then Agent Mulder said we don't have any idea what we're dealing with. I don't know about the rest of you but it sounds like to me they know more about what is going on then we do. I mean they may not have known about you three being what you are, but they know something." Liz firmly believed they did. While the others did all the talking she observed them. And it seemed to her like the two agents where silently thinking the same things.

"Like what?" Michael asked starting to get suspicious.

"I don't know. I just think there is something there." Liz told him.

Isabelle sighed. "Look don't go get Michael all riled up."

"I am not riled up." Michael grounded out.

Isabelle frowned at him but didn't respond.

"We're safe. For the moment." Mulder said as he stepped in quietly. "Are they still in there?"

The kids nodded.

Mulder nodded and took a seat in one of the chairs.

Liz decided to take a leap and find out what really is going on. "Agent Mulder, earlier when you said that we had no idea what was going on, do you? Because it sounds to me at least like you know more then you are letting on."

"We've seen things. Things that no one wanted us to see." Mulder admitted to them. But he stopped there.

"But you said that we had no idea what we are dealing with. I assume that you where referring to Maria and the baby. But do you?" Liz pushed.

"It isn't my secret to tell." Mulder said to Liz using her words from earlier.

Liz frowned. "Then who's is it?"

Mulder look towards where Scully and Maria where. "Not mine." he repeated. But he had made it obvious.


"Well it looks like a human baby." Scully informed Maria.

Maria let out a relieved breath. "Good."

"You didn't think it would be?" Scully inquired.

"Well they didn't know how they looked before. For all they knew they could be green with big buggy eyes. They woke up looking like human. They don't know anything from before that." Maria revealed.

"How did you get involved in this?" Scully asked as she continued to examine Maria.

"Well Liz told me. She had to tell someone." Maria told the women. She didn't mind talking with her about this. It was nice talking to someone different about it. And she had a feeling she could trust her.

"And what about Michael?" Scully inquired casually since the girl seemed pretty willingly to talk.

"That had been a mistake." Maria said a frowned. "Well according to him it had been."

"And to you?" Scully stopped what she had been doing and looked at the girl.

Maria sighed. "That didn't matter. Michael had to be alone, or at least he thought so, and I couldn't stop him. He pretty much cuts himself off from everyone. All he is set on is finding home. He doesn't trust anyone outside of Max and Isabelle."

Scully smiled. That reminded her of someone she knew. Except that Maria was cut off from Michael. Scully was the only one that Mulder trusted. "So does he trust you?"

"I think so. But he doesn't want to get involved in anything. He has one goal. And nothing will get in the way." Maria sad sadly.

"Well something is in the way now." Scully decided.

"Yea. But I'm sure he doesn't want it there." Maria said and focused on something further away.

"Maria do they know anything about what happens with a baby from there race, or when someone gets pregnant with one?" Scully inquired drawing the conversation away from the subject.

"No. We discovered about the baby pulling my energy the day after you told me I might be pregnant. I had went to see Max first. He's more levelheaded, and he is like Michael. I would never go to see Michael first. I showed I'm my stomach, and told him it was like that the night before when I fainted. He had an idea of what to do. It worked."


"Well, what's the verdict?" Mulder asked as Scully drug him into the back alone.

"She seems fine. The baby seems fine. But Mulder I can't help but be worried. Two separate species are not meant to reproduce." Scully voiced her worries.

"But Scully you said there where okay." Mulder told her.

"For now they are. But what about when she has a baby. Or after the pregnancy. They said so themselves, they have to give her life to that she can support the baby. If they have to do that it is obvious that it isn't meant to be. Look Mulder here is my whole point. How do we know that her situation will be any different from mine." Scully threw out.

Mulder was a little taken aback. It was something they rarely talked about. But he had thought about that to. "Maybe you should tell them." Mulder offered softly.

Scully looked off in the distance. "Yea I know." Scully said softly and walked towards the door.


"What do you think there talking about?" Isabelle asked nervously.

"I don't know Iz." Max told her.

"Maria, what did she do?" Liz asked.

"I don't know doctor stuff. But she said that the baby looked normal. Not like deformed or anything." Maria said.

"Well isn't that lovely. But we discovered earlier you didn't trust us. We wouldn't want something green and slimy coming out." Michael said spitefully from the corner he was leaning in.

Maria jumped up form the couch and turned to face him. She didn't understand him anymore. Well she hadn't really before. But now he was confusing the hell out of her.

"What the hell is your problem?!?! You hunt me down saying your worried then you start making assumptions about how I feel. Then you come to the Crashdown worried. And now your bitching at me again."

"Maria." Liz said softly and motioned to the agents who had just emerged from another room.

"No. He is going to tell me what his problem is." Maria said and walked past Liz then past the two agents until she was standing only a couple of feet from Michael. "I'm waiting."

"My problem is you." Michael said and stood up strait stepping forward.

"Then why bother with me? Why supposedly worry about me then turn around and be a bastard to me? And I want the truth. I don't want because you hate me or some stupid reason. The real reason." She ordered him.

"You want the real reason, fine. Because now I can't leave. Of course you would think me a bastard for thinking that. I have waited my whole life to find a way home. I have been stuck here, and now I can never leave." Michael told her.

"No one is stopping you. You want to leave when mother ship lands go right ahead." Maria told him angrily.

"I'm stopping myself. I did this I can't just leave." Michael shot back.

"You didn't do it on your own! You can go, I don't need you here!" Maria yelled at him.

"Well to bad! I'm not going anywhere!" Michael told her.

"Well I don't want you here then! You never wanted to be here in the first place, that was very obvious. So don't feel compelled to stay. Because then you would actually have to commit to something. And we wouldn't want you to have to do that." Maria said with venom in her voice. Maria apologized to the baby inside of her and begged that the feeling of weakness would leave her body. But it began to grow stronger. She ignored it though. She wasn't through with Michael. "Because you've got to be on your own. It's all about you. No one else has any problems except you. Right!? Right Michael?!?!?! But your always right to. So of course I'm wrong!" Maria yelled. As she expected his eyes held nothing but contempt. She was so confused by him. He supposedly cared about her, but then he went and did things like this. Maria grabbed a hold of the desk to support herself. "But what I think doesn't matter does it?" Maria said softly and crumpled to the ground.

"Oh shit." Michael cursed and went down to the floor the moment Maria fell. He grabbed her in his arms and brought her over to the couch. Michael sat down quickly still cradling Maria in his arms and lifted up her shirt. It was once again glowing. She had to stop doing this to herself. Whenever she got worked up this happened. Michael braced himself and placed his hand on her stomach. He felt the power being yanked from him, and he just let it go. Maybe the baby would have enough sense to take to much and put him out of his misery. Because at this point in his life nothing could get better. Nothing. As if someone heard his thoughts, pictures began to flash in front of his eyes. And he saw himself threw Maria's eyes. He didn't feel the emotions that he thought where there, he felt pain as he left her, and the pure love that she felt when being around him. Then as soon as it was over his eyes snapped open and a pitiful wail escaped Maria's lips. Something was different this time.

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