FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 1
by Nicole
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Summary: Discovering what's wrong with Max.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Authors Note: I wrote this just after "Ask Not", it's just something in my head that I wrote down. So if it doesn't make sense, then I guess my head's messed up.
Isabel stared at her brother, scared and worried. He was rocking back and forth on the floor, his knees drawn up to his chest, eyes unfocused, muttering to himself. She glanced at Tess questioningly. Her best friend shook her head. "I can't get in, Izzy. He won't let me connect." Isabel felt her fears rising. What was wrong with him? She briefly considered calling Michael, but they way they'd been butting heads lately... He'd probably put Max deeper into his funk. So who could help? Not Alex or Maria. As much as she wanted their comfort, they wouldn't be able to help. They were human, and this was obviously a non-human thing. She stared at Max again, this had never happened before. Max was always solid, always in control. The only time he had ever come close to semi-losing it was when Nasedo took... It hit her like a ton of bricks. She grabbed her coat and started towards the door. "Isabel! Where are you going?" Tess called. "To get the only person who can help." I hope, she thought. Tess knelt down in front of him, peering up into the blank eyes. He kept saying the same thing over and over, and she couldn't make it out. Why wouldn't he let her in? He was supposed to trust her. Of course, he was supposed to love her too, but he didn't. "Max," she said. She placed a hand on his cheek, he jerked away from her. "Max." She tried again, placing both hands on either side of his head. His arms came up, pushing her away. "Don't touch me!" he practically screamed. It was the first intelligible thing he'd said in the past two hours, and his eyes were clear. Unfortunately, the clear emotion in them was anger. Before she could think of something to say, he reverted back. She shivered, watching him rock. Hurry Isabel. Liz was star gazing out on her balcony when she heard the noise. The noise that meant someone was climbing up her ladder. She sighed and prepared herself for the inevitable quickening of her heart as soon as she saw him. But it wasn't Max. It was Isabel. "Liz come quick," she demanded urgently, her eyes wild with fear, "It's Max." Liz felt her heart stop as her body froze up. She had felt something wrong happen awhile ago, and now she knew what was wrong. Max. She was torn between her desire to go to him and her vow to stay away and let him find his destiny. She was determined not to screw up his life. "I'm not sure that's such a good idea Isabel," she hesitated, still torn. "Please Liz, he needs you." She felt her eyes widen. Max needed her. She followed Isabel without a word. Isabel heard Liz's little cry as she saw Max. She also saw Tess' accusing eyes turned on her. She had no idea what she was doing, if this would work or not. She watched breathlessly as Liz crossed over to him. Tess watched silently, glaring at the human. What had Isabel been thinking, letting her in here? She hovered protectively over Max. Liz never noticed, her gaze was locked on Max. Liz bent down before him, placing her knees on the bedroom floor. She placed her hands gently on his knees. he relaxed almost immediately, leaning back against the wall, his hands falling to his sides as his knees unbent. She scooted a little closer. His eyes were still foggy, and he was still muttering. What was he saying? "Max," she queried softly. His eyes moved, almost as if trying to focus on her face. She reached up, gently brushing his black-brown hair off his forehead. His beautiful golden brown eyes followed her every move, but he was still out of it. Liz bit her lip, she needed to figure out what was wrong. She needed to connect with him. Liz took a deep breath, there was only one way she knew to connect. And so, she leaned in close, cutting off his repetition of her name as she captured his lips against hers... Max was lost in his mind. Everything was whizzing around the white haze that encircled him. He couldn't see through the dense whiteness, and he couldn't run anywhere. It always found him, surrounded him. Tess kissing him, his guilt, Michael's behavior, Nasedo showing up, the white room, Pierce, the pod chamber, his mother, his destiny, his responsibilities, his duty, Nasedo dying in his arms, the Skins... But most of all he saw her. Again and again, the images went on and on. He saw himself pushing her away, hurting her, putting her in danger, betraying her, lying to her... And he saw her leaving him, saw Liz walk away. That's what hurt the most. Not the walking away, that hurt, but not as much as the fact that he didn't go after her. Liz, his brain whispered, LizLizlizlizliz... It was his mantra, the only thing that kept him from going completely insane in this place called his mind. She was his lifeline. He could almost smell the jasmine scent of her perfume, could almost feel her small hands through his clothes. He sighed, relaxing slightly as he imagined her limitless dark brown eyes. So loving and concerned. Her cool hands against his hair. He could taste the sweet strawberