FanFic - Max/Liz
"The Hunter And The Hunted"
Part 4
by Sheeijan
Disclaimer: In an alternate universe I would own the show Roswell, the WB, and most importantly Jason Behr, but in this one I'm just another hardcore fan.
Summary: Nacedo is in Roswell, and that the hunted is about to become the hunter.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
Authors Note: this is going to be really LONG. J If you don't like long, then don't read it. Power of choice. The power of choice also means that you don't have to read NC-17 material, so I'm working on a 'cleaner' version. If you're interested, email me.
The drive was uneventful, thankfully. Max still refused to let Liz walk, instead carrying her upstairs to his room and laying her down on the bed. He gently touched her wrists, wincing at the pain he saw in her eyes when he touched the rope burns. Liz stared up into his eyes. Isabel glanced at her brother and Liz, and made a decision. "Michael, Maria. Come on." She pulled them away and out the door. Neither Liz nor Max even noticed. As lightly as he could, Max slowly covered her wrists with his hands. Still staring into her eyes, he felt the skin underneath his hands start to heal. When he was done, with infinite care he pulled her back into his arms, cradling her, holding her close. "Liz, I'm so sorry." Rocking her in his arms, all the pain, fear and worry that he had been suppressing came rushing in, making him dizzy. Liz lifted her head, forcing him to meet her eyes. "Max, this wasn't your fault. Don't blame yourself. And I'm okay now. I was just so scared. I was so afraid I was never going to see my family again. I kept thinking, he's going to kill me and they'll never know what happened to me, I'll just disappear. And, I kept thinking I would never see you again, Max. And, then he started, just taking everything from my mind. He's got these powers, Max, he got into my head and started going through all my memories about you. It was so awful. I couldn't stop him, Max. I couldn't stop him." This time, the tears didn't come, and a kind of numbness seemed to fill Liz.

"I've got you, Liz. I'm right here. He's never going to do this to you again, I swear." Max vowed. "Liz, did he hurt you, you know, physically? Other than your wrists, I mean."

"No, I'm okay, you don't need to fix anything else," she replied with a shaky smile. As the memories of last several hours filled her, she lost any semblance of a smile and looked up at Max. "Max, he thinks humans are, like a subspecies. Like walking, talking amusements." Exhaustion filled her, and she laid back down, pulling Max down beside her. She buried her head in his chest again. "Max, my parents. They must be worried sick about me."

"Do you want me to take you home?" Max asked. He certainly didn't want to, but knew that Liz was right.

Liz, hesitated, then nodded. "Okay." Max brushed his hand lightly over her face, loving her with his eyes. "I love you," he thought. He took a breath, wanting to say the words in his heart out loud for her, to give her his heart. Instead, he ran over the list of reasons why he shouldn't, and helped her to her feet. Liz getting kidnapped tonight was a very good reason to keep her as safe and as far away from him as possible. As they went into the living room, Maria threw herself at Liz and wrapped her in a bear hug. "Liz, are you okay?" So started the thousand and one questions that Isabel, Michael and Maria had for her. Liz answered them the best she could, but finally exhaustion made her slump. Max finally stepped in and guided her out the door.

"Liz, are you really okay? You're not just saying that?" He turned to her once they were in front of the house, his brow furrowed with worry. Liz nodded. "I just want to get some sleep." Max looked deep into her eyes, then finally nodded. "I'll see you tomorrow, Liz."


Once again Max found himself on the road heading to the motel. All he could see in his mind's eye was Liz's face. Isabel and Michael were equally quiet, lost in their own thoughts. Michael stared out the window but he didn't see the scenery. He was so angry, his stomach was aching. Seeing Liz tied up had been a real eye-opener for him. Despite his usual cynicism, he had been cautiously hoping that this alien would answer all their questions. He may even have been his father for all he knew. Well, if that was the case his dad was indeed the monster humans portrayed aliens to be. His mouth a grim line, he clenched his fists. They were within eyesight of the motel. But when Max pulled into the parking lot, Adam's car was missing. "Dammit!" Michael exploded. He jumped out of the jeep and raced toward the motel room. It was unlocked. As he expected, the room was empty, the beds already made. The cleaning people had already done their work. Adam was gone, and they had no idea where he might be.


