FanFic - Max/Liz
"We Are...."
Part 1
by PaulaSch
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Summary: This scene starts right were the "End of the World" ended with Max and Tess sitting on the bench.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Authors Note: A possible future.
Tess: Max, please don't shut me out

Max: (head down he begins to explain what went on) Earlier Liz came over and told me she couldn't take it anymore that all she wanted was a normal life, with normal people, normal hopes and normal dreams a normal future without having to always look over her shoulder and wonder if she or her family were going to be alive tomorrow. She said that my destiny was with you and that was how things should be no matter what we felt for each other. I decided I wasn't taking no for an answer and showed up at her bedroom window to take her to the Gomez concert. I interrupted her and Kyle… In bed.

Tess: (Shocked look on her face, she is silent for a moment then turns to talk) She told me pretty much the same thing when we tried to set up that meeting at the table the other day. (Silence again as Tess thinks this out and has a puzzled look on her face)

Tess: But Max, as much as I want that all to be true it's just not something Liz would do. Max, I know how things have been and I know you don't have feelings for me and I think I finally understand. I've never understood what its like to care for someone so much it hurts and I can see that’s how it is with Liz and you. Think about it Max, Liz approaching me to help set us up. She was sincere, really sincere but you could see it hurt every minute of it now her and Kyle do you really think after all she said to you and how she feels about you she would just hop into bed with her old boyfriend like that? That’s not Liz no matter what it looked like it's just not her.

Max: (his head pops up there's a glint of hope in his eyes) But I saw them!

Tess: How many times have we seen things that just weren't what they seem? Look in your heart Max, you know her better than anyone is that something she would do?

Max: No, your right there's more here than it seems at least that’s what I want to believe right now.

Tess: You've always followed your heart Max, just like Liz did when she saw you kiss me that rainy night. She was hurt and confused but she knew in her heart there was more to it, why can't it be something like that you have to at least find out what happened you owe it to yourself and Liz.

Max: You're right, I do. Tess, thanks for understanding and letting the human side of you show it's nice you should let it out a little more often.

Tess: I know, I've never learned how to deal with my feelings, never had anyone how really cared about me. I've been trying to convince myself that you belonged to me, that Liz had something that was mine but you can't own someone human or not and looking at you and how hurt you are and how much you love her I just don't want to feel like I'm second best, that you are settling for me because that’s what you feel you are supposed to do. I deserve more than that and so do you. Its wrong to tear two people apart because of some stupid book that decided who and what we are supposed to love. I know you care about me and that’s enough, and I mean it Max that’s enough. I don't feel sorry for myself or hurt it's just how things are.

Max: You really do understand, I do care Tess, we all do. We want what's best for everyone but there are some many questions that we have no answers for and when you showed up it seemed to just make matters worse. I wasn't your fault it just happened that way and I think we've all been really unfair to you because it was easier than dealing with the problems.

Tess: Thank you Max, I just want to be one of you for you to trust me I truly only want to help.

Max: I know and you have more than you could possibly know. (Max leans over and kisses Tess on the forehead a smile on his face)

Tess: We, enough of all this mushy stuff, I've got a wick that needs trimming!

Max: You have a what?

Tess: Never mind, go get her Max and good luck! (He smiles, gets up and heads off)

Kyle sits on the edge of he's bed with his head in his hands.

Kyle: (Talking to himself) What have I just done! Have I helped a friend or ruined the guy who saved my life? I've got to get a grip. It seemed like the right thing to do right? (There's a knock at the door) Oh, hell what now?

Kyle opens the door;,

Kyle: Yeah,

Max pushes inside Kyle: Oh,now, now what a minute Max before you blast me into oblivion……………

Max: (looking as serious and powerful as he ever has) I want to know what happened and I want to know now!

Kyle: (Trying his best to stick to the story) Well, I'm sure you can figure out what happened, you do know about the birds and the bee's right?

Max: (his jaw set and an angry look in his eye he grabs Kyle's shirt ) Kyle, I'm going to say this one more time, I want to know the truth and if I have to beat it out of you I'm willing to do it. I know you lying and I'm going to find out one way or another. Don't you feel you owe me anything at all?

Kyle: (looking a little hopeless and confused he folds and starts to tell all) Ok, Ok , Max, I'm sorry I know it was wrong. Liz came and asked me to pretend that her and I, well you know. She said you would be at the window to pick her up and would see the whole thing. I swear Max I never laid a hand on her, she seemed desperate and begged and well I just couldn't say no to her.

Max: (he looks almost relieved he softens as he lets go of Kyle's shirt) She didn't say why? No explanation?

