FanFic - Max/Liz
"Where Home Is"
Part 1
by Annie
Disclaimer: I don't own any part of Roswell or any songs or titles of anything mentioned in this story.
Summary: This takes place in Los Angeles two years after the gang has graduated. Maria and Liz are living together there in an apartment.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I hope you all enjoy this story. I am a beginner so please read with that in mind. I was never gonna write a on of my own, but I got in the mood one day. I just want to say that I have read almost all of the stories in the Max and Liz section and there are some really good writers. If you want you can e-mail me your suggestions or comments to!

My lover's gone,
His boots no longer by my door,
He left at dawn,
And as I slept I felt him go,
Returns no more,
I will not watch the ocean,
My loverís gone,
No earthly ships will ever bring him home again,
Bring him home againÖ

(Dido "My Loverís Gone" No Angel)

As Liz Parker stared out the window of her two-bedroom apartment she wondered where he was, what he was doing? If he was looking at the same moon as it set, and if he stared at the same sun as it rose over the horizon. After a small prayer for him, Isabel, and Michael she wiped the tears away form her eyes, and started for the kitchen.

She began to set the table, one place for her, the other for her life long friend Maria DeLuca. Maria had decided to move out to L. A. after a year in Roswell without Liz. She wanted to pursue a singing career, but in between auditions and gigs she worked at a palm reading store called "Charm". It sold everything from muscle relaxers to taro cards. Liz thought it was an ideal place for Maria to work. Every week Maria brought home a new book, or candle, or herb home for them to try. This week it was a book called "Inner Peace". She insisted it would help them. But Maria new as much as Liz did that when they found their inner peace it would be in the arms of two un-named Czechoslovakians.

Liz finished cooking the eggs and buttering the toast when she heard Maria stir in her bedroom. When she heard her alarm go off, and no sound come from the room, she knew she had been up all night reading her new book.

"Maria, youíve got two minutes to get into the kitchen before I start eating," yelled Liz.

When nothing came from her room she knew she had to go in and wake her. Liz walked in and gently shook her best friend.

"Five more minutes mom, pleeease," Maria moaned in a half- awake, half- asleep mode.


After breakfast Maria offered to clean up so that Liz could get ready for work. As Liz walked into the bathroom she thought about the long day that lay ahead of her at the lab. But she didnít mind so much, anything to keep her mind off of Max.....

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