FanFic - Max/Liz
"Universal Harmony"
Part 1
by Jamie
Disclaimer: Although I wish I were that creative, Roswell, it's characters and situations, are not mine and I have to settle with submitting stories to this website!
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Rating: PG-13
Hi. I'm Liz Parker and I've had the strangest night ever. It started out with a fantasy about Max and ended with his lips on mine. It was perfect--until he snapped out of his irrational state and realized his lack of control. I'm trying desperately to forget about this turn of events, but it's hard. Maybe Max was just drunk and he didn't know what he was doing, but doesn't alcohol usually squelch inhibitions and the real truth comes out? I guess i'll just have to wait till tomorrow to see whether my "encounter" with Max will turn out to be reality or just another one of my hopeful fantasies. . .

* * * *

Maria picked Liz up the next day for school. On the way to Roswell High, the car trip was very silent. Maria kept darting glances over at her friend, trying to figure out what to say. After all, she had seen Liz's face fall with hurt when max had walked out of the club, what could she possibly say to easy that pain for Liz? "You were really good last night, Maria," Liz said, finally breaking the silence. Maria smiled slightly. "Thanks."

Liz was really uncomfortable with the tension in the air. She knew Maria was struggling with her thoughts. "So, can you believe what Max did last night?" Liz said, laughing unconvincingly.

Maria pulled into the school parking lot and shut the engine off. She turned to her friend with a serious expression on her face. "What are you going to do if you see him today?" Liz pursed her lips and shook her head. "I don't know. We have to do an experiment in Biology class today and it will kill me if he doesn't at least apologize for what happened last night."

"Apologize? Why should he do that?! That would mean that Max didn't mean what happened and you don't want that, do you? Maria questioned, her eyes wide. "I don't know, Maria! He's just so confusing! An apology would be better than nothing," Liz said quietly.

Maria's eyes left Liz's face for a minute and looked out the window. Liz saw her features darken and she turned her head to see what she was looking at. Michael was making his way over to the Jetta. "Great. What does he want?" Maria muttered, squeezing her friend's had before getting out of the car. Liz followed suit.

"Hey," Michael greeted, his gaze switching between Maria and Liz.

"Hi," Liz muttered, still occupied with her own thoughts.

Maria just stared at him, her arms crossed. "So, what happened last night?" Michael asked. "I was a little busy."

Maria rolled her eyes. Liz decided to talk to Michael. "Well, you missed a great show. Maria and Alex were great together."

"Yeah. That whole concert thing. Sorry I couldn't make it," Michael muttered, putting his hands in his pockets. Maria scowled at him. "You mean you weren't there? Hmm, I didn't even notice."

"Well, I wouldn't think so," Michael retorted. Liz sighed. "Okay, guys, I'm not going to get involved with this. I'll see you at lunch, Maria."

Liz smiled at Michael sympathetically, knowing what was coming, then walked past them to the building. "So, what were you doing last night?" Maria asked coldly after her friend was out of earshot. Michael ran his hand through his tousled hair and shrugged his shoulders. "it doesn't matter. I just wanted to know if you had seen Max last night."

Maria laughed bitterly. "Oh yeah, I saw Max."

"You did? So he ended up going to the concert by himself, huh?" Michael asked.

"Nooo, actually he showed up drunk with Kyle Valenti and started making out with Liz in front of her blind date and the entire audience." Maria started to walk past him.

"What?! You're joking, right?" Michael said, grabbing her arm to stop her.

"What were you and Isabel doing last night and why wasn't Max invited? If he was with you guys, nothing like that would have happened and Liz wouldn't be so hurt and confused today!" Maria yelled, then yanked her arm away and ran to the door as the bell rang.

Michael sighed with exasperation and followed after her, intent on finding out what Max had been thinking while he and Isabel were on a mission to find the truth.

* * * *

At lunch hour, Isabel was with all her friends on the campus lawn when she spotted Alex near the basketball court. She quickly excused herself and walked over to him. "Hey, Alex," Isabel smiled unsurely, knowing Alex would be suspicious of why she was talking to him after she brushed him off a few weeks ago.

Alex looked up from his lunch and tried desperately to finish his food before he said hello. He ended up swallowing too soon and began coughing fitfully. Isabel tried to hide her amusement as she sat down beside him and hit him on the back a few times.

"Hey," Alex managed to say, his eyes watering. They sat for a few moments in silence before Isabel began to speak. "I wanted to tell you how sorry I am that I didn't come to the concert last night. It was rude of me to ask you for tickets and then not use them."

Alex fiddled with his lunch bag, avoiding her gaze. She was so beautiful! It was amazing in itself that she was sitting by him while all her friends stared at them from across campus.

"It's all right, Isabel. I just hope your night was as interesting as mine." Alex smirked, recalling the strange events. Isabel looked confused. "What do you mean?" Alex's eyes widened. "you don't know what your brother did last night?"

* * * *

"What is the matter with you, Max?" Max winced as Michael slapped him on the back of the head during lunch.

"Nothing's the matter. I got a little drunk, did some stupid things--or so I've heard--but I've got it under control," Max reasoned as he rubbed his head. Michael shook his head, staring off in the distance.

"That was really stupid. I never figured you would do something like that." "Yeah, that's more up your alley, right?" Max said under his breath, feeling sorry before he even completed the sentence.

Michael chose to ignore Max's last comment. "Just be more careful. You have to get over this whole Liz thing." Max didn't even want to talk about Liz. He would see her next period in Biology class and he would deal with that when it happened. He decided to change the subject.

"Well, while I was out making a fool of myself last night, what were you and Isabel up to?" Max asked. Michael suddenly felt the urge to bolt. how could he sit here and criticize Max's actions when he and Isabel had acted just as rashly?

"I tried to leave a message for Nasedo. He didn't come. That's it," Michael said nonchalantly. "What?! You did that without me?" Max asked hurtfully.

"Hey, don't look at me that way," Michael said, getting up and grabbing his jacket. "you were a little--say--preoccupied--so why would you care what Is and I did? Get your priorities straight, Max, or else this is never going to work." With that, Michael walked off, leaving Max to contemplate his situation.

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