FanFic - Max/Liz
"Weather the Storm"
Part 2
by Lynsey
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, they belong to Melinda Metz, and the WB.
Summary: What happens after the aliens have to leave, will they come back? for what reasons though?
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Authors Note: This story takes place before January 1st and up through the middle of January. Some scenes allude to others taking place in upcoming episodes. No real Spoilers though. Also I changed Liz's reason for stepping back during the "Balance" episode. Please send all critiques to me :) good or bad!
"Ms. Topolsky how dare you reveal our mission to a civilian!" the head of the FBI yelled into his microphone. Ms. Topolsky flinched.

"I'm sorry I had to get the story!"

"You aren't a reporter Ms. Topolsky, you were an FBI agent!"


"That's right, were! you are being taken off the field. You've ruined my mission. Pack your stuff and exit Roswell right now. Be on the next flight or else!"

"Yes, sir!" she took her headphones off and glanced at her office. She quickly began boxing her stuff up.

"It appears that Ms. Topolsky has been called away to Washington DC indefinetely. This here will be your new counselor, Mr. Streper." Liz looked at the little man with the bow tie and huge glasses. There was no way they would be in danger from him. After class Liz and Max caught up with Isabel and Michael.

"Did you hear the good news?" Max asked them. "Topolsky left town."

"Oh thank god!" Isabel said.

"We're in the clear," Liz nodded, smiling. Max grabbed her hand and squeezed it.

"There's still Valenti, but we can handle him." Michael said. Maria met up with them with Alex following right behind. Isabel turned to him. He wondered how they would act around each other.

"So, Isabel, if you want to do what you did earlier then I'm fully ready." he said smiling. Isabel smiled.

"You can never be ready for me. I'm full of surprises."

"So I've noticed."

"Oh god, are you two flirting?" Michael mocked. Maria and Michael laughed. Isabel shot them a look and the rest of the gang joined in.

"It's January 15th and I'm Liz Parker. There are moments in my life that are utterly difficult to get through. But then suddenly something wonderful comes out of it. Those difficult times are those 'It would never happen to me' moments. And once again I have 3 aliens to thank for the crazy life I lead. I wouldn't trade these difficult moments for anything because if you weather the storm you will be a stronger person. I have become a stronger person."

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