FanFic - Max/Liz
"What the Future Holds"
Part 7
by SpyGirl314
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Summary: This takes place a few days after "Summer of '47" but before "The End of the World". The Granolith comes to life when teens from the future come to straighten out a problem that can't be handled by the pod squad. However, problems arise when the identity of the future teens is revealed.
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They were all the same, Liz mused, but yet each of them were unique in their own way. "Them" being the skins, or what she thought must be the skins. They had a human form. Two arms, two legs, two ears, and a head... just like humans. The physical differences fascinated Liz. Being the natural science lover she studied the alien guards that had kidnapped her and the others intensely, trying to memorize it so she would always remember.

Their skin was that of a normal humans color. Except the arms had blue snake skin-like stripes on them. She wondered idly if their legs did also, but she couldn't tell because of the military-like uniform all of them were wearing. She noticed that each of the different skins had the snake skin on their face, but in different places. Some had it around their eyes, some on their nose, on their cheeks, and some on their foreheads.

All of them also had the computer-like thing over one of their eyes. She had learned a few minutes earlier that it wasn't a permanent thing. When they wanted it to, the computer could retract and it seemingly disappeared into their skin.

Their clothes were incredible. She assumed it was the uniform of the army from whatever planet these people were from. They wore black pants with a black shirt that had no sleeves. The material of the clothing seemed to be heavy in texture, heavier than cotton or wool. On the top left-hand side of their outfit, over what would be the human heart, a strange symbol was embedded into it. The shiny silver on their boots that reflected off the brilliant lights above caught her eye immediately. Even their boots were amazing. The boot itself appeared to be rubber.... or an element denser than that. She noticed when they walked it had a chrome, or steel, sole that made a clanking sound whenever they took a step.

All of them carried machine gun type weapons, although Liz highly doubted they used regular bullets. Everything else they had was so different, she wouldn't be surprised if they shot lasers, like on Star Wars or something. They all walked around like they had a purpose, and the stares they gave the ten humans were bone chilling. They stared at them like they shouldn't even be alive. Like they were nothing.

Liz sighed to herself and looked to her right again for the millionth time. They were all chained to the wall with their arms spread apart above their heads, and their feet barely touching the ground. Max was to her right and Katie was to her left followed by Gabriel, Maria, Michael, Magnolia, Isabel, Stanley, and finally Alex was at the end. It was a circular room they were in. It was enormous and appeared to have two different levels to it. Although the top level couldn't be seen because of the dimmed lights. All they could see was the level they were on.

She felt Max's gaze on her and she turned her head to face him. The hopelessness she saw in his eyes was heart-wrenching. His eyes were watery and she could feel all of his guilt for putting her in this situation.

She mouthed 'I love you' and he did, too. She saw him strain against the cuffs around his wrists, trying desperately to break free, but to no avail.

Suddenly, a door appeared on the opposite side of the wall and big, bulking skin walked through. He wasn't like the rest. This man wore a dark blue robe that swept along the floor causing a wind that made the humans shiver. He walked into the room with a supieriority about him that only led to one conclusion. This man was the leader.

"It's nice to finally meet you all." The man said and with a bow of his head. "I am Kivar, leader of the planet Antar."

No one said anything and Kivar looked amused. "Oh that's right, you don't know the name of the planet you're from." He smiled sarcastically and walked into the center of the room. "Well my little earthlings, it's about time you had a history lesson, don't you think?"

Again no one spoke, and he rubbed his hands together. "Well, let's get started. Max, Michael, Isabel..... you all hail from the planet, Antar. A lush, green planet full of life. Not much different than Earth actually, but with different plant life, animal life, and atmosphere. Now, you're probably wondering how I am here right now, well to make a long story short kids..... I'm from the future."

"I've heard that a lot lately." Michael murmurs.

Kivar, not noticing the comment, continued. "The skins found the Granolith a few years ago, in my time that is, and while you all were seemingly wrapped up in your own petty lives we managed to duplicate the time traveling aspect of it. However we have not yet managed to duplicate the healing part of it. Back to the history lesson. Isabel, your name was Vilandra. You were the beloved princess... and my mistress." Kivar said with a smile.

The color drained from her face. What Congressman Whitaker told her was true. In her past life she had betrayed her family.

Seeing her reaction made Kivar smile even more. He moved in front of Michael and gave him a glare. "Your name was Rath. You were disgustingly faithful to your leader, your best friend, which is what got you killed...... by me."

Michael jerked against his chains, and Kivar laughed slightly and when he moved towards Max, he stopped in front of Liz and looked her over. Then proceeded to stand in front of Max. "And you, my boy, were Zan. The King of Antar and husband to Queen Ava."

