FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 4
by Sunny
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Summary: Max and Liz's children meet and try to uncover their parents mysterious past.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Part 4

"Hey Nat." Jeremy says walking towards me, he smiles. There is still something oddly familiar about him, like I should recognize it, but I don't. It has been four months since my mother opened up to me. She smiles sometimes, but she won't talk to me about my father. She always says, "Please honey, just let me think for awhile." And without waiting for a response she turns away. Aunt Maria, Jess, and I have tried to bring her out of the depressing mood, but nothing seems to work.

"Hi Jeremy." I reply half-heartedly.

"Something wrong?" he asks. The way he says it makes me think he already knows something is wrong and is just waiting for me to tell him. I marvel at how fast we became friends and already act like best friends. He links arms with me and looks at me. The look says two words, "Spill It."

"Ok, ok." I mutter and start "Spilling it." I sigh, "Ok, I never knew my father. My mother never talks about it. She FINALLY spoke about him" I look at him seriously, "And not like before. Before she used to say stuff like 'you have his eyes' or 'your father was like that' you know, little things. Never anything big." He nodded in understand.

"I never knew my mother either, but my Dad hardly speaks of her." I raise an eyebrow. He shakes his head then smiles at me, 'Anyway go on."

"Well four months ago she told me about this time at a park in Seattle that she went to with my Dad and her friends. It was like, 'wow, overload.' She told me stuff in great detail, and it was. well it was very cool." I sigh sadly, "Now she's all bottled up again, and depressed. She's been like this for like, months!" I say, "I'm worried about her."

"You know, your mom reminds me of my Dad." He says sitting me down at a bench. "My Dad and I moved here from New Mexico on impulse. One day he comes up to me and says, 'Hey Jay, how would you like to move to San Francisco?' Here I am thinking he's kidding and I agree. Next thing I know, we're all packed up and ready to go." He sighs, "He told me later than he wanted to come here because she loved it here." He shook his head, "He told me about this time they went there, and ever since, he's wanted to come back. I swear every time he looks out the window, he's haunted or something. He just gets this look." he doesn't continue.

"I know, sometimes my mom will look at me and just stare. Like she's seen a ghost or something. I ask her about it, and she tells me, 'you have your fathers eyes' and expects that to be a good enough answer." I sigh, frustrated at my mothers unwillingness to share.

Jeremy stares at me. "What?" I ask starting to get nervous under his intense glare.

"Sorry, it's just. Your eyes. They remind me a lot of. well my dad."

I stare at him, "Why does this moment remind me of the Parent Trap?"

He laughs, "I thought the same thing." His face turns serious, "You don't happen to have a picture of your mom do you?" I nod, "Show me." He says.

I stare at him for a moment, then pull out the picture I have kept in my purse since I found it four months ago in her dresser. "That is my Dad." I say pointing to the man holding my mother.

Jeremy shakes his head, "Wow, Parent Trap indeed." He says and points to the woman in the picture, "Cause that is my mother. I found this exact picture in a box with some of my Dad's stuff."

I stare at him, incredulously. "You're joking."


"When's your birthday?"

He looks at me, then answers coolly, "March 8th, you?"


"You think we're twins?" He asks suddenly.

"Who knows?" I ask and raise my hands. Again I wonder about that flash, that. memory. I get them sometimes, it's very. disturbing.

"Can you do. weird things?" I ask.

He stares at me again, "Like this?" He asks and literally turns a lock of his own hair blond. I gape at him.

"Oh my-" I shut my mouth. Raising my hand to his hair I turn it back to its original color. 'This is freaky."

"Yeah." He replies. "Very freaky." The bell rings suddenly, "Man, class. See ya later."

I can hardly concentrate on class and finally class is over. I find Jeremy waiting for me at my locker.

"Hey." He says smiling.

"Hey bro." I say teasingly, he laughs.

"This is so weird." He says after he laughs.

"I know. I mean really, coincidence? I think not. It's so weird though. I have lived here my whole life, and suddenly my twin brother moves here. And we figure it out." I say, the truth sinks in some more. "I've thought about this a lot." I say.

"Me too." He says solemnly, he doesn't meet my eye.

I take a deep breath, "Okay, want to come over to my house?" I ask finally, "I have something you might want to see." He looks at me and smiles.

"Ok, I will only if you promise to come over to my house first." He says grinning.

I wonder what he's up to but I agree anyway.

"DAD?" He yells into the house as soon as we've reached it. No one answers, "Guess he's at work."

"What does he do?" I ask.

"Oh, he works at the police department, in criminal investigations." He replies not really paying attention. Suddenly he looks at me. "What does our mom do?" He asks shyly.

I smiles, "She's the manager of a restaurant in town." I shake my head, "She wanted to be a scientist, but. I don't know what happened. I guess. I don't know."

He looks at me sadly, "Yeah I know what you mean. You feel like it's your fault they are like this. But it's not ok?" He tells me.

"Ok." I say "So what is it you wanted to show me?" I ask trying to change the subject.

"Oh, yeah. Well a few years ago I found this box. You know with my Dad's stuff, it had all this stuff in it, pictures, papers, folders, stuff. I found that picture in it. My Dad found me starting to look through it and put it away immediately. He said something like, 'Don't go nosing around' or something. I didn't know what could make him say something like that then, but now I understand completely."

"It seems like those two are bent on keeping the past locked up" I mutter, "My mom has a box like that in her closet. She locks her closet." I say.

