FanFic - Max/Liz
"Crash Into Me"
Part 1
by samanthame
Disclaimer: Roswell, the charcters, and situations are owned by the WB. No infringment intended.
Summary: Were Max, Michael, and Isabell in the 1947 crash or a different one? And will this bring Max and Liz closer?
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Setting-Liz's living room. Maria and Liz are watching a documentary on the Roswell Crash.


So that night in Roswell will continue to be a mystery. Was there really a crash? Do aliens walk the earth? You decide.

"Wow. That was interesting."

"Liz?" Maria sat up and looked at Liz who was sitting on the couch. "Oh yeah, it was.....Maria I uh" "What?" Maria asked munching on a peice of popcorn.

"It's just, well the goverment cleaned up everything that happened and-" "Whoa wait, they never actually prov-" "Maria come on. What happened to, to everything? Like the spaceship and stuff? And you just saw the documentary show on it where they interview people who saw them clean it up."

"Claimed, they saw it." "Alright" Liz exasperatly said, tilting her head to one side.

"Ok so where are you heading with this?" "Well where would Max, Isabell, and Michael of been? If they were in pods the goverment would of found them. They would of searched the entire area and found them."

Maria looked at her confused.

"All I'm saying is maybe,...I don't know. Maybe they were in a different crash."

Setting-Crashdown the next day. Maria is waiting tables. Max and Michael are sitting at a booth.


"I've got one Mercury milkshake, and one Saturn Ring. Can I get you guys anything else? More tobasco sauce?" Maria asked glancing at Michael.

"No were ok, thanks" Max said.

"It's still kind of weird eating here Max" Michael said when Maria left.

"There are a thousand other places to eat." "I know that Michael, but we've got to be able to be around one another. And it's hard enough not to be Liz's," Max paused, "Liz's boyfriend, I don't want to loose her as a friend too." Michael and Max looked at one another for a second, and Michael realizes just how hard it is for Max not to be with Liz.

Setting-Roswell Library. Liz is looking through old newspaper articles.


"Hey Liz, what are you doin here?" "Oh hey Alex." Liz said and looked up from the computer screen.

"Your looking through periodicals?" Alex asked putting his school books on the desk and sitting next to Liz. "Yeah. I was just looking for information on-" "The crash?" Alex asked looking at the screen. "Yeah." Liz said and looked at Alex. "Why do you want info on the crash?" "Well I don't really." Liz said scrolling through the old newspaper articles.

"I want information on the people who were there." "Oh, ok. Any particualr reason WHY?" "Yes here it is" Liz opened her notebook and started scribbling stuff down. Alex looked over her shoulder to see what she was writing.

"Erin Wallace, Bill Weed? Liz who are these people?"

"I'm not sure." Liz looked up at Alex. "You wanna go find out?"

Setting-Crashdown. Isabell joins Max and Michael.


"Hey you guys remember Ms.Topolsky?" Isabell asked sitting down next to Michael.

"How could we forget her?" Michael asked while offering Isabell an onion ring.

"No thanks. Anyway I passed the Sheriff today and he was talking to this older guy about her. He asked him if he knew her or if he knew where she went. He said he didn't know what the Sheriff was talking about and to stop bothering him with idiotic ideas. He told the Sheriff it was over and to let it go."

"What was over?" Max asked "I'm not sure. Thats all I heard. I thought maybe the guy was one of the people who were followiung us" "Yeah or he's in charge of the people." Max said thinking about what Isabell had just told them.

"Well the guy said it was over, right?" Michael asked taking a sip of Max's milkshake.

"That's what he said." Isabell said sighing. Setting-Liz and Alex went to visit Erin Wallace, one of the people who were in the newspaper.

"Liz are you sure this is the right place?" Alex looked at the shack. "This is what I wrote down." Liz said turning off the car. Alex and Liz stepped out of the car and started to walk up to the house.