Liz shivered at the sound of the last word. Somehow she knew, deep in her soul, that that was who Tess used to be. She looked at Max, who was giving Kivar a determined glare.

"Let them go." Max growled in an authoritive voice.

Kivar laughed and Max strained against his chains angrily, only to cause more laughter from Kivar and smiles on the guards faces.

"This is what you looked like!" Kivars' voice echoed in the large room as he swept his arm around, motioning towards the guards. "Not quite the 'little green men' aliens are portrayed as on Earth, are they?

You see, on Antar about..... sixty years ago we began going through a revolution. Technology was advancing and we had just got done fighting and winning a terrible war in the east part of our solar system. Times were changing. Then... the King got sick, and died tragically, leaving his son, Zan, to rule. Zan was a modest man, he didn't realize how hard it would be to rule a post-war kingdom. He didn't realize that change was a gradual thing. He was determined to have Antar back up on it's feet within months of the war ending, and that ultimately led up to his demise." Kivar's voice trailed off and he shook his head sadly.

"I was the leader of a rebellion. Many of my people knew Zan would lead our country into great poverty with his plans, so we decided to do something about it. We took matters into our own hands."

"By killing the royal family?" Katie asked harshly.

Kivar looked her straight in the eye. "Exactly."

Michael rolled his eyes and shook his head. "You overthrew us because you disagreed with Ma--Zan?"

"To put it simply...." Kivar said. "Yes, but I was not the only Antarian that felt this way. I have many followers."

Everyone fell silent, not knowing what to say.

"How long were Tess--" Max started, then hesitated. "I mean, how long were Ava and Zan...... married?"

Liz sucked in a breath at his question and closed her eyes. She didn't want to know the answer. She didn't want to know how in love they were or how many kids they had had.

"A week." Kivar answered simply, then smirked. "You didn't even consumate the marriage."

Liz eyes shot open and she looked at the alien, bewildered. Had she made that up or did he really say that?

"Wait... in a traditional monarchy, the heir to the throne must marry before he becomes King. Are you telling me Zan had only been King a week before you overthrew him?" Katie asked, incredulously.

"Precisely." Kivar said, and pointed at her. "This here is a bright girl."

"How can you survive here?" Isabel asked, abruptly. "I mean, isn't that why they call you the 'skins'. Aren't you supposed to take on a human form because you'd die otherwise?"

"Modern technology is brilliant, isn't it?" Kivar smiled. "Now with one little injection we can go on any planet in the universe without worrying about the varying climates and atmospheres."

"What about the harvest then?" Katie asked and Kivar turned to her.

"My dear Kaitlyn, I am going to make your job much easier for you." Kivar said and sighed as he walked towards the side of the room near two switches. He flipped the first and the lights to the second level turned on, and revealed what looked like hundreds of tubes with people inside. He looked at their shocked faces and then flipped the other switch, which made the skins in the tubes fall like dead puppets. "I just completed one task for you, now that I have 10 ships full of my people headed for Earth, I no longer need this fifty-year rust buckets."

Kivar walked back towards the middle of the room, then smiled and looked at Katie. "You know what? I've actually completed two of your tasks for you. I stopped the harvest and got rid of the Special Unit's files. We can't have the FBI running around with our information now that our deal is off, can we?"

"How old was I?" Max asked suddenly. "When I assumed the throne, I mean." Max was trying desperately to sort through all the emotions running through him, and trying to get as many facts as he could while he had the chance.

"You were... 36, I believe. Most certainly not a young King." Kivar told him.

Suddenly the door appeared again on the opposite wall and a young boy walked through.

"Ah, Nikolas! So glad you could join us." Kivar greeted and Nikolas nodded his head.

"Are you kidding?" Nikolas smirked and crossed his arms, glaring at the humans. "I wouldn't miss this for the world."

"In case you all are wondering, this is the 'skin' version of me. The present version of me, that is." Kivar explained.

Max's mind was whirling. Was Kivar telling the truth? Should he believe anything he said, after all, this was the man that supposedly killed his past self. Was he only married to Tess a week? Did that mean he hadn't loved her? Was it an arranged marriage? What was he going to do to get Liz, his best friends, and the groups' future kids out of here?

Max began to feel light-headed and he closed his eyes for a few seconds, regaining himself. He had to concentrate. He had to get out of here, and he prayed he would be able to find a way.

Luckily, the answer to his prayers was coming through the door at that very second.

The opening of the door made everyone, including Nikolas and Kivar, jerk in surprise and stare at the newest visitor.

The visitor held up an orb much like the ones owned by the pod squad. "You rang?"

It was a girl. It was..... Katie.

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