FanFic - Max/Liz
"Take my Hand"
Part 2
by Anna
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Summary: It's 10 years later, at Max and Liz's wedding. Will Kyle be able to stop the festivities?
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
It was complete pandemonium.

Maria screeching "Find the Flowers!! We can't go in that chapel without the flowers!!",Liz breathing so fast she was almost hyperventilating, the limo driver trying to help the girls out, but really getting in the way.

Isabel was the only calm one. She took a deep breath,handed Liz a paper bag,found Maria's bouquet, and gently pushed the driver back ,saying

"Why don't you go get the car ready?" The driver backed off apologetically, then went out the door. Liz, who had finally gotten control of herself,turned to Isabel and asked quizzically, "How can you stay so calm?"

Isabel looked at Liz, panic finally showing in her eyes, and said, a little more stressfully than before, "Not now! We only have 5 minutes to get to the chapel!

"With that she grabbed her bouquet and sprinted outthe door.


"Where are they Michael?" Max Evans asked his friend urgently. Michael Guerin looked over at his friend, with amusement in his eyes.

Calm, collected Max Evans was only about 2 seconds away from breaking out into an all-out sweat.

He subconsciously cleared his face of all signs of laughter, and said in a totally calm voice, "Well Max, I think they've killed the limo driver, taken the limo, and all become lesbians."

Max turned toward Michael. The seriously panicked expression on his face made Michael seriously crack up laughing at him.

"Max , CHILL OUT. So their like what, 5 minutes late, and you start acting as if they all just decided to drive the limo off a cliff."

Max knew to Michael this had to think this hilariously funny, but he was majority stressed out now.

What if Liz changed her mind? What if at the last second she decided that maybe Max wasn't the one for her? He thought back to the night he'd proposed to her.

He had been nervous all night, but either it didn't show like he thought it did, or it could have been that Liz was too nice to say anything about it.

They had gone to dinner at an Italian place, and Max had thought about doing it then, but he didn't think he'd be able to tell her the extent of his feelings with 30 people watching him.

Then they'd gone to a movie, and he most certainly couldn't propose then, so afterward he had suggested they go out to the desert and stargaze. He remembered how somehow, she'd looked the most beautiful that night out of all the time he'd ever known her.

When he'd finally got up the nerve to pop the question, she'd looked at him with surprise,and he'd thought that she would turn him down, and soon afterward, he would crumble into a pile of dustand die.

But she hadn't. That was the most shocking thing of all. She'd looked at him with the most beautiful expression on her face and said,

"Max, there is no one in this world",and then glanced up at the stars, then looked back at him, "or any other that I would rather have me ask that question. Yes Maxwell Evans, I will most definitely marry you. "

He knew he must have looked utterly stupid, but the only thing that was happening in his brain was the repeat of her words."Yes... I will most definitely marry you."

She had smiled at him, in that utterly perfect Liz way, and then kissed him, softly,gently. And at that instant, Max knew it wasn't a dream.

At that moment, he was engaged to Liz Parker. Nothing could ever be wrong in his life. Suddenly the sound of Michael's voice saying, "Earth to Max, Come in Maxwell." flashed him back to the present.

"What?" he asked, with a dreamy sound to his voice.

"What is that the girls are here now, so we can getthis show on the road."

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