FanFic - Max/Liz
"What the Future Holds"
Part 3
by SpyGirl1314
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell, although I really wish I did.
Summary: This takes place a few days after "Summer of '47" but before "The End of the World". The Granolith comes to life when teens from the future come to straighten out a problem that can't be handled by the pod squad. However, problems arise when the identity of the future teens is revealed.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Hope you enjoy the story! Feedback is more than welcome! Oh, and I GUESS I should thank Julie (roswell02) for helping me out with the "kid" names... thanks girlie! :)
After their initial discussion, the group moved into the pod chamber were they saw a few tables set up, with odd looking equipment scattered on them. Stanley quickly explained to the gang that the equipment was state-of-the-art and would be a tremendous help in destroying the skins and disabling the special unit.

It was Liz's first time inside the pod chamber since the fateful day when she walked away from Max, but as she looked around the painful memories from a few months ago started to disolve in the back of her mind. It was also her first time seeing the Granolith and she was awe struck at the sight of it. The beautiful walls illuminated with a glow that cannot be described.

Now Max and Liz sat with Katie in the pod chamber while the others were in the Granolith listening to Stanley and Magnolia explain what it was. The bond between them seemed to be more intense, because Max and Liz didn't even need an explaination about the Granolith, somehow, someway.... they already knew.

It was a sort of "healing chamber". It was used so that when someone from the Royal family used their powers and became weak, they used it to restore their strength. To do this, a person must walk into the chamber, holding one of the healing stones. After that, the Granolith would come to life and restore their powers. It would definitly be useful in the coming days.

Suddenly, Tess's body came rustling through one of the pod's as she exited the Granolith.

"What are we doing just sitting here?" She asked Katie hastily. Tess didn't wait for a reply, instead she turned to Max. "Look, I'm getting out of here. When you all decide to do something, let me know."

Max stood up to face her. "Look, Tess.... I'm sorry about--"

"Spare me the pity, Max." Tess rolled her eyes, then looked him straight in the eye. She was tired of all this shit. She was going to let Max Evans hear what he deserved to hear. "You know what Max? Why don't you stop and think about someone else for a change? Opps, I'm sorry. God forbid you ever think about anyone but yourself and Liz Parker."

"Tess--" Max said in a warning tone as he clenched his jaw.

"No. I'm not finished yet." Tess spat. "Don't you realize what happened? Someone died because you didn't follow your destiny! Your beloved Liz of all people, died because you were so selfish. And then to top it all off, your child from the future comes to fix everything so that you can still have everything your way!"

By now the pod chamber was silent and Katie could see the shadows of the rest of the group behind the pods listening to all the commotion.

When Max didn't reply to her, Tess looked at Katie, then to Liz. "Screw all of you, I'm out of here." And with that, she stormed out of the pod chamber, leaving everyone there in shock.

"You think you know someone." They heard Alex joke, trying to lighten the mood.

Max shrugged his shoulders and looked up at the ceiling. When had things gotten so complicated? As he started to turn towards Liz, he saw Katie looking at pod chamber door Tess had stormed out of a few minutes earlier. He saw something in her eyes that made him walk over to her.

When Katie realized he was staring at her, she looked up at him, looking down on her.

"There's something you're not telling us, isn't there?" Max asked softly. He was still having a hard time comprehending the fact that this wasn't just some girl. It was his daughter.

Katie looked down and nodded her head. She heard the others move back into the pod chamber and everyone exchanged glances.

"Maybe I should go get Tess--" Isabel said slowly.

"No!" Katie said quickly and stood up. Everyone turned to her, confused by the sudden outburst. Katie cleared her throat. "I mean, no, you can't do that. Besides she's probably gone by now."

Liz slowly got up from the chair she was sitting in and doubled over in pain. "Oh my god--"

"Liz?" Max managed to say her name before it hit him, too. It was just like this morning. The pain in his head was unbearable. He couldn't see anything but an ebony blackness that threatened to consume him.

Isabel rushed over to Max while Maria ran to Liz. But as soon as they reached them it was over, and Max and Liz stood up straight, wearing a very confused look on their faces.

Max quickly moved towards Liz and put his hands on her shoulders, looking into her eyes. "Are you okay?" He asked softly his eyes filled with worry.

"Yeah." Liz nodded her head, still a little dazed. "That happened to me this morning, too. What was that?"

Max shook his head and opened his mouth, but Katie spoke before him.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry." Katie said, her voice filled with guilt. "It just gets so out of control sometimes."

"What gets out of control?" Michael asked as he walked closer to the group.

