FanFic - Michael/Maria
"And the Stitches Become Undone "
Part 1
by Calie
Disclaimer: I do not own Michael and Maria or any of the characters from Roswell that I have borrowed for this fic.
Summary: Maria gets pregnant by a certain alien. But the pregnancy brings along lots of physical and emotional problems.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
"Come on Max!" Michael yelled as they ran down the street. They seemed to be out running the over weight policemen. But he wasn't going to stop.

Max used extra power that he knew Michael was using and easily caught up with him.

"Michael this was stupid." he said angrily. Why he had listened to him he didn't know.

"Just shut up and run." Michael told him. But skidded to a stop as a gun was pointed in his face. His eyes widened and both him and Max turned but they found themselves faced with another gun.

"Stop." the women told them. "Agent Scully, FBI."

Michael watched as the man joined her side with his gun still leveled at them. After a moment the man put his gun back in his holster.

"What are you kids doing running from the police?" Mulder asked them. They looked harmless enough. And at this point in this assignment he was willing to let them go. He didn't care what alien reports they wanted to push in front of him to mock him. They had gotten assigned here with a bunch of low class FBI agents the government used for nothing. Except phony alien cases in Roswell, New Mexico.

Michael opened his mouth to respond but he felt an imaginary nudge from Max.

He glanced at Max who continued to remain silent. He kept his mouth shut and remained silent.

Mulder sighed. Oh well. Nothing to report. "You kids get out of here and go home." he told them.

Scully waited till they where a ways away and turned to Mulder. "Why did you do that?" she demanded.

"What?" he asked.

"Let them go. We are supposed to be watching these kids. They where running from the local police. I think that gives us reason to question them." She didn't understand him. Instead of doing his job he was out here without a care in the world. And for Mulder that was amazing.

Mulder began to walk to their car followed by Scully. "You know as well as I do this was a low class assignment they sent us on. Something just to mock us. Show that they don't take us seriously. And to keep us away from the real truth."


"Maria are you okay?" Liz asked as she walked into the back of the diner.

Maria lifted her head from the table. "Yea." she said groggily. "I'm just feeling really gross."

"Do you want to go home?" Liz asked her concerned.

"No." Maria said and pushed herself up. She let out a sigh. "I got work." she said and groaned as she trudged into the restauraunt.

"Liz?" Max whispered.

Liz spun around and found Max and Michael standing behind her. "What's up?"


"And they just let you go?" Isabelle asked surprised.

"Yea. I mean he didn't even seem to care. Well she seemed a little bent on holding us there. But she didn't stop us from going." Max told her. He had already relayed the story to Liz. Isabelle had joined them at the Crashdown later.

"I think they know something." Michael said.

"Well that helps a lot Michael, now what the hell are-" Isabelle stopped as Maria ran into the room and past them into the bathroom. The door slammed behind her. And seconds later they could all here Maria throwing up. "Ew."

"She's been kinda sick looking all day. She doesn't know what's wrong." Liz explained.

While the others discussed the current weird problem they had run into.

Michael watched the bathroom. He still worried about her. But he wouldn't show it. Of course he still berated himself for what they did. He shouldn't have done it. Not just for the fact that he should'nt have been involved but because he wound up hurting her anyway.

The door opened and Maria walked out slowly. The hair around her face stuck to her damp skin and she looked around at everyone through hooded eyes.

Maria walked slowly to the couch and let herself fall down onto it. "Liz can you go out there for a little while?" Maria asked weakly.

"Yea sure. Maria just go home." Liz told her. "Do you want Max to drive you?" Liz asked her.

Maria pushed herself up off the couch. "No. I'll make it." she stopped and looked around at the serious faces. "I'm guessing something major happened. And when I feel better I'll let myself worry. But right now I'm going home." she told them and walked out.

"She looks like hell." Isabelle spoke aloud to Max and Michael after Liz walked out.


"Really?" Maria asked surprised into the phone.

"Yea. That's what you missed last night. I mean not only did they let them go but also they actually showed themselves. They are operating the total opposite from the rest of the FBI with their stalking tactics." It was odd.

They showed themselves but then just let them go. It was certainly something to worry about.

"So what do we do?" Maria asked.

Liz sighed. "I don't know. Just watch our back and don't get in trouble I guess." Liz paused for the moment and brought up another topic. "So how are you feeling?"

"I'm okay now. I don't know what the deal is with my system. It's all out of whack." Maria told her. One minute she felt fine and then the next she felt sick enough to throw up. "It must have been some kind of bug.

"Maria no one else has been sick." Liz told her confused by the whole ordeal.

"Well I don't know then. I guess I just got sick. But I feel fine now." Maria told her.

"So you'll be in for work? Because this is the second time this week you left early. Maybe you should stay home and rest." Liz told her. Although she doubted Maria would listen.

"No. Liz I'm fine. And besides there are these really cute shoes that I want to buy and I need the money." Maria said decidedly. She had to have those shoes.


"Scully they're first year college students. How much trouble could they cause?" Mulder asked her trying to discourage her reasoning.

"I can't believe you Mulder. You, the man who jumps to conclusions. Jumps to Anything paranormal. You just dismiss this! Why?!?!"

"I'm more curious as to why you think there is something here Scully." Mulder Asked her thoughtfully.

Scully sighed and sat down in a chair. "Mulder I know there is nothing here. But I am still doing my job. Why can't you?"

"Because I won't let them do this to us." he told her.

"But they've done it before and they'll do it again Mulder. We just have to Get through it." she told him softly.


"Alright Scully." Mulder started. She wanted him to attempt at this case. He would at least to do that. We have Max Evans, Isabelle Evans, and Michael Guerrin. Max and Isabelle are adopted brother and sister. Michael is a foster kid. They are all three best friends. And all three of them are being watched intently by the FBI. Why? Because the higher ups think it's a good way of using useless agents is to stick them on a case having to do with aliens." He ignored the look that Scully gave him and continued. "Also are Liz Parker and Maria DeLuca. These two just recently became involved with the three and are also being watched heavily. And what ever this secret is, the FBI thinks they know it." he said and smiled as he got to the ridiculous part. "Now what led the FBI to believe there is a secret? They thing that Liz Parker was shot. And that some how Max Evans healed her."

"You know I thought you would have jumped all over this." Scully admitted to him.

"Well I'm not. For once I don't think there is anything paranormal here. And for once you think there is something going on. That is odd." he paused as a thought occurred to him. "Maybe there something wrong here. With us." he said and smirked.

Scully frowned. "Alright details. Max and Liz. They have a close relationship. And Max seems to be more or less the leader. The level headed one. We saw it that night when we caught them. He made Michael stay quiet. Also Agent Topolsky is stationed at the high school as the school counselor."

"I don't trust her." Mulder said more to himself.

Scully laughed. "You trust no one Mulder."

"Well yea. But I mean there is something about her. I think she is set out to discover whatever it is about these kids. And she is going to do it no matter what." he explained.

"I agree with you on that. Agent Topolsky does have her own agenda. I think it would be wise of us to stay far away from her. And from what I have found out the kids already know that the FBI is on to them. Which also supports your theory of the government sending out the 'useless' agents. And they also suspect Topolsky. Which is good for us. She most likely will not be getting any information from them. I think our best way of getting to them would be to actually be out in the open with them," she said. It would be better to gain their trust. Since they obvious trusted no one except their small circle.

"And how do we do that?" Mulder asked.

"I think we have already started with you releasing them." Maybe Mulder's bad move might even help them at this point.

"How? They seem to get suspicious very easily. Wouldn't this just add to it?" he asked her.

"You would no something about that wouldn't you?" she asked him and smirked.

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