Liz had never wanted the safety of her room as much as she did now. She didn't want to think about what had happened, much less talk about to anyone, even Maria. If she did she was going to lose what control she had over her emotions and break down.

It had taken some serious fast talking to convince her parents that she was innocent of any wrongdoing (for not having called them earlier, like she should have). They also had wanted to know why she hadn't answered the cell phone they had given her, but Liz mumbled something about the battery and they let it go at that. They settled for grounding her for the next couple of nights rather than an entire week. Liz couldn't have cared less. All she wanted was to hide from the world until she could put last night behind her. After dinner, Liz took a long shower, letting the water beat down on her as hot as she could stand. Suddenly she was so tired she could barely dry her hair. She padded back to her bed, still in her robe, and curled up into a ball. She was asleep in seconds.


Max paced his room, hands jammed deep into his jeans. He was arguing with himself. He knew, without a doubt, that Liz was in a lot of pain. He kept telling himself that if Liz wanted to talk about it, she would call him. But on the other hand, he kept remembering the look in her eyes when he had dropped her off at home. She was internalizing everything, and that wasn't right. His guilt was eating away at him. It was because of him that she was suffering. Liz didn't deserve this. The look in her eyes was going to haunt him until he did something to help. Decision made, he slipped out the window.


Max found himself staring up the ladder. He took a deep breath, willing his heart to stop pounding so loudly. "I'm just going to check on her, that's all. Then I'll go home," he told himself. Quickly, before he chickened out, he climbed the ladder. Silently he made his way to the darkened window. He could just make out a shape on the bed. This time he didn't allow himself time to think - he slipped through the open window and crept over to the sleeping figure. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he could see Liz curled up fetus-like, her face asleep but not peacefully. A little frown marred her features, and she moaned ever so softly. Max crouched down next to her bed and whispered her name, trying to wake her up from her dream. When that didn't work, he reached out to cup her face with his hand, his only intention to awaken her. Before he realized what was happening, though, Max felt a connection with Liz the instant he touched her face. Suddenly he was in her dream. Max knew instantly that this was different from the dreamwalking that Isabel loved so much. He had done it a couple of times and could feel a difference. This was more personal. Max looked around for Liz, his eyes taking in the surroundings and not liking it at all. He was at school, and he could hear Liz in the distance sobbing. The sound came closer, and then Liz turned the corner and nearly ran straight into Max. He didn't know who was more surprised, Liz at seeing Max or Max that Liz could see him. "Max!" Liz threw herself into his arms, shaking. "Liz? You can see me?" Max stuttered. Before Liz could reply, Adam was rounding the corner. Liz shrank closer to Max. Anger exploded in Max's mind as he suddenly knew that this really was Adam. Adam knew how to dreamwalk, too. With quick strides he was upon Adam, his fist smashing into Adam's surprised face. "You are never to come near Liz again. What you did…" Max shook his head, at a loss for words. "Our dreams are off limits, too. Just stay away from us, do you understand?" Adam smiled, but his eyes glittered with surpressed anger. "I think you will be feeling differently soon. I can wait." With that cryptic remark, Adam left the dream. Max took a deep breath, then turned at the soft touch of a hand on his back. "Max? Is it really you?" Liz stared up into his eyes. One minute she had been crazy with fear, running through the school trying to get away from her worst nightmare ever, when Max had turned up like a knight in shining armor. And just like a hero he had vanquished her monster. Relief made her lightheaded. Max, suddenly shy, "Yeah. Liz, I didn't mean to, but I wanted to make sure you were okay. So I came over, I didn't mean to get into your dream, it just kind of happened..." Liz shook her head, not understanding. "This is a dream, Liz. I'm in your room, I touched you, and… here I am." He tried to smile to lighten the mood but failed miserably. Liz gazed up at his worried face and realized he was worried that she was upset with him. She nearly laughed. "Max, I'm glad you're here. I needed you," she said honestly. She sighed aloud when he wrapped her in his strong arms. For a long moment, they stayed locked together. It was never long enough for Max, but he reluctantly pulled away. "I guess I'd better wake up now, Liz. I need to get back to my house before morning and my parents find me gone." Liz nodded, and focused on waking up.


