FanFic - Max/Liz
"Candy - A Valentine's Story"
Part 1
by Sara
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Roswelll characters and I promise to return them when done.
Summary: It's Valentine's Day and Max & Liz spend it together.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Sorry if this story is short. FEEDBACK PLEASE !!!!!!!!!
Scene: Liz's Room

Liz is sitting on her bed doing her history homework. Little did she know, Max was watching her through out the hour. Tonight was the night he declared his love to Liz. God she was beautiful, thought Max. Just her cute little smile, hair that was as soft as a silk, and the little sexy body. This was going to harder than it already was.

While just finishing up her homework, she heard a tap on her window. She got up to see what it was. A small gasp came out of her mouth. "Max, what are you doing here?" asked Liz. "Can I come in?" asked Max shyly. "Yea, watch out for the ledge," said Liz.

When Liz turned around, Max was already kissing her. Liz tried to pull back, but she knew that this was right. She had never knew that Max had this much passion inside of him before, so to make things more interesting she took her hands and ran them up his shirt with her hands under the edge of his shirt. Max got the hint and did the same thing to her. Both of them didn't want to stop, considering that they both love each other; but would never admit it face to face. Liz smiled while kissing Max, when he took her jeans off. God how I have dreamed of this, thought Max and Liz. Knowing that both of their shirts were off, along with Liz's jeans, Max took Liz in his arms. Liz wrapped her legs around him, as he layed her down on the bed.

It was now morning. The sun was shinning as bright as ever as it crept throught Liz's window. As the sun caught Liz in the eye, she woke up. Before she totally got out of bed, she notice that Max was lying next to her. A smile captured Liz's face as she watched him sleep. He looks so sexy, she thought. How could she forget. Last night was the night they made love. Thank god my parent's didn't come in, if they did, I would never be able to have a friend over, ever. When she got out of bed, Max woke up and grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back into his warm, strong, and welcoming arms. "Max !!!" said Liz. When she got comfortable in his arms, Max started kissing her up and down; not wanting to let her go.

"You do know that we have school today, right" asked Liz. "I have an idea. Care to listen?" asked Max. "What did you have in mind Evans." asked Liz. "Well, we skip school for the day, go to the beach, fool around, and make love on the beach," said Max. Who is now blushing even more. "Sounds good. But can we hurry it up, because I really want to start those things with you?" asked Liz. "Why Liz Parker!!!" said Max.

Scene: Beach

Max and Liz were playing in the water carefree. Liz has never seen Max like this before, but she had to admit that she did like it. She was suprised when Max came out of the water and lifted her up. Then Max fell back in the water, with Liz on top of him. As Liz came up under the water, she caught Max coming up. So she decided to have her fun with him. Liz placed her hands on his head, and with all her strength dunked him. Max came up laughing, along with Liz who was swimming out to shore.

When she and Max got out of the water, they both started to throw the frisbee around. Max was suprised to see Liz doing very well at this. God she looks so sexy with that black bikini on thought Max with a smile. Max was the one who lost the game and so he took Liz's hand and they walked across the beach hand -n- hand.

As time past, Max looked down at his watch and notice that it was time to complete the final chapter of their day off. Max made a fire on the beach and brought Liz down on his lap and kissed her neck. Liz and Max were enjoying this wonderful day alone. Time was something they didn't have too much of. But neither of them didn't let that get to them, not tonight that is.

Max brought Liz to her feet and walked her over to the blankets. Liz kneeled down and brought Max down with her. As they lay together, Max placed his hands on her back trying to remove her top. When it finally got tossed aside, Liz removed his trunks. Max then removed the rest of her clothing and as the night brightly shinned down on them. Max knew that his love for her would always last forever.

Scene: Liz's Balcony

"I love you Max," said Liz. "I love you too Liz," said Max. "Max...can you spend the night with me?" asked Liz. "I'd love too," said Max. Liz put on a white tank-top & flannel boxer shorts. Max wore his flannel boxers and a white T-shirt. As they went to sleep, Liz cuddled next to Max, who kissed her good night and fell asleep.

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