"You know we can still go back Liz." Alex whispered as Liz pushed the doorbell. Liz looked around. The grass surrounding the house was dead and brown. Some of the windows had holes in them. Dust was everywhere.

"Okay it's clear no ones home so lets just-" Liz pounded on the door. "Hello?" she yelled. "Maybe there's something around back." Alex said after he saw Liz's determination to find this person. They made their way around back and looked into the back door.

"Liz this place is totally deserted." Alex said peering in.

"Come on, who's next on your list?" Alex asked rubbing his hands on his shirt to get the dust off.

"Wait Alex look." Liz pointed to a guy sitting in a lounch chair reading a book a little farther down from the house. As they got closer Liz noticed he was an older man.

"Excuse me sir?" Liz asked as the apporoached. "I don't want any" the man said, "Thanks anyway." "Actually we were wondering if we could speak with you?" Alex asked "About the crash that happened in 1947." The man put the book down and invited them inside.

Setting-The mans house


"Would you like something to drink? Coke, Ice tea, water?" The man asked as they went into the kitchen. "I'll have some water." Liz said while looking around. The house was a lot different from the one they had just been at. For one it was clean. But the man also had a lot of books and computer equipment.

"Yeah me too." Alex said sitting down at the dining table. The man brought their water over and motioned for Liz to sit down too. "Ok you have my attention." He said as he sat down.

"I'm Liz and this is my friend Alex."

"I'm Bill."

"Bill Weed?" Liz asked a little surprised. "Yes it is. How did you know that?" He asked squinting his eyebrows.

"I read your name in a newspaper article." Bill didn't reply.

"We are just doing research for a school paper and we were wondering if you could tell us what happened that night?" Alex asked.

Bill looked from Liz to Alex. "Before I say anything I don't want my name being used."

Liz and Alex nodded. Bill took a deep breath and sat back.

"The goverment can make up whatever they want about that night. They can call it a weather ballon, a plane, or a giant grape for all I care, but I know what I saw. What I saw was an alien spacecraft. After I saw it fly by and about to crash I went to, well to investigate. By the time I reached the area where it crashed, the goverment was already there. I stayed hidden because I knew what they would of done if they had found me. It didn't take them very long, and when they were done I went home."

After a few seconds of Bill not saying anything Alex asked, "So that's it?" "Well this is the first time in years I've spoken of it. I don't feel like being called a freak and being the punchline of everyones jokes. I didn't want to be like the Sheriff." "Sheriff Valenti?" Liz asked. "No his father. Sheriff Martian." Bill gave a chuckle. "Thats what everyone called him."

"So do you think that aliens walk the earth?" Alex asked.

"Possibly, but I'm almost sure, no positive, that their are no aliens left from the crash that happened here in 1947." "How can you be so sur-" Liz started, but Bill interrupted.

"Because I was there and saw the goverment take everything. Nothing and nobody was left."

Dead Silence.

Ring. The silence was broken by Liz's phone. Liz reached into her backpack and took out her phone.


"Liz I'm gonna kill you, where are you?"

"Oh sorry Maria, I'll be there in a few, bye." Liz folded the phone up and put it back in her bag. "Bill we have to go, I'm later for work. Thanks for talking to us." Liz said as she slipped on her backpack. "No problem. It was nice meeting both of you." Bill said as they reached the door. "I hope you guys do well on your paper."

"Thanks" Liz and Alex said as they left. As they made their way back to the car neither one of them said anything. "That was weird." Alex said when they got inside the car.

"Yeah. It was. But it seemed like he knew more, you know? Like he was holding back something." Liz said gazing out the window.

Alex was quiet for a moment. "Yeah, but we could prove him wrong about aliens existing from the crash!" He said laughing.

"Yeah. Maybe..." Liz said as they drove off. Setting-Liz's living room. It's night time and Maria and Liz invited Max, Michael, and Isabel over to discuss things. "So you think that we might of been in a different crash?" Michael asked.