Liz slowly came back to consciousness snuggling up to… Max! Her eyes snapped open, instantly wide awake. Max was gently stroking her back, running his sensitive fingers up and down the spine. She shivered in his arms. "Liz, I just had to see you, make sure you were really okay…" he whispered. Their faces inches apart, they stared into each other's eyes. All the unspoken words between them, all the declarations of love, was there for the other to read. "I can't believe this happened to you. I never meant for you to get hurt, Liz. I-" Liz gently brushed her fingers over his mouth, silencing his apology. "No, this isn't your fault. You can't take the blame for everything that happens, Max. You need to understand, the day after you healed me, I could have walked away. I could have stayed away from you, and been safe. But that was my choice. I made that decision, Max. I knew what I was getting into." Max closed his eyes and pulled her even closer. Now, their lips were almost, not quite touching. He ran his fingers through her hair. "I could have made you walk away," he murmured, avoiding her eyes. He watched her lips curve into a gentle smile. "Could you?" Liz moved a fraction of an inch closer, just grazing his lips with her own. Her heart pounding in her chest, she waited for his reaction. Max's eyes flared with emotion, his arms tightening around her. She had daydreamed and longed for him for so long, she wondered briefly if this was a dream. But when Max gently, gently lowered his lips to hers, she forgot everything, including how to breathe. It just felt so right, so perfect. His lips moved slowly over hers, softly at first, but with growing urgency. He couldn't stop himself from thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth, causing Liz to moan softly with pleasure. His willpower fading, he rolled over on top of her, kissing her with all the passion and longing that had been building in him over the years. He ran his hands over the side of her face, to her shoulders, caressing her gently through the robe. Liz moaned again softly, welcoming his touch, her own hands eagerly running from his hair down his strong back. When he cupped her breast in his hand, she arched her back and pulled his head to her neck. He started biting and sucking at the base of her throat, licking the hollow he found there. He knew he should stop, but for once he ignored the voice of reason and followed his heart. He felt Liz tugging on his t-shirt, pulling it up. He sat up, pulling the shirt up over his head and tossing it aside. Liz's hands were immediately upon his chest, caressing and exploring. Max watched her hands and willed himself not to move. Her curiosity eventually took her hands down his stomach, drawing a shudder from him. Max froze as he watched her unbutton his jeans and start to pull the zipper down.

