FanFic - Michael/Maria
Part 1
by Desirae Wilson
Disclaimer: I don't own any of it.
Summary: Maria is ambushed by the skins.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Stiff and unclean hands forced their way up Maria's heart, was it impossible to fall in love. That she had alway's wondered. Michael, heart of stone, a wall, a mountain. Steady and stable, he gave her everything except love.

Maria Da Luca walked down the same streets she always walked down, streets that in all of her 20 years of residence had not changed, streets that at one point she thought would never change.

Going to work that day was like any other, the same, no difference and no change. Life in Roswell was almost ageless. A cracked old shop, a child running and jumping, these thing's were so common in Roswell. She had always seen them, unfortunately she didn't look close enough, because this was the last day that she would see them.

The door to the crashdown opened, then shut once again, when Maria entered. Liz was at one of the corner booths taking some one's order, and Max, Michael and Isabel were in there usual booth. Max and Isabel were facing her and when they saw her it caused them to look up. Michael turned around after, Maria's eye's met his in almost a soft greeting, a welcome hello.

But as in all moments, it ended, and Maria quickly walked past them, giving her greetings to Liz, she went into the back room to change, there she fit into her light blue alien dress and pulled her hair back to a ponytail. Upon entering the kitchen it was not noticed that a man stood behind her, no one saw, no one could have seen it coming. Maria sorted the orders to try to find the first order to bring, by that time the man was slinking behind her waiting for the right time to strike. Michael looked up, something guided his eye's to her, to this day he still does not know what. But he saw the man behind her, and a fit of panic screeched through his body as he jumped up and screamed. "Maria."

Maria looked up, confused, and everyone turned, some looking at Michael, some looking at Maria. For a moment everything was slow and calm, silent, though it stopped quickly. The man breached himself in back of Maria, grabbing the back of her face with one hand and pulling a knife to her throat with another, slashing it hard and quickly. By this time Michael was already halfway to the kitchen, and the man jumped through the open area by the counter.

Maria lay on the floor, barely breathing. Michael joined her, trying to heal her himself, he could not. He screamed for Max. Maria was not able to speak, her throat was empty, no blood, and her hair was a sour red, again she tried to say something, but she could not. Looking up at his face as it became unclear and masked, she noticed that it was ageless. Max rushed to her side and placed his hand on her neck, but nothing, no feeling, no thought. Michael now in distress yelled, "What, why aren't you doing anything."

"I can't Michael, she's dead."

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