FanFic - Max/Liz
"When Dreams Become Reality"
Part 13
by Selena Santiago
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Rating: PG-13
Michael, Isabel, Max and Tess started to walk down the stairs and were stopped by the yelling of their names. They stopped and looked around afraid that they had been spotted. Then Kyle showed up with Serena. They ran and met up with the four aliens at the subway stairs.

"KYLE?! What are you doing here!? Get out of here, go home."

"No Tess... I'm not going to let you do this alone, ok? This is too dangerous. There was a chance you wouldn't make it and you didn't even say good bye? What were you thinking?!" Kyle walked up to Tess and looked her in the eyes. She smiled as her eyes sparkled and she looked over at Max.

"Max, I can help you. Me and Kyle have a sense of what to do. Will you let us? There's more of a chance to get the girls back." Serena looked at everyone, Isabel and Michael getting a good look at her for the first time.

"What can you do?" Max looked over at the group and then at Serena. "I can freeze time, warp it, for only seconds. I know Tess can mind warp which is very useful with the time warp. While I slow things down, she can cause an image to appear for longer, or to seem longer that in is. Kyle can enforce anyone's power's because he simply has enforcing genes. Isabel can dreamwalk the girls, make sure they're still ok, and Max me and you can pull them out of there. But it has to be at some other time. Suicide is not the way, this has to be organized." Everyone looked on at Serena in amazement.

"What? I'm a strategist ok?"

"So you suggest we wait until morning?" Tess looked at Kyle.

"No, that's out of the question. They may not be alive in the morning." Michael's anger began to flare and he looked at Max for support.

"He's right, what if they've given us an appointed time?" Max looked at Serena for an answer.

"That's why we're going to dream walk them."

"Are you sure this will work, it sounds risky."

"Isabel, if you can pull this off, we'll have them back by morning. I can promise that."

"Fine." Everyone gathered and headed to the motel for the night. They met in the one room they all shared and Kyle gave them the information.

"Dad is home on the lookout. In case they miraculously show up or something. Alex will be in contact with us through the cell phone communicators we got. They're in our bags. So we'll do what we gotta do and get outta here."

"Thank you Kyle."

"I'm not doing this for you Max. I'm doing it for Liz... and Tess." Kyle turned from Max and sat next to Isabel on the bed.

"Are you ready?"

"I guess. I just hope they let me through." Isabel needed pictures. Kyle reached into his bag for a picture of Liz, Maria, Alex, and him. Just then Max pulls out a picture of him and Liz as Michael pulls out the only one he has with Maria. Serena looked at them and laughed.

"Wow, you guys never change."

Isabel grabbed the photos and put her finger on Maria first. She closed her eyes and began to drift. Slowly she found herself in a dark warehouse type room.

"Maria? Maria are you in here? It's Isabel."

"Isabel? I'm back here! I'm with Liz." Isabel looked over at Maria confused. She got up from behind some couch and went to greet Isabel. Then, Liz got up and went as well.

"Liz? What are you doing in here?" Isabel looked at Liz's tired eyes and knew something had gone terribly wrong.

"Maria was... well she was getting really sick and I was scared for her you know? I thought that maybe they were hurting her. So I wanted to encourage her without having them hear me so I tried to do what I did with you to Max... and well I'm kind of stuck in here."

"Oh God Liz! Maybe I can help. I just wanted to tell you guys that we're here in NY. We're coming to get you. We'll be there by morning. Promise." The girls nodded in agreement and Isabel looked around as she felt a shudder of cold air.

"They're coming! Isabel get out! Get out now! They're going to try to read our minds, you have to leave!"

"What?! What are you talking about?" Before they could answer Liz grabbed her hand and told her to get out. Isabel woke up with a violent jolt.

"What?! What happened!" Michael held Isabel's shoulders slightly impatiently but with a hint of care.

"Isabel, what did you see?" Max held his sister's hand in concern.

"They threw me out! They just threw me out!"

"They?" Serena looked on interested.

"Liz was also in Maria's subconscious, obviously she tried to help her by dreamwalking her and it didn't quite work out. It was crazy! They said something about them reading their minds and how I had to go before they saw me...I hope they're ok."

They all nodded in agreement and began their plan for rescue the next morning. They all went off to sleep but Max sat by the window. Serena who slept on the floor, walked over to the window. "Can't sleep?"

"No... I'm just really worried. I'm afraid something might have happened."

"I doubt it... Lonnie and Rath, sure they're bad characters. But they know Liz is too useful. They wouldn't harm her. Besides, you would feel it."

"Useful? Why would she be useful?"

"Well, she's the love of your life, and she has the goods on you, and the Granolith. Why would they want to kill her."

"But after they get that information they have no need for her. So it's possible that they'll kill her." Max's voice was unstable and he sounded as if tears would flow in no time.

"Max, she'll be fine." Serena put her hand on his shoulder and smiled.

"I have a question. If me and Liz are meant to be together as you say, what happens to Tess?" They both looked over to her as she slept on one of the beds next to Isabel, with Kyle on the foot of the bed.

"Your answer is right in front of you. You just have to look carefully. Get some sleep. We have a long morning ahead." Max sat at the table by the window and looked at Michael sleep. His face looked troubled. Probably another nightmare. Max took out a picture of Liz from his wallet and looked at it. He whispered at the picture as he drifted off to sleep. Then he found himself in a dream.

Max was at the Crashdown waiting for an order and talking to Michael. A fight broke out, a girl was shot. But not just any girl, it was Liz Parker, the love of his life. He told her his secret and love unfolded. Shortly they dated, and then came along Tess. His destiny. You choose your own destiny Max. The voice came out of nowhere as he looked around surprised to see Liz.

"Wow, what a dream."

"It's not a dream Max. Well, in a sense it is. But I'm not. Isabel has helped me learn how it is I've... changed. I'm here to help. I've heard them talking. Nickolas is behind all of this. They're doing business. It seems that Lonnie is going to trade in Rath for a trip back to the home planet. They killed Zan. Ava herself told me. They don't play. They killed their own leader, killing you would be... a snap. That's what they're planning once they get to the Granolith. They've been trying to read our minds...and I've tried to think about anything but where the Granolith is. They get closer and closer every day."

"Are you hurt? What about Maria?"

"We're fine. Just, be careful. Tess and you are powerful together. You may want to stick together on this one. If she's even helping, considering we're not the best of friends."

"You pitched in when she was missing, she'll do the same for you." He went to get closer when she disappeared.

"Liz? Liz?" Max looked around and found himself in the motel room. He looked at everyone and one by one they started getting up.

"It's time to go." Everyone got themselves ready and went to head down to the subway.

As they got to the stairs, Max looked at them and breathed deep."Ok, let's split up. Tess, you and me and Kyle. Michael you go with Isabel and Serena. Enhance your powers. Do what you can best. And be careful."

"Actually Max, can I suggest something?" Serena's eyes looked determined and he knew she had a plan. He nodded in agreement."Tess can make people hallucinate, with Kyle, she can enhance that power. He's like Liz... a battery, a re-enforcer. We can start with them entertaining Lonnie and Rath, then you and Michael can get inside to get the girls. Meanwhile, Isabel will have dreamwalked them to tell them to keep quiet that we're going to get them. I'll be here to help out in case something goes wrong, I can stop time for a couple of seconds, and Tess can finish the visions. I mean, if we all have something to do, it's more of a chance we'll get them out." She smiled at Max.

"Thank you Serena."

"Hey, no problem. I learned a lot from you in that other world." He smiled back and headed down the stairs with the crew and their designations. The whole scene unfolded and everything was going great, until Tess's vision died out.

"They're too strong for me!" Everyone looked at Lonnie and Rath, and an all out battle began. Their powers were much stronger, but there were more of the good guys. Serena got Liz and Maria up to the top of the subway. Liz refused to stay and ran down to help Max. She met up with Max fighting Rath and Tess supporting him. Kyle looked at Liz and told her to leave. They both refused and instead, Kyle supported Tess's hand as Liz supported Max's. Kyle looked at Max. Liz looked at Tess. Eventually, they smiled. Isabel and Lonnie were having a face off and she knocked her down. Michael ran to Isabel's aid and encircled them in a green shield. Liz looked at Max and he was yelling at her to leave. They had come for them. He wouldn't look at her because he was struggling. She looked at him and whispered into his ear. With that, Serena came and the scene stopped.

"Guys! Come on! We're not gonna beat them but we can get the heck out of here!"

Everyone started to run out and met up with Maria who was in a car with Alex.

"Hop in!"

They drove off with amazing speed. Shortly, they found themselves back in Roswell.

The morning light came through the window and Max opened his eyes. He was in the motel room and he looked over at his sleeping companions. Then out of the bathroom came Michael, dressed and ready to go.

"I'm glad you're up Maxwell. It's time to go."

Max looked around and got up, not quite sure what to do. Everything began to happen according to what he had seen the night before. As they headed for the subway, Max felt a huge rush of deja-vu. Could that have all been a dream? They stopped at the top and looked at Max. But his response was different.

"Guys, I have an idea."

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