Liz had never categorized herself as particularly aggressive, especially sexually. But she couldn't seem to help herself with Max. She instinctively knew that she would have to make the first move towards physical love. With Max, it wouldn't just be sex. This would be an expression of their love for each other, a bonding of body and mind. Liz didn't think she would ever tire of touching his incredible body. Every muscle in his chest and arms were hard as iron, and as she ran her fingertips down his washboard stomach, she could see his arousal through the front of his jeans. There was no room for embarrassment or shyness in Liz now, only need. Without hesitating, she pulled his jeans open and slid her hands inside. Max moaned softly, involuntarily thrusting his hips forward. The feel of hers soft little hands on the most intimate parts of his body was too much. With a low growl, he enveloped her in his arms and took her mouth with his. It wasn't a gentle kiss this time. He thrust his tongue into her mouth and started stroking hers sensuously, all the while rocking his hips rhythmically against hers. Liz gasped against his mouth, jolts of pleasure shooting through her body. The next thing she knew, her robe was being spread open and Max was licking and kissing his way down her neck, sucking at the most sensitive spots. His hands were busy at her breasts, running his palms almost roughly over their hardened peaks and tugging with his fingers. Then his mouth was on her breasts, making love to one then the other. Max had never imagined that making love to Liz could be so incredible. His body was screaming for release, but every moan and sigh coming from Liz's lips made the wait worthwhile. Slowly he made his way down her body, wanting to see and taste the very core of his Liz. Instinctively Liz opened her legs for Max. She tried to take a deep breath, but suddenly Max's tongue was on her and everything else ceased to exist. "Max, oh god, Max…" she whimpered. He was licking and sucking and nibbling and doing things that she had never imagined. Blindly she reached down and held his head to her, as if to make sure he didn't stop. Max had no intention of stopping. He could feel the pleasure running through Liz as he explored her, and it amazed him that he could cause her to feel it. Lovingly he ran his tongue over the small bundle of nerves that was the center of her pleasure, and felt intense satisfaction as she bit back a scream. Then Liz was pulling him back up, up to lay full-length on her, and her hands were pulling on his jeans and boxers. Somehow he managed to pull them off. He helped Liz pull the robe out from under her, threw it across the room. Then he was kissing Liz, pushing her back down into the bed, his body covering hers. Max managed to regain his senses long enough to pull back and look Liz in the eyes. "Are you sure?" he whispered. Briefly he wondered if he would die if she said no. But the connection was still there, and he could feel her answer in his heart as she smiled into his eyes. Then another thought flashed into his brain, and his breathing stopped. Before he could say anything, Liz whispered, "My nightstand." Max had no idea what she was talking about, but then he realized. Liz could feel the connection, too, and she knew that he was thinking of birth control. Max looked into her eyes, amazed. "Liz?" he said softly, not knowing what he wanted to say. "I know, Max. I feel it too. It feels so right, Max." He nodded, and then he knew what he wanted to say.

"I love you Liz," he said simply. Liz smiled up at him through the tears that had filled her eyes. "I love you, too." She pulled him back down and kissed him again with all the hope and love and joy in her. The connection between them grew stronger as they kissed, and it was as if Max could see into her very heart. In her heart were her parents, and Maria, and her grandmother, and others that he knew that she must love. But at the center of her heart, he saw himself. And in her eyes, he was beautiful. Just as he saw Liz. He tasted salt on his lips, knew that Liz was crying, and knew that it was because she was seeing his heart too, and her place in it. He knew without a doubt that Liz was the center of his being. He loved his sister and Michael with every breath in his body, but Liz was his breath, his life. He slowly pulled away from her lips, and smiled at her. "Love isn't that bad, is it?" he softly teased at her tears. He started kissing them away. Liz managed a smile and a weak laugh. She ran her hands down his body, causing Max to start with surprise. Suddenly his body was reminding him of its need. He looked over at the nightstand. Liz laughed again, harder this time, and said, "Bottom drawer." Max brushed a quick kiss over her smiling lips and slid partially off of her to reach into the nightstand. He rummaged around, and underneath some birthday cards he found what he was looking for. Quickly he opened one of the condoms and reached down and put it on. Then Liz was pulling him back on top of her. Carefully he positioned his body over hers, resting his weight on his forearms as he slowly pressed forward. Slowly, he felt his body enter hers. Gazing into her eyes, looking for any sign of pain. Liz was panting slightly, feeling his member stretch her body. He was going so slowly, not wanting to cause her pain, but Liz wanted him inside of her now. She moved her hands down his back to his firm buttocks, and pressed down. Max gasped, then groaned and with one hard thrust he pushed through her barrier and sank to the hilt inside. Liz gasped, too, feeling the sting as she lost her virginity. Max felt her pain and immediately reached down with his hand between their bodies. Liz felt a warm heat penetrate her stomach, then the discomfort was gone. "Better?" Max whispered. Liz nodded, already focusing her attention on the fact that Max was inside of her, all the way inside. And it felt very good. She sighed and raised her hips slightly against his. Max started to thrust in and out, slowly at first. But as need fed on need and passion as primitive as nature built to a pitch, Max was thrusting as hard as he could and Liz was wrapping her legs around his waist begging for release. Then Liz was coming, and Max was shuddering against her and crying her name over and over. Ripples of pleasure shook her body as Max collapsed on top of her, utterly spent.

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