FanFic - Max/Liz
"When the World Ends"
Part 1
by eirinn
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Title comes from Dave Matthews Band's new cd Everyday
Summary: Future. A death. The end of the world
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Authors Note: Dedicated to the guy at Fifth Element Records.
It was surprisingly painless.

Sudden? Yes. Preventable? Probably not.

I'm in his arms before I actually hit the ground. His warmth is a comfort since I'm losing all of mine. His hands squeeze my flesh and his tears hit my skin. My head is cradled in his lap and arms. I like it here. I always have.

It's odd. Dying. A sudden rush of adrenaline surges through my body and for a fleeting moment I feel like I can survive. That idea passes willfully though my brain. Moments in time, memories seep out. I hear Max -- my Max yell at no one in particular, willing god, or the powers that be to help. Michael, Isabel, Alex and Maria. They are all gone. Left. Gone, the way I am going to be in a few moments. That was more painful than this. I see Tess run up to Max and put her hand on his shoulder.

I smile.

Destiny fulfilled. They will be together now.

I reach up and grasp Max's hand. I hold it tightly as the world around me begins to fade. As I begin to fade. We connect again, for the last time. I see and hear our lives together. Emotions and thoughts fill my head and my heart begins to ache. Begins to grow. I loved my life. Every moment of it.

I hope he knew that.

"Baby, hold on. Please..."

His voice was soft, defeated. He knew he couldn't save me, he knew that no body could save me.

"Liz. Please..."

I smile again. He doesn't know how easy this is for me. Like water through hands. I feel light and outside of my body. I see Tess again and she is hugging Max to her. He doesn't even notice.

A sudden sound jerks Max's head up. Fire and lights all around. The war is raging.

"Max." I sigh out. It was so wonderful. Everything was amazing.

"Liz." His eyes sear into mine. He cups my face in his hands. "I love you baby. With every ounce of my being." His voice breaks and sobs rise to his throat. "You are everything to me. I love you."

I smile again. The tears in my eye's leak out, falling down my cheek. A reminder that I am still alive. Still hanging on. The pain in my chest heaves. I won't go until he lets me.

"Max. Let me go...."

His face softens and his hands wipe away my tears. He understands. He lowers his lips to mine, a kiss to remember him by.

I remember the time when I lied to him. Told him that I would never die for him like Juliet died for Romeo. But I would. Ten thousand times I would.

I smile again.

The world becomes a darker shade of gray and I know I am losing. Fading. Dying.

I feel Max' grip on my shivering body tighten.

"I love you Max." I see Isabel, Michael, Alex and Maria.

I smile and the world fades away.


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