FanFic - Max/Liz
"Take my Hand"
Part 3
by Anna
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Summary: It's 10 years later, at Max and Liz's wedding. Will Kyle be able to stop the festivities?
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Liz stepped carefully into her and her attendant's room, being cautious not to step on her beautiful off-white, long, satin dress.

It didn't have many bows or ruffles on it, but it was a gorgeous dress all the same. She fingered her bouquet of creamy colored roses nervously, waiting for Maria to come and tell her when the time was come for her to give up all the pros and cons of singledom.

The funny thing was, Liz until today, had never had any doubts about the upcoming wedding. Never once had she thought, "Is Max really the one?".

She knew why too. Because there was absolutely no other man she rather marry than Max.

She was just about to reminisce about one of the times she and Max had spent together, when Maria came in. "Come on Liz. It's time to go get married girl!"

Liz looked at Maria, and when she saw the tears in her eyes, she stood up and gave Maria an all-out bear hug.Maria regained control of herself, then she started out the door, turning only once "Come on Liz. Your future awaits you."

With that she left. Liz looked around the room, savoring her last moments of being single. Then she stood up, grabbed her bouquet, and strode contifidantly out of the room, leaving her younger self behind, and didn't turn back.

Max was standing beside the priest, feeling no longer nervous, just wonderfully calm and blissful. What was there not to feel blissful about? He was about to pledge his life to Liz Parker, the only woman he'dever loved.

Then suddenly, Michael, in a very un- Michael-ly thing to do, reached over and patted him on the back, then pulled him into a hug at the front of the chapel. They broke apart, and Max looked at Michael quizzically.

Michael looked at him with a look on his face that could almost be taken for wistfulness,then said in a gruff voice, "You take care of yourself,okay?"

Max smiled at Michael, "You're acting like you're never going to be invited over." Then, as an after thought,

"You know, you don't have to be a loner for the rest of your life. In fact, if you were to announce that you were looking for someone, one girl jumps to mind who seems like she would be breaking down your door to be the first opportunity for you." Michael didn't pretend to not know who he was talking about.

What was the point? Even after all the stuff he'd said about being a stone wall and not having any attachments, he knew Izzy and Max knew how he felt about Maria. He smiled at Max, and turned to look down the aisle when he heard a noise.

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