FanFic - Max/Liz
"Heart of Innocence"
Part 1
by Sara
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Roswell characters, and I promise to return them when finished. Feedback please!!!!!!
Summary: It's time for Max and Liz to go off to college, but something finds them on the way.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: NC-17
Scene: Crashdown cafe

Michael: So, what college are you going to???

Max: I'm not so sure, but I'm thinking about going to Columbia. You???

Michael: Don't know yet. I don't seem like the type of person who is ready to go too college. I mean, look at me, I have nothing left; except for you and Isabel.

(With that Michael got up and left.)

Scene: Liz's room

Liz: So Maria, what college are you going to???

Maria: Harvard, you???

Liz: Columbia.

Maria: I guess that will make us kinda close to each other. I gonna miss you so much, its like I'm losing a sister.

(Maria starts crying, and Liz gives her a hug.)

Scene: Night time. Max's room

(Max is lying on his bed thinking about Liz.)

God, how am I going to be able to say good-bye. Its like everytime I see her, she casts a spell on me: and I can't seem to get out of it. After all we have gone through, I still can't tell her how I feel.

(Liz walks over to Max's house, but instead of coming throught the front door; she goes and knocks on his window.)

Max jumps in from his bed to see who is at the window. Probably Michael he thought. When he pulls back the curtain, he sees Liz.

Max: Liz??? What are you doing here???

Liz: Hi Max....ummm can we talk for a few minutes. It's important.

Max: Sure

(Max holds out his hand to help her through the window. When he does, he loses his balance and falls to the floor with Liz right on top of him.)

Liz: Oh God. Ummmm, okay. I think I'm going to be getting up now.

Max: Yea, that would be a good idea.

(Liz get's off Max,and helps him up too.)

Max: Thanks.

Liz: Sure thing.

Max: So,what is it that you wanted to talk to me about???

Liz: Okay, but before I tell you, you have to promise me that you will not interupt me; until I'm finished. Deal???

Max: Deal.

(Liz walks over to his bed and sits down next to Max, who is about to lose his control.)

Liz: That day at the Crashdown, when you saved me. Well, when I felt you hand on my ribs, I felt something go through me that can't be put into words. When you asked for some balance, I felt my heart stop. But when you looked at me then, you thought that I was fine with the whole balance thing, but I really wasn't. I felt rejected, hurt, and not loved.

(Max quickly lefts his head up at those words " not loved.)

When Tess came along, I felt jealous. Jealous that she got to be with you and not me. I saw you guys kiss at the UFO center. Just watching you kiss someone else made me feel used. But in the past two years, I've realized that I'm in love with you. I love you Max Evans.

(Max takes Liz's hand. Silence is all around them.)

Liz: Max??? Max please....say something.

Max: Do you mean it??? Do you love me???

Liz: With all my heart Max. Body and soul.

Max: I think that we're ready.

Liz: What???

Max: I want you. So much that I don't care what Michael and Isabel think. I don't care if its not safe. I'm going to live the rest of my life, not knowing what making love you you would be like.

Liz takes her hands and runs them up his white T-shirt, while trying to take it off. When she does, Max takes his hands and takes her peach tank-top off. Leaving left her white bra. Which would be the next thing come off her. "Turn around," said Max. When she was turned around, Max started to unhook her bra. As Max's hands brought down her bra straps, a chill went up her spine. Max took the rest of her bra off and turned her around. God she is beautiful, Max thought. Liz places her arms around his neck and kisses him.

Max kisses her back, with a passion that has been built up inside of him for a long time. Liz starts moaning. God I love him, thought Liz. As Max's lips leave her sweet mouth, he makes his way down her neck and shoulder; placing warm, soft, and sweet kisses on her.

While Max continues to kiss her neck and shoulder, he takes his hands down to her black jeans and starts to take them down. Liz lifts up for him and is now fully open to him. Liz now wanted to have her turn. She rans her hands down his chest, down to his blue jeans, which are now on the floor with the rest of the clothes. Both are now fully exposed to one another.

Max fell back on the bed, but managed to take Liz down with him. Before he did anything, he gave Liz a look, and she nodded with approval. He gentle slid up into her, and she let out a soft moan. Max knew right then that she was his true soulmate.

As time passed by, Max and Liz were lying in his bed sound asleep. Both dreaming about their future. Maybe more, but that can wait. Max and Liz were cuddled up in bed with Max on his side, and Liz under his arm. Never again do they want to let each other go.

Scene: 10 years later, at the Evans house

Liz: Claudia, have you seen your father??? I need to tell him something, it's important.

Claudia: Nope, sorry mom.

Liz: Thanks sweetie.

(Max is setting down on the bench that swings back and forth in his and Liz's backyard.)

Liz: I thought I would find you here.

Max: You thought right. What's up???

Liz: Well, I have some very good news.

Max: Which is???

Liz: I'm going to have another baby.

Max: God I love you.

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