FanFic - Max/Liz
"Taking a Step Back"
"Sequel to ‘A New Arrival’ "
Part 6
by Mary N.
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, I just wanted to barrow them and the situation that they are in.
Summary: What happens after Max tells Liz that they need to "Take a step back for a while." in the balance.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Isabel, Michael, Maria, and Alex are concerned that something may have happened to Max and Liz. However they haven't ruled out the possibility that they have found themselves a secluded corner or room somewhere inside the school, they ruled out the possibility of them being outside do to a heavy rain storm.

When Isabel talked to Max this morning at about 7:00; in the hallway just outside of her room; he told her they would be studying in the library. She had given him a hard time about not having an assignment done on time, but even then she suspected that they weren't going to be studying history, more like Biology. She'd seen how intense they had been getting over the last few months. Isabel had even heard that they had been spotted entering the janitor's closet on more than a few occasions. It was obvious that they were having a hard time keeping there hands off of each other. Max had even told Isabel about this connection of emotions that they had made.

Michael was more worried then the others. He had already looked through the school for Max, and was now convinced that Jennifer and Larry had taken them or done something to them. He wanted to find those two strangers and make them tell him what he wanted to know. He didn't like the idea of those two hanging around spying on them either way, and he was going to put an end to it.

Alex and Maria weren't sure what to think. They too had witnessed the draw between Max and Liz, and wanted to believe that they were making out somewhere. If that was the case, then why couldn't Michael find them when he searched the school earlier.

They all hoped for the best, but feared the worst. They had all seen how Larry and Jennifer followed them every where they went. They couldn't help but wonder if Jennifer and Larry finally snap and kidnaped there friends for questioning or worse. The worst being they wouldn't be able to find them, ever.

Michael's been different since they healed him, but not when it came to protecting those he cared about. Max has always been there for Michael. Isabel could read the expression on Michael's face and knew that she had to calm him down before he did something rash. They had to be sure of the situation first, and then come up with a plan. A plan, that was Max and Liz's speciality, but now it was up to them. "Michael, I know what your thinking and you can't go chasing after Larry and Jennifer, not yet anyway. We have to make sure Max and Liz are really missing. If they are missing, then we need to use our heads. We have to trust that they will be okay long enough for us to find them. If you pulverize Larry and, or Jennifer that's not going to help us find them. Lets give Max and Liz until first period to reappear, which I'm hoping they do. We'll have good cause to ring their necks. That's only 30 minutes from now, and between now and then we can search the school."


The warning bell just rang. Michael and Maria are waiting outside Max's first period; Isabel and Alex are outside Liz's. They had all agreed to wait until 8:00 and if there was no sign of them they would meet back at the library to figure out what to do next.

When the class bell rang at 8:00 Isabel and Alex were walking back to the library when someone from the office told Isabel she had a phone call. Isabel rushed into answer the phone, but after picking the receiver she couldn't bring herself to say hello. Alex took the phone from her and answered. He was relieved to hear Max's voice.

He handed the phone back to Isabel who now looked mad. She didn't even try to control the anger in her voice as she yelled into the phone. "Max do you know how worried I've, correction we've been about you two? Where are you!" Everyone in the office turned to look at her.

"I'm sorry Is. This is the first chance I have had to call you. Liz's parents came by the school to get her. It seems that her uncle was in an accident. I decided to come along with her. I could feel that she needed me here with her. I left the jeep there for you. I figured you might need it. Liz's parents said that they would bring us back around 4. Is I am sorry that I scared you. Things just happened so fast."

"I'll let the others know Max, but this isn't over yet. You just wait till I get my hands on you." Isabel's voice softened. "How's Liz doing? Does it look bad?"

"She's hanging in there, you know Liz. We haven't heard anything about her uncle yet. I need to go. I told her that I wouldn't be gone long. Bye Is."


Max wakes up in beautifully decorated room with two twins beds. He was in one bed and Liz in the other. His jacket, and all his clothes except for his boxers had been removed. He didn't care, he moved quickly to Liz's side to make sure that she was alright. He noticed that her wet clothes had also been removed, and an outfit for her laid at the foot of her bed. He began to stroke her hair as he tried to wake her. He tried not to stare, but it was very difficult. The only time he had seen her in this little was in their dream. He shook off the thought, he knew that now was not the time or the place. "Just one touch of her skin" he told him self. He let is hand slid over her bare shoulder, and down her neck. "I can't do this now. He removed his hand only to see Liz smiling up at him. "Where are we Max?" she asked as she looked around the room. "I don't know, but we should probably try to get out of here." He picks up the clothes from the foot of her bed and hands them to her. "You should probably dress first." Liz hadn't even noticed that all she was wearing were her under clothes. However she had noticed Max and his lack of attire. She watched him as he walked back to his bed to dress in a pair of jeans and a sweater that had been placed there for him. She tried to dress quickly, but found it very difficult to keep her mind off of Max. She could help but notice Max watching her, he was watching her very intensely as she buttoned her blouse and a put on a pair of faded jeans.

