FanFic - Max/Liz
"When Dreams Become Reality"
Part 11
by Selena Santiago
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Isabel walked into the Crashdown looking for Max. Over by the back booth she spotted a familiar face.

"Alex! You're back!" She gave him a big hug and he looked at her blankly.

"Have you guys heard from Maria?" Isabel lowered her eyes sadly.

"No. But we know where she is. We're going to get her."

"Right. Of course." Alex sat back down in the booth and sipped on his shake.

"Alex, I know that you probably hate me right now. I mean, we barely speak and when we do I blow you off. And now it's my fault that Maria is gone..."

"I don't hate you Isabel. I just don't understand you. That's all. No big deal...really."

Max walked through the front doors and looked around frantically.

"Is she here yet?"

"Who Max?"


"I haven't seen her, and I've been here all day." Alex sipped nonchalantly on his milk shake just looking up occasionally at Isabel and Max and their hectic conversation.

"What about Michael?"

"What? Wasn't he in school today?"

"I haven't seen him since last night."

"You think he's sick?"

"Max...hello. Does that make any sense? When was the last time any of us got sick?" Alex stood up and went to ask for another shake.

"Actually, I don't think you guys have ever been sick. If my calculations are correct."

"Where could he be?"

"I don't know." Max looked at Isabel worried. He knew that Michael was desperate, and sometimes, when he was like that he did dumb things.

"Come on Iz, we gotta go now!" He grabbed his sister's jacket and began to walk out. She walked out after him as he held the door open and before he left he turned to Alex.

"If Liz comes, can you tell her to wait for me here? Actually, if she comes just tell her not to go anywhere. Distract her. Keep her busy."

Before Alex could say anything, Max walked out and jumped into the jeep with the waiting Isabel. They drove off and found themselves at Michael's apartment. They rang the bell a couple of times. By the third ring, Isabel reached for the lock and opened it with her powers.

They walked into the room and looked around at the half empty living room. They saw a half empty cereal bowl at the counter. Max walked over to the counter as Isabel went to check the bedroom. Max spotted a note and picked up to read it.

I couldn't wait around until something was done. She may be in a lot of trouble. Keep a heavy eye on Liz, she may be next. I'll call whenever I can. Take care. Michael

Max held the note tightly. Isabel ran out of the room in a panic.

"He's missing half of his clothes!"

"That's because he's gone." He handed her the note.

"What are we going to do?"

"I guess we're going to New York."

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