FanFic - Max/Liz
"When Dreams Become Reality"
Part 6
by Selena Santiago
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
The radio played loudly as Maria dug in her closet. Spring cleaning was never her thing. She took out old shoes, clothes, dresses, boxes, letters. She saw old pictures of Michael and her. The few she actually had. She sat and closed her eyes. Sure she loved him. But he was completely undependable. She had to move on, and she was ready and willing to do so. Brody seemed like a cool guy. And he was normal. Well, as close as she'd get anyway. I wonder why it is he's always the one to get "abducted." Out of all the people on Earth. It's so strange. Just as she spoke Liz walked through the door.

"Hey girl. What's up?"

"Maria, he kissed me yesterday... last night when you left with Brody. He saw things, I saw things. I think he suspects I didn't sleep with Kyle... he saw future Max and he asked why I lied to him. But last night I had this dream. And it was really weird because I had powers, and for some reason, even though Max was married to Tess, I was necessary for their survival and our love (Max and me) was stronger than ever. I really need help Maria, because I'm sooo going to lose it any minute!"

"Woah woah! Chill out! I think you already lost it! Oh dear! OK. Now let's see what we can do about this. What exactly did the future Max tell you."

"A lot of things. A lot of things that if Max found out would just have him as bad as before. Singing mariachi at my balcony."

"He sang mariachi at your balcony! And you didn't tell me! That's sooo extremely cheesy!"

"Maria please... this is not the time."

"Oh sorry. OK. You know what? Sleep over. I know, it's been ages since you actually slept over and since we actually did our homework and prepared for school but let's sit, do homework and relax. You can sleep on it, and tomorrow after school we can talk about it over some of my mom's pie. How's that?"

"Thanks Maria." The girls gave each other a big hug. They took out their book bags and began to work. It wasn't more than half an hour when they were both asleep over their books. Almost immediately, Liz's mind began to work and she could feel the dream coming on again.

"Max, honestly. I love you and you love me. Isn't that all that matters? Romeo and Juliet were much younger when they got married. We're adults. Nineteen is a perfectly suitable age to get married. Come on." She smiled the smile that simply made his stomach quiver.

"Liz... I don't know. I mean, what if something strange happens. Or if our enemies attack or if... well there's so much that can happen." He held her and placed his forehead on hers. As they kissed he felt his emotions lose control and saw all the flashes they were famous for. They saw the shooting, and their first kiss, the events leading up to their love, the changes they overcame. With every picture he loved her even more. With that he decided, how else would he rather spend his future than with the woman he loves.

As they said 'I do' at the Elvis Chapel in Vegas, future Max appeared. Max and Liz disappear and Tess appears. There's a big commotion and something happens with Maria. Michael begins to get worried and the whole scene of Michael having visions replays. The whole time Maria has disappeared and a stranger has appeared.

The morning went rather quick as Liz and Maria got dressed and ready for school. Amy DeLuca had headed off to the shop and wished the girls a good day along with ten bucks for lunch. As soon as she left, Liz told Maria about the weird dream, being careful to leave out all the part regarding Maria and her strange disappearance, so as not to worry her. Before she could finish, it got late and they headed off to school.

"Hey girls."

"Alex hey! Back from your dad's? How was it? Any news to share with us?"

"We missed you. You missed a lot of things."

"Look Liz, anything that has to do with 'you-know-who' and 'you-know-what' I just want to kindly forget about because it's caused me enough pain." Liz looked at Alex and hugged him tight. Maybe it hadn't been too noticeable before but Alex's eyes were sad and lonely. We've all changed since last year. Everything has. As Liz wrapped herself in her thoughts, Maria talked to them from her locker. Then she got quiet. Liz looked over at Maria and she seemed distant. She was suddenly quiet and just stood there as if she had remembered something. Before anyone could ask, the bell rang and a troop of kids marched from every classroom. Liz picked up her book bag and went to say bye to Maria but ended up with a big thud on the floor.

"Oh my goodness, these halls! I'm so sorry. I'm just trying to get myself situated you know?" Liz looked at the copper haired girl with the matching eyes and olive skin.

"It's OK, really don't worry about it. I'm Liz, this is Alex and my friend Maria... Maria?" Alex and Liz looked at each other. Then at the girl. Alex's stomach turned. Maria just disappeared... sounded like another one of those alien things. Great. I come back trying to forget them and one of my best friend's disappears. There's no escaping these people.

"Well, that was our friend Maria." He looked at Liz, who seemed to feel something very wrong as well. The girl laughed and had a big smile.

"Must be some chic! Well, I'm Serena."

Liz's face dropped. She felt the familiar rush of a flash coming on. She had heard that name before.


"If you need Max to do something different, why don't you just go to him directly?"

"It's complicated. If a person encounters himself in another time period, there can be a... reaction."

"A reaction?"

" I don't entirely understand it myself, but Serena said - She's going to be your friend someday - it has something to do with quantum mechanics."

"Liz are you OK? You don't look too good." Serena and Alex looked over her. She was leaning on Maria's locker for stability.

"I'm fine. Really. Look, we're going to be late to class if we don't leave now. It was great meeting you Serena." Everyone said good bye and headed off. Liz stood up straight, and grabbed her book bag, when Maria's locker hung open. That's strange. She wouldn't leave without closing her locker. Actually, I'm not quite sure why she left in the first place. Something isn't right. She closed the locker and headed to class, just as Maria walked out the front doors.

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