"I'm not sure, but I just thought you guys should know about what happened and everything."

"What's this guys name again?" Max asked. "Bill Weed" Liz said sitting down. Max was pacing the floor, Michael was sitting next to Isabel on the couch, and Liz was sitting next to Maria on a chair. "Did he seem kind of like, not there?" Isabell asked Liz.

"No, actually he was very nice and put together."

Michael looked at Max.

"This leads thousands of possiblites now. I mean say we can find stuff on the crash. Like maybe the goverment didn't clean our crash up. Or maybe someone saw it happen. Maybe there's still stuff there." Michael said getting excited. "Some clue to help us figure out where we come from or how we get back."

"Michael calm down. Don't go jumping around from possiblites that we don't even know exist. Were not even sure there was another crash. We still could of been in the 1947 crash. Maybe we weren't. But the last thing we need is for you to start going off on things again." "I'm not Isabell, but say we can find something. Like the key, where we can get a vision. Maybe the vision will be of home this time. Do you realize how much closer we can come to going home?" Michael asked.

Max and Liz looked at one another for a second.

"Yeah, but Michael Isabell's right. We don't want to get our hopes up and be let down. We will investigate, but we'll do it systematically." Man said looking at Michael.

After everyone left Liz went down to the diner and began writing in her journal.

'I'm Liz Parker and I've been doing a lot of thinking. Thinking about my life and houw crazy it's been since that day. The day Max Evans put his life in danger to save mine. And going to that shack today I was scared, but I knew that by me going there I was helping save Max.


Liz looked to the door and saw Max standing there. She closed her journal, got up, and unlocked the door.

"Hi" Liz said.

"Sorry to just come in on y-" "It's ok." Liz said as they sat down. Max looked at her. "I just wanted to thank you. You know for what you did today. I know how messed up your life has been since you've known me."

"No Max I wanted to do it, and you haven't messed up my life. If anything I've messed up your life."

"You could never mess up my life Liz. Knowing you is the best thing that could ever happen to me.....I just wish I was normal."

"Yeah, but Max I don't care. What's the point of living if the one person you care most about, is the one person you can't be with?"

Liz stared at Max as he looked down. "Wouldn't you want five days with that person then no days at all? I think it's better to of loved and lost then never to of loved at all."

Max looked up and gazed into Liz's eyes. They started to lean toward one another.

"I don't know why we got a ticket, we were in the parking spot for 16 minutes. One minute more then what the sign said!"

Liz and Max moved back and looked to see Liz's parents coming in the diner. "Mom, Dad. Hi." Liz said a little confused at what just happened.

"Hi Lizzy" Jim said as he looked from her to Max.

"Oh this is Max remember?" Liz said looking at Max.

"It's nice to see you again" Max said. "Yeah, it's nice to see you too" They both said.

They all just stood there for a few awarkward seconds.

"So I guess I'll see you tomorrow Liz." Max said.

"Yeah, ok" Liz said not hiding her dissapointment.

They walked to the door.

"Goodnight everyone" Max said and left. Liz turned around and faced her parents, who were giving her that 'I know who you like' smirk.

"Well I guess I'm gonna go get some sleep." Liz said as she grabbed her journal and went into the house. "Goodnight" "Night" Her parents said as they started up their conversation again. Liz went out on the balcony and began writing.

'When I'm around Max I get this feeling. Like when were together we can do anything, and how we can't let things stand in our way. I-'

Liz shut her journal. She was tired of waiting for fate to happen. She had to go make her own destiny. Liz got her jacket, climbed down the ladder, and was on her way to Max's house.

When she got there she went to Max's window and knocked. When he moved the curtain he was surprised to see Liz standing there. Max opened up the window and without saying a word kissed Liz, and while doing so he lifted her into his room. They started into each others eyes before kissing again in front of the window where the moon light was all the light they had.

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