Kyle: (being as sincere as he can) No, no, she just said that I had to trust her and that she couldn't tell me anymore it was important that I just do as she asked, she begged me Max she seemed so desperate for my help what could I do? After you showed up she was so upset we didn't say two words she said thank you got dressed and left crying.

Max : I believe you, thanks for telling me. ( he turns and hurries out the door)

Kyle: (muttering to himself) The guy saves my life, I pretend to sleep with his girl and he says "Thanks", Aliens! I'll never understand them!

Liz is standing on the patio looking up at the night sky and seeing and shooting star;

Liz talking to herself :

Well Liz Parker now your as miserable as you've ever been, Max hates you as I'm sure the rest of them will once it gets around about Kyle and you can't even tell anyone because it might ruin things now that they seem fixed, god what next (she hears a noise and spins around to the edge of the patio as Max's head pops over the top)

Max : What's next is you tell me what's going on

Liz: Max, what are you doing here, I, don't really want to talk about it. I've said all I have to say to you, please, go.

Max: I've already talked to Kyle Liz, he told me the truth nothing happened now I need to hear it from you and why?

Liz: (fidgeting around uncomfortably trying to figure out how she can hold all this together) What do you mean, you saw us Max what do you think we were doing?

Max: (He walks over takes a hold of both her shoulder with enough force that she has to stand right in front of him and look him in the eyes) Liz, look and me, do you think I believe after all we have been thru and with all this sudden obsession about putting me and Tess together you would just hop into bed with Kyle? Liz, I know you to well that’s not like you its just not something you would do.

Liz: (trying not to look in his eyes) Well, I did and it happened and ……………………………….. (she starts to cry leaning into Max who is now holding her)

Max: I know it didn't happened, but why, why would you go and do all this?

Liz: (wiping her eyes and stopping to sob enough to talk). Something happened, you came to me, well not you, you but future you. You were older had ,long hair with gray in it. You told me that I had to get the two of us apart that in the future us being together cause a rift between you and Tess and that its vital to our lives, the lives of everyone that she be there. Because of the way you treated her she leaves Roswell and she is important to the future that without her powers there will be no future.

Max: I had gray hair?

Liz : Max!

Max: Sorry.

Liz: So I tried to set you and Tess up, but that fell thru. The only thing I could think of that would make you really hate me was, well, you know.

Max: What did this "future me" say. What happens in the future?

Liz: You wouldn't go into any details, you said it was important that I didn't know too much. That if this all worked out this "Future you" would cease to exist and hopefully things would be changed. You were standing there one minute and then you disappeared so I guess it worked.

Max : So, that’s it its all over this whole thing?

Liz: I guess, Max I don't know I don't have all the answers.

Max: I'm sorry it's just, well the thought of you and Kyle…………….. Liz I've never felt so terribly hurt in my life. I felt lost without you. I don't want to feel like that ever again (he goes to kiss her)

Liz: Max! You don't understand we can't be together, if we are the whole world will suffer, people will die, Michael, Isabelle, Tess, our families all of them.

Max: Liz, you said this Future Max said that the reason he was here was to fix the problem between Tess and Me right?

Liz: Yes.

Max: Well, why does that mean we can't be together? Tess left because she felt like an outsider she felt like everyone hated her and she was unwanted. You know who sent me here to straighten this out, who was the one that told me it just wasn't something you'd do? Tess!

Liz :Tess did?

Max: Yes, we talked and she finally really understands things. She told me to go to you to talk to you. She said that it wasn't fair that we be apart and she meant every word of it. She seemed happier than I've ever seen her Liz, like she finally understands what its like for us.

Liz : But Max the future …………

Max: The future is what we make of it Liz, if we push Tess away and make her feel unwanted then maybe that future could still be possible. But its not because of you and me its because of Tess and her place in all this. If we make her feel wanted and trusted then if what Future Max said is still true things should be different, we have a chance at changing it!!!! We make our own destiny, we are who we choose to be and with whom we choose to be with……………. (scene fads away with Max holding Liz)

Back to the Valenti house, Kyle is in the kitchen getting something to eat. He hears the front door open and in walks Tess smiling.

Tess : Well, if it isn't Buhda Boy!

Kyle: Tess, its been one hell of a night I really don't have the energy to banter insults.

Tess : (she walks over and pulls on the waistband of his sweatpants with a little smirk on her face), Well, I hope you have enough energy to do that wick trimming you promised, you do don't you?

Kyle : ( a confused look on his face) Hey, this isn't one of those weird Alien things, someone isn't going to breakdown the door and shoot me or something right?

Tess: (Still smiling) Just shut up and meet me in your room in five minutes, ok?

Kyle: (who has the broadest smile on his face) Praise Buddha I hear and obey!

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