As he walked up to her, she was sure that he was going to undo all that she had just do. "If only we had the time." she heard him whisper under his breath. He took her by the hand and lead her to the door. Just as Max went to open the door; someone knocked from the other side.

"Max, Liz are you both decent?", asked the male voice. "May I enter?" They both looked at each other with a puzzled expression. Max took hold of Liz's hand and squeezed it giving her a half smile. He wanted to assure her that they would be fine as long as they where together. Then he answered. "It seems to me that it's your house. Come in." Max placed himself between Liz and a man in a gray suit, who looked to be in his late 50's.

"I am sure that you two have many questions for me, but first let me assure you that neither of you are in any danger here. We are sorry about the methods by which you have arrived, but I promise you it was necessary. There was no time for discussion. My name is Teomner and we have much to talk about Max Evans, and you too Liz Parker. If you will both follow me, I'm sure that we would be more comfortable in the study."

Liz and Max followed cautiously behind this tall, medium built man. He lead them down a flight of stairs and into a room filled with books on every subject imaginable. He motion for them to sit in a brown leather couch while he sat in a large wing chair behind the desk.

"First, would you like anything to eat or drink?"

They both declined the offer. They just wanted to know who this man was and why they were brought here. "Why are we here? What do you want with us.", asked Max.

"Max, I know that you have many questions. I am someone who is able to answer those questions for you. Questions about yourself, your sister, and your friend Michael, but we'll have to make time for that later."

"Wait, you know were we come from, and who are parents are?"

"Yes, Max I do, I will tell you what I can, but please remember that time is of the essence. First, I had to place a call to your sister earlier. It seems that you two were missed. Please tell her that I am sorry about the deception, but I had no choice at the time. There is so much I must tell you both and so little time to tell it to you."

Max and Liz are both unsure what this stranger is up to or who he is, but oddly they both felt very much at ease. They both listen carefully as Teomner explained the reason they were there.

"According to records that have been passed down through the ages, this is our home planet. According to these records there was a prophet who lead his people in righteousness. Because of there righteousness they where taken to the heavens, or to a new world. We are the decedents of those who lived in that city. Our new home possessed a power that over the generations has become a part of us. I know that you possess that power Max, as do your sister and friend Michael.

The prophets have keep record through out time. They fore told of the time when we would return to the home of our ancestors. The problem is many have lost faith in the words of the prophets. They believe that the records of old are simply fictional books written for the entertainment of the young. There are others that have interpreted them to mean that we are to come and conquer our home planet and regain this world as our own.

Then there are those like me, the true believers. We believe in modern revelation. We know that we are meant to reunite with those here in our home world to fight against the evil one and those of his dominion. The prophets fore told of the three of our world and three of the home world, leading us to the great power that would reunite the people of both worlds. This power is the only power that can stop the evil from destroying us all. It says the six must lead the way.

When your ship crashed we believed that all had perished. Later we heard rumors of survivors, and of their demise, but we were unable to confirm the numbers of those found, alive of dead. When we heard of the healing of a young women in Roswell, and then through our sources in the FBI confirmed that there were traces of blood found on the uniform. We who believe in the lost three found hope that it might be. Being that the tourist business is high in this area; we were concerned that it might have been someone passing through.

It didn't take us long to figure out it was you, Max. Soon after, we realized your sister and friend Michael were also of our world. We felt that we couldn't interfere with you in fear of stopping you from finding your own paths. You had to lead us, not us lead you."

"You are interfering now, what changed?"

"Yes we are. Several things have changed. There were only 5 of you at that time, you hadn't let the 6th , Alex into the circle yet. We had to let you choose the 6th. Max; you, Isabel, and Michael were still running from yourselves. Hiding, if you will, hiding behind the walls that you had built up to protect yourselves so long ago. You have stopped running now, all of you have excepted the 3 of this world into your circle, and they have excepted you into their's.

There are two other things, these are the most important. First the most important. I know of the connection between the two of you, and of your concerns regarding where it is taking you. I have felt your hesitation and fears of the union. I know in this world it is not excepted for two as young as you to, shall we say legally form this union, but in our culture it is common place. When we find our soul mate the connection is formed. It is what links us together, helps us understand each other, grow together. Then when you reach the age of maturity the bonding desires begin. That is what is happening between you two now. Our people love completely for eternity. It is the connection between soul mates which allows us to continue our growth together for all time. Your love will only grow. Trying to fight it will only bring unhappiness to both of you. I offer you only one piece of advice, until you reach the age of accepted marriage in this world; share your love in your dreams only. You know what I mean. It's safer that way.

