FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 3
by Shedwyn
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Summary: Liz has a Max premonition.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: OK... I have NEVER written one of these things before. I have been reading Buffy fanfiction for a while (ever since "Becoming"... but I've never had an idea to try one of these until now. Let me now what you think. SPOILERS: a little "Heat Wave" and everything leading up to it. Maria and Michael happened in this... Max and Liz haven't. The rest is just my brain thinking way too much.
Where were they!

Maria and I had been at work nearly 3 hours. I looked at the clock over the counter again. It was almost 6:30. Something was wrong. I could feel it. The lightness that had begun to lift my spirits after talking to Max earlier, was now nowhere to be found. They still hadn't arrived. There had been no phone call. I had finally spilled to Maria about an hour before. She couldn't take me looking at the time constantly as if there was a bomb attached that was about to go off. She was looking at me now. Worry etched across her face. She hadn't doubted my 'feeling' for a moment. "After everything that has happened to us in the last few months… ". She had stopped at that. Then she had looked up at me, her wide eyes reflected the fear in my own. "If they are not here in another hour. We're going to go look for them."

Maria looked up at the clock, then looked at me. I nodded slowly. Then she ran over to me.

Dad was sitting behind me when she started speaking. "Oh my god Liz! I just remembered that test that we have tomorrow! I'll never get enough studying in tonight! Think you could come over and help me cram?" So I asked my father if we could leave. He gave us his blessings. "Things aren't that busy tonight. You two go ahead. We'll manage." I hugged him. Maria grabbed my hand, and we ran out the door.

* * *

Maria and I drove around for close to a half an hour when it happened.

I had a flash.

Like the ones I'd experienced when Max had connected with me, allowing me to see into him.

I saw him now. He was outside the reservation where we had met Riverdog. Isabel and Michael were walking behind him. And then I felt it again. The pain of the bullet, tearing through my side. I doubled over in pain, screaming.

"OH MY GOD! Liz! What is it?!" Maria was panicked and I felt the car pulled quickly off to the side of the road. "Maria…" I managed to whisper. "The reservation. They're near the reservation. Please! Hurry!"

* * *

The pain began to ebb as Maria and I got closer to the reservation. I didn't know what kind of a sign I should take that for. Was the pain easing because I was going to get there in time? Or because I was too late. I turned my head slightly to look over at Maria. She was leaning forward over the wheel, her gaze locked on the road ahead, her bottom lip trapped under her teeth. A car passed us and when the white light filled the car, I saw the shine of tear paths on her cheeks.

"Liz." She said quietly. "What's happening to us. I mean. Why are you seeing these things."

"I don't know Maria." I whispered. Then I looked out the window and continued. "I guess somehow I'm connected to Max now. Somehow. Some one wanted me to see this, feel all this."

I felt her eyes on me then. "Liz.. do you feel anything else? Do you know if they're ok?"

I closed my eyes and felt only the distant pain of the bullet.

"No Maria. I can't see them anymore."

* * *

We drove for another 15 minutes before I felt him.

"Here Maria. Stop!"

She quickly pulled the car over and before the car had come to a complete stop, I was out and running. I ran up a slight hill and when I reached the top I saw them. The three of them were slowly walking away for me, and it was then that I saw the other form. Standing to the side of where I was. Far enough from them that they would go unnoticed. How could I get there, to them all, in time. I felt my feet moving under me again and I felt as though I was flying across the sand. The distance was closing between us, but I saw the figure move out of the corner of my eye, I saw the gun and I knew I had to hurry, go faster, if that was possible. "Max!!!" I screamed. I saw the shadowed figure turn at my voice, but my feet were still moving. "Max!!" I screamed again and they all turned. And then, somehow, across the distance that separated us, I saw Max close to me, so close I felt that I could touch him. "He has a gun." I said aloud, though no louder than if we were having a normal conversation. I saw confusion in his eyes. And I looked toward the figure looming in the darkness. Max turned and suddenly realization dawned in his dark eyes. Then we were apart again. Separated by the endless sand. I felt my feet still moving under me but Max was now looking toward the armed shadow. He must have said something to Isabel and Michael because they both turned quickly to look in the direction of the threat.

I was so close.

They turned to look at me.

I heard the shot then.

Just as I managed to push the three of them aside.

After that I remember little.

Michael's scream of protest. Isabel dropping to her knees next to me, holding my head. Maria. Kneeling over me. And Max. Tears in his eyes. His hand touching my face. "Liz.." He whispered urgently.

And then nothing. Darkness.

* * *

When I woke up briefly I realized that somehow, I was in the back of Maria's car. My head resting on Max's lap. He was looking out the window and there were still tears in his eyes. I reached up and touched his face. His whole body jumped a little and he looked down into my eyes.

"Are you ok?" I managed to whisper.

He smiled slightly then. "I'm fine Liz." He whispered back as his hand brushed my cheek. "We all are. Thanks to you."

Satisfied. I closed my eyes again.


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