He laughs, "I know. I wonder why."

"Let's find out. We deserve to know."

"Yeah. Come on, I think I know where it is." He leads me to his Dad's bedroom. On the floor he gropes for something under the bed. Finally succeeding he pulls out a small box.

"That's it?" I ask.

"No, it's the key to the attic." He says and half runs, half walks out of the room. I have to run to catch up with him.

"Here." He says opening the door to the attic.

He steps aside and I see boxes cluttering the floor. He moves directly to a box in the corner of the room. He kneels and opens the box. I move up next to him and watch as he slowly pulls out a picture book.

"Let's look through this." He whispers. He sits and I sit next to him. The cover is brown with a picture in the center. "He never showed me this, but I know some of the people." Jeremy says still whispering, he points to our parents, "They, obviously, are our parents, um, that's Michael, his best friend. Isabel is here. And that's all I know."

I pointed to Maria, "That would be Maria, my-our mom's best friend." I point to Alex, "That's Alex, Maria and Mom's best friend. They were friends since they were friends." I smiled, "They all look really happy."

"Yeah." He says smiling softly.

"Mom hardly ever smiles like that anymore." I say sadly.

"I know what you mean."

"Maria told me that their love is the purest of love she had ever seen." I say still staring at the picture.

"Then what happened?" Jeremy asks suddenly.

"I wish I knew." I whisper.

"Hey." Jeremy says, his gaze has drifted from the picture back to the box. "Look at this." He picks up two sheets of paper. "They're birth certificates."

"Both of them? That's impossible, Mom has mine."

"Well there are two here. Um let me see, here's mine. Jeremy Robert Evans." He says pointing to the first one. I look at the hospital.

"Roswell General?" I ask.

"Yeah, it's the Hospital in Roswell New Mexico. We used to live there, but moved farther north when I was two." He says.


"Well, now we have proof we're related." He says and points to the parents. "Maxwell Evans, and Elizabeth Parker-Evans. They were married."

"Yeah, my mom has a ring. She never wears in on her fingers though, it's always on a gold necklace, and she always wears it. I've never seen her without it." I say.

"Here's Dad's ring." He says picking up a thick golden band from the box. I hold out my hand and he gives it to me.

Suddenly that light flashes again, I find myself in a church. My Dad is at the alter. The audience stands. I see my mother walking down the aisle, eyes locked with my father.he slips the ring on her finger. she slips the gold band onto his finger. they kiss. darkness.

I open my eyes and find Jeremy staring at me worriedly. "I saw their wedding." I say finally. His eyes widen. "I saw it when I touched this." I hold up the ring.

"Lemme see," He says and I hand him the ring. He closes his eyes. "I didn't see their wedding." He says at last. "I saw when my Dad put it into this box." He shakes his head sadly, "He looked so sad."

"Ok, this is freaky."

"Jeremy?" A voice yells from down the hall.

"Oh man!" Jeremy says, "Here Dad!" He yells back. "Hopefully he'll put something away first." He says to me and quickly puts the picture book and ring back. I stand suddenly at the sound of footsteps and hit his shoulder in warning. He stands up quickly after sloppily closing the box.

"Hey Jay," he says at the door.

"Hey Dad." Jeremy answers smiling a little too brightly. I nudge him. "Oh yeah, this is Natalie, it's okay that she came right?" he asks.

My father. the thought keeps repeating over and over in my head. I feel Jeremy's elbow nudging me. I look up and find myself staring into eyes almost identical to my own. I blink, my father, the thought keeps repeating.

"Earth to Nat." I hear Jeremy whisper in my ear.

"Oh!" I say, "Sorry. What did you say?" I tear my gaze from his and look into Jeremy's nervous eyes.

"Nothing, just wondering what planet you were on." He says trying to lighten the mood. I look back to my father and back to Jeremy.

"Uh." I say trying to point out that I've just been introduced to the father I never knew.

"Dad?" Jeremy asks getting the picture.

"Yeah?" He asks wondering what is going on.

"Does. Natalie look familiar to you?" He asks, I roll my eyes.

"Just spit it out." I whisper.

"Fine, fine." He whispers back.

"Dad, we know."


"Uh, go ahead Nat," He says shoving me forward.

I gape for a moment having absolutely no idea what to say, then it comes to me. "My mother once told me that I have my fathers eyes. I know what she means now." I say staring into his eyes.

He stares at me for a second then answers, "Natalie." He says at last, "Natalie Parker."

I nod. "And you're Max Evans." He nods. "Then." I'm whispering now.

"Then I'm your father." He finishes for me. "God, I haven't seen you since you were. two." He smiles weird for a second then shakes his head. "Your mom?" I see the hope in his eyes.


He frowns.

"She. She misses you, I can tell." He doesn't answer. His eyes are distant.

"Dad?" Jeremy asks when our father remains silent. He blinks and stares at me with those startling familiar eyes.

"Sorry, um." His voice is slow, and finally he trails off.

"Don't you want to see her?" Jeremy asks suddenly.

"What?" He and I ask at the same time.

"No!" I say quickly ignoring the stares of both men, "She's flip. She's depressed, the last thing she needs right now."

"And besides," my father says slowly, "why would she want to see me?" without waiting for an answer he turns and walks back down the stairs.

"I see we have a little dilemma." Jeremy says.

"Little?" I ask sarcastically. He just shakes his head.

End Part 4

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