FanFic - Max/Liz
"Windows into the Soul"
Part 1
by Medea
Disclaimer: Roswell isn't mine. I wish it were though. (sigh)
Summary: This is set during the night of Destiny. What happens between Max and Liz.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Authors Note: I dedicate this story to my best friend Jenny who was my inspiration for this story. Jenny I hope you get the happy ending you wish for.
Liz sat on her balcony staring at the stars. When she came home that evening she had been too tired to even eat dinner she had barely made it to the balcony. The day's events raced through her mind, she kept seeing the painfully sad look on Max's face as she stumbled down the mountain. It was almost physically painful too know she had caused that sad expression to mar is beautiful face. For the rest of the afternoon she had just wandered around aimlessly until she found that she had unconsciously walked to Max's house. She had stood there just staring at the house wishing she could just go ring the doorbell and talk to Max and tell him that she didn't mean what she had said at the cave. She wished she could tell him that she loved him with all her heart and she wouldn't let destiny keep them apart. She didn't though, she stuck firm to her decision that Max had to follow his destiny. So she just stood there drinking in the scene before her, the house that sheltered the most wonderful alien in the universe.

Max unbeknownst to her had watched her the whole time. He gazed at her from his window hiding behind his curtains, when she had finally built enough strength to look at his window he moved back but still watched her. He could see the sadness in her eyes the longing to comfort her came but he stayed rooted to the spot unable to do anything but stare at Liz. She finally turned around and walked away not looking back. She knew that if she did nothing in the world could have kept her from going to Max. She had walked home after that and stayed on her balcony since then. She hadn't even cried. She was emotionally numb she had to be for Max's sake. After thinking about what had happened that fateful day she couldn't hold the tears any longer. They came in torrents. Liquid crystals rained down her cheek. She sat there curled up on her balcony sobbing. She couldn't stop the sadness of her loss washed through her like acid. Her heart burned. Liz Parker's heart was breaking.

Across town in his room Max suddenly felt an intense pain. He knew what it was. It was Liz she needed him. He suddenly hated destiny for not pairing him with the love of his life. She was more than just his love she was his oxygen his other half without her he could never be whole. He ran down his stairs and without a word to his bewildered parents got into his jeep and sped off. Isabel just smiled she knew where he was headed and she was happy that Max had finally taken control of his life.

Max parked his car near the Crashdown. He climbed up to Liz's balcony. She had finally fallen asleep, exhausted from crying. She was curled up in her chair the tears still wet on her face. He took one look at her and one solitary tear rolled down his cheek. She was pale and her eyes were puffy and even in sleep her expression was not peaceful. He couldn't do this to her. She stirred and woke up. Realizing where she was and that Max was looking at her she moved to wipe her tears. He gently grabbed her wrist and bent down to kiss away her tears. She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him as if he were to go away any second. She would not let go. He disengaged himself from her arms. Thinking that he was leaving she tried to hide her disappointment and smiled when she realized that he was just taking off his jacket. He then scooped her into his arms and walked to her bed he gently placed her on the he bed and tucked her in. He then gave her a sweet kiss that made both their minds reel.

He then walked towards her balcony intending to, for both their morals' sake leave. She grabbed his arm and hung on to it looking into his eyes with pleading teary eyes silently asking him not to leave her. She gazed into his eyes. A thought flashed into her mind. She had once heard that eyes were the windows into the soul. She believed it at that moment with all her heart. She understood everything he was feeling his confusion, happiness, sadness, and his fear. His fear that someday he would break Liz's heart again. She pulled him down into a long passionate kiss that seem to say that he needn't worry, that all that mattered was that they were together now and loved each other and that she trusted him unconditionally with her heart. They pulled apart and gasped for breath. Liz was overcome by how much love she felt that she teared up. He hugged her and whispered that she was his life and he loved her with all his heart. She pulled him into her bed and they fell asleep, his arms encompassing Liz. Both dreaming about each other.

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