Everyone looked at Katie, who was rubbing her temples with her fingers. She had an expression of distress on her face, so whatever happened, she obviously hadn't intended on doing it.

Magnolia walked over and gently rubbed Katie's back. "Sometimes she gets flashes and they just sort of take control over her. She can't fight them."

"But why did it affect Max and Liz?" Isabel asked, confused.

"Because they're in a soul circle. They're souls are connected no matter what time we're in." Mags explained, then looked at Katie. "Better?"

"Much." Katie gave her a reassuring smile.

Seeing the exchange between Magnolia and Katie made Liz's heart warm. She smiled softly as she realized that Mags and Katie were exactly like her and Maria. She felt Maria's gaze on her and when she turned around, she could tell that Maria was feeling the exact same way.

"As much as I hate to break this touching moment, I believe you were about to tell us something that you refrained from speaking of earlier." Alex interrupted.

Katie looked around at the room full of people and her gaze fell upon Max. "There is a traitor among you."

Alex's eyes widened in shock. "A--A traitor?"

The room was silent and Max stared at the ground in thought. He slowly lifted his head to look at Katie.

"Tess." Max stated and suddenly, something in his brain clicked. It was like the puzzle had been completed.

Katie nodded her head, and decided the group now needed an explaination. "Nasedo was so caught up in trying to find the remaining royalty, that he failed to raise Tess into a good human. And because she was an under-developed human, she was an under-developed hybrid as well. Tess became angry over the years of her childhood and when the skins caught up with her, she decided to join them. Her hate for the remaining three royals became an obsession. She stayed with Nasedo all those years because she knew he was the only one that would ever find you all. And when Nasedo told her they were going to Roswell, she knew that she could finally have payback, and could lead the skins straight to you."

"Oh my god..." Isabel whispered and Alex put his arm around her.

"When she found out that you had the orbs, it was like a dream come true. You see, the orbs were communicators, but since the skins have taken over your home planet, they no longer work. And Tess knew that.... but you didn't, so she used that to her advantage." Katie began to walk around a little bit, idly touching things. "She used you all and made you believe in a destiny that wasn't true... with her mind controling capabilities." She paused and turned to teenage father. "And she made you have those visions Max. The visions of you and her."

The anger was building up inside of Max like fire burning a piece of paper. Tess. He knew from the moment he saw her that she wasn't who she appeared to be. Even after spending time with her over the summer, something still felt "off" with her. When he thought back to all the pain she had caused to him and Liz.... and everyone else that he cared about more than anything... it made him even angrier.

Liz sensed this and walked up next to him, putting her hand on his arm gently. "Don't think about the past, Max. We need to focus on the future." She saw him slowly turn his head towards her, and she smiled. "Our future."

Max smiled slightly. A future with him and Liz..... and a baby girl to come in a few years. He would fight forever to have that kind of happiness.

Taking Liz's hand into his, he looked over at Katie solemnly. "What do we do?"

Katie half-smiled and Liz nearly gasped. She had the same adorable smile as Max. Max must have noticed too, because she felt him give her hand a gentle squeeze.

"Well, I think we should start by destroying Whiteman Air Force Base." She said and turned on one of the laptops on the desk and the screen lit up with what looked like a blue print of the base. "Only 2 of us will be going inside."

"Only 2?" Michael asked, already not liking this plan.

"Yes." Katie told him. "Me and Max. The rest of you will stay here and moniter--"

"Hell no!" Michael interrupted harshly. "I'm going with you."

Katie shook her head. She knew he was going to put up a fight. "Uncle Mike I don't have time for this!"

Hearing her say his name like that made Michael speechless.

"Dad told me how to do this and I'm going to do it the way he wanted me to." Katie looked at Max, then to the rest of the group.

They all just nodded their heads. What else could they do? She obviously knew what she was talking about if she came from the future.

"Now," Katie started and motioned towards the computer screen. "Max and I will enter through the southside of the building. It's the side with the least amount of security checks. Unfortunately to completely destroy the building, we'll have to place the destruction device in the center of the building." She paused and looked at Max. "Which is the white room."

"So let me get this straight." Michael said, crossing his arms. "You're going to go into the Special Unit's base, plant a bomb in the white room, and then get back out of the base safely without anyone seeing you?" He rolled his eyes and walked over to Katie. "Why don't you just go in there, put the bomb right into an agent's hand, and say 'Here, have a nice day'."

Magnolia rolled her eyes. "God, don't you ever think positively? You should try it sometime. Believe it or not, in a crisis situation, it actually helps!"