To the other problem at hand. Liz, I know you have swayed Jennifer in her beliefs about Max, but it will not be as easy to get Larry and the Sheriff off of your backs. You will need our help with them. Larry's intentions are of a selfish nature. We know of his plans, and that is why we had to take you today. If we hadn't then your lives would have been destroyed. He plans to force you, Max, to save Liz's live once again. But Max I can't stess this to you enough, you can't save her this time."

"What are you saying. After everything you have told us, and now your asking me to let her die. I can't do that. I would die first myself before I would let her die."

"Max please listen, you will not loose her. You have to trust me. We need Liz to survive, but it can't be by your hands. No matter how bad it may appear; you can't be the one to heal her. It must be by another's hand."

"In who's hands am I to trust her life in besides by own?"

"In mine."

"And in mine, comes a familiar voice from behind them."

"Ms. Topolski?" They are both in shock wondering how she could be involved. Liz questions, "We're supposed to intrust our lives to you? The person who was trying to hunt down Max. "Why should I trust you with my life. What do you have to do with any of this?"

"Kathleen, Ms. Topolski as you know her, is what you would call a double agent. She has been working with the FBI to help us stay ahead of them. She is the one who located you."

"Is she like us, not of this world?

"No I am human. Teomner rescued me from a car crash, in which my parents and sisters died. He's raised me as his own daughter since I was 3. You see Max, I do know about hiding behind the tree. I had secrets too, I couldn't allow anyone to find out my families secret."

Liz squeezes Max's hand, and looks pleadingly in to his eyes. She then turns to Ms Topolski, "Say we agree to go along with this whole thing, what would happen to me?"

"No Liz, I won't risk losing you! Under no circumstances will I let you put your live in danger!" Max couldn't believe that Liz would even consider the idea. He couldn't stand the idea of Liz hurting, and him not being able to help her. He wouldn't let her risk her safety for him..

She had to get him to understand that this was important to her. That she would do anything for him, even if it meant suffering, and yes, even dying to protect him. "Max, I know you feel that you have to protect me, but maybe it's my turn to protect you. We have to hear them out. If we don't, and something happens, something that you can't control. I know you Max, you would blame yourself. Max please, just listen, then we'll decide.


Gathered in Liz's living room we find the six friends. Max and Liz have filled in the others on most of the events of the day.

"You mean Topolski was on our side all the time?" asks Maria

"It seems so. In fact she's the reason no one else from the FBI ever started following us. She told them that it was all a big hoax instigated by Kyle. She told them that he came up with the idea after his dad came home upset about a near miss shooting at the Cafe. He involved Liz and some of their friends, namely us. She even told them that we did it, because Kyle wanted to get even with his dad for all the time he had spent obsessing over aliens.

"Max, this plan of their's, can you tell us anything about it?" Michael asked the question that they were all wondering. "Not really, they were very weak on the details. They seemed to think; the less we know, the more real it will appear."

"Do you trust them?" Maria blurts out.

Max looks at Liz and squeezes her hand. Looking back at the group with tears in his eyes. "I'm going to have to. They know Larry is planning to try to make me reveal my powers in someway, they believe it involved making me heal Liz. They have no way to confirm when or where. The thing is, they have resources that we don't, and they do seem sincere about helping us to get the sheriff and Larry off of our trail."


The cafe was pretty slow tonight, they figured that it had to do with the rain which had only let up an hour or so earlier. Liz and Max had been on edge all night. They both jumped every time the bell on the door rang. Maria finally told them that she would close things up, for them to get out of there.

Max lead Liz up to her room. He had wanted to try and convince her one more time not to put herself though this. That there had to be another way. The fact was, he couldn't come up with any alternatives. He only knew that he didn't want to risk losing her, and no matter how convincing Kathleen Topolski and Teomner tried to be, he knew that there was a chance that something could go wrong. He could tell that Liz had been thinking the same thing. Once they arrived in her room, and closed the door, he turned to look at her. Standing there looking in her eyes, he decided he couldn't put her through another conversation on the matter. He decided not to bring up the subject. He could tell that Liz needed him to comfort her, not to cause her more anguish. He pulled her close in his arms and held her for the longest time.

Liz could tell that Max wanted to say something, but she was grateful that he didn't, and instead he took her into his strong embrace. She loved the way they fit so perfectly in each others arms. She felt so calm and safe there in his arms, drinking in the aroma that was him while listening to his strong and steady heart beat.

Max noted that it was only 8:30, but that Liz looked so tired. This day had taken it's tole on her delicate body. Max picking her up in his arms with ease, laid her on her bed. He slid himself in beside her with one arm wrapped around her small waist resting his hand against the soft skin on her stomach. With his other hand he gentle stroked her hair and the side of her face.. "Liz, I love you!"

Liz rolled over to face him. "Max, I love you too. There was no longer any trace of fear in her eyes. "You know you don't have to worry, everything's going to be fine. I know that were going to be fine." He just nodded, he wasn't convieced, but he knew that he wouldn't let her die no matter what the cost. "I'm really tired Max. After all I didn't get much sleep last night."

"As I recall, neither of us did. Liz, I don't want to go. I want to stay with you tonight." Liz felt her heart skip a beat. "It's not going to be a phone that connects us tonight. I'm staying right here with you."

Liz really liked the idea of falling asleep in Max's arms. There was no where she would rather be. "What about our parents?", she asked, "Yours are going to wonder where you are, and if mine find you here they won't be to happy with either of us."

"I'm sure Isabel will cover for me with our folks, and as for yours...."

"As for mine they will only see two people who love each other and fell asleep together. We can leave the door open. That way they will know that we weren't trying to hide anything."

Max stands to his feet and walked over to the door. He opens it completely then returned to Liz's side. Liz laid her head against his chest so that she could again listen to the beat of his heart, she fell asleep as he stroked her hair.


Maria came up to say good night. When she arrived at the door both Max and Liz were in a deep sleep. As she turned to leave she ran into Liz's father, who was coming to say good night to Liz as well. When he saw Max asleep in Liz's room. He started to enter to wake him and send him home. Maria stopped him, and told him that Liz had, had a really bad day and that she wasn't feeling well. She convinced him Max moving would only disturb Liz.

Liz's father wasn't to sure about this young man staying in his daughters room over night. He finally agreed, and decided to sleep on the couch in the next room. He wanted to make sure that he would be able to hear any motion in her room. It was obvious to her father that Max care for his daughter. There aren't to many guys that would stay and keep a sick young woman company.

Maria agreed to let Max's parents know where he was.


Max and Liz are walking hand in hand on a quite white sandy beach. They both are enjoying the feeling of the sand under their bare feet, and the waves as wash in. The sun is low in the morning sky. Neither has spoken a word, they were just enjoying the sound of the waves and the wind. It is so relaxing, and exactly what they needed.

Liz couldn't help but think that they needed to have some fun for awhile. Things had been so intense for so long now. If they weren't worrying about the problems with Valenti, and the most recent Larry and Jennifer. Then their own desires were running in high mode. It was time for some simple fun.

Out of the blue, catching Max completely off guard, Liz shoves him into an oncoming wave. She can't help but laugh as he sits up in the water drenched from head to toe. He looks so cute with his hair plastered down from the water, and water dripping down his face.

"You know I'm going to get you for that! Liz turns and runs away from the water with Max right behind her. They laugh and play a game of chase across the beach. Once he catches her, he slings her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, with her kicking and screaming playfully.

Max carries her to the waters edge, and drops her into the first oncoming wave.

Max stands over her smiling the special smile that is reserved just for her.

"Well, do you feel better now." She asks as she walks out of the water.

"I sure do, how about you? Was it worth it?"

"I reserve the right to answer that later, I'm still waiting to see how things develop."

Taking that as a hint, Max removes his wet shirt and discards it on the beach. He walks over to Liz and takes her in his arms, kissing her fully on the mouth. "And now?"

"I'd say were making progress." she answers playfully as she pulls away. Max looks at her puzzled. "Were do you think your going?" Liz slowly starts to removes her own wet shirt, revealing the top of a one burgundy swimsuit. "Now that's not fair." Max proclaims. Liz smiles at him brightly. "No one said life was fair." She throws her wet shirt in his face and takes off down the beach.

Max catches the shirt in one hand. Sees her running away. He throws the shirt to the ground and takes off after her.


They both wake-up with smiles and their faces, and break out laughing. "Did you have fun teasing me Liz"

"The best ever, Max. I couldn't have had more fun if we were awake. What about you?"

"Can only think if one thing that could have made it any better."

"And what would that have been?", she asked trying to act innocent.

"Liz, you are turning into such the tease."

They both hear the sound of someone clearing their throat in the doorway, looking at the doorway, they see Mr. Parker standing there with his arms folded crossed his chest. "I see that your feeling better Liz. Max, we let your parents know that you where staying over, lets not make a habit of this." He turned and walked away.

Max and Liz look at each other and start to laugh all over again.


to be continued.

Mary N.

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