"Oh please." Michael scoffed. "Note to future self: teach daughter to shut up!"

Magnolia gasped and Maria stepped in front of her in defense. "You know Michael she's got a point. It wouldn't kill you to take instructions from someone else for a change!"

"Is this how things normally are?" Alex whispered to Stanley as Maria and Michael continued bickering.

Stanley shrugged his shoulders. "Yeah, pretty much."

"You know I'd watch what you say to me, the future could easily change if you know what I mean!" Maria threatened and Michael took a deep breath to start his rant.

"Stop it you two, this is getting so out of control!" Katie and Liz gasped when they finished the statement.... in unison.

"Awww, isn't that cute." Alex commented jokingly. "Like mother like daughter."

Katie gave him a sarcastic smile, then looked at Michael and Maria. "Look guys. The tear in time that we made only lasts for three days. So we have to do our business, and get out of here before it closes or else--"

"Or else what?" Max asked.

Katie shrugged and looked at him. "Or else your kids won't live to see their 17th birthday."


It was almost time for Max and Katie to leave for Whiteman Air Force Base, and Max had dragged Liz out of the pod chamber while the others were going over the final details.

"Max, what are you doing? Shouldn't you be listening to--" Liz started, but Max stopped her by taking her head into his hands and kissing her softly on the lips.

When he pulled back a little he saw the worry in her eyes. Once again, worry for him and not herself. It was her life that was in jeopardy and the only thing she worried about was him.

"You don't have to worry. I'll be fine." He assured her softly.

She smiled as she slid her arms up and around his neck. She felt his hands slid down her sides to rest on her hips. "I know. And.... thanks... in advance."

Max smiled. "For what?"

"For saving my life.... again." She told him quietly.

He moved his head closer to her so their lips were almost touching, and whispered, "I'd do that a million times, if that's what it took." Then he closed the distance between them with a such a heart felt kiss, it made Liz's knees weak. But then again, that's always how she felt when she was kissing Max.

She was disappointed when he pulled away completely, pulling something out of his pocket.

"Here." He said and handed her a piece of folded paper. It was soft paper, worn out. It looked like it was kind of old.

She looked up at him questioningly and he explained. "I wrote this when we-- after we kissed the first time on your balcony. After I leave, if you are scared or afraid or something happens.... read this."

Liz's eyes started to water and he gently brought up his hand to gently stroke her cheek. "Now keep in mind I'm no Steinbeck--" He paused when Liz laughed. "But it's how I feel."

"Max..." Liz started, then didn't know what to say except, "I love you."

"I love you too, Liz." Max gently brought her closer and closed the distance between them yet again with a kiss.

They had no idea how long they were there, and when Katie walked out of the pod chamber and saw the scene in front of her she had to cover her mouth so she didn't laugh out loud.

This was a common thing, seeing her parents making out, and she had seen it so often that she was no longer embarrassing when she witnessed it. Of course it was still sickening to see your parents all mushy and lovey dovey, but the embarrasment could easily be turned around onto them.

"Ahem." Katie waited a few seconds, and Max and Liz seemed to still be in their own little, heated world. She sighed and finally started coughing loudly.

That broke Max and Liz out of their "love trance" and they turned around to face their future daughter. Liz would have died if it had been anyone else, but she really felt weird now that she'd been caught in a 'lusty embrace' by her own future daughter. Her cheeks began to glow a bright red and she looked away.

Katie felt bad for the both of them, so she decided to let them off easily. She patted her chest softly and cleared her throat. "I think I'm catching a cold or something." She lied, and cast them a knowing grin.

Max turned to face Liz one more time and mouthed a "bye". He slowly walked away, letting go of her hand and started towards the jeep.

Liz's eyes were following every movement Max made, and her hand still clutched to the letter in her hand. She felt eyes on her and turned towards Katie, who was looking at her.

"Is something wrong?" Liz asked. She found it very reasonable that a teenage girl would be afraid to go into a place where they torchered alien beings.

Katie shook her head and smiled. "No, I'm just reminding myself what I'm fighting for."

Liz watched as her future daughter threw a black backpack into the jeep and climbed into it. She saw Max and Katie sitting side-by-side and she suddenly realized her whole world was right in front of her..... those two people were her reason for living.

Max glanced over at Katie, who was looking straight ahead. "Ready?"

Katie took a deep breath and looked over at him. "As ready as a person can be when they're getting ready to blow something up."

Max laughed and gave her a smile, then with one last look to Liz, they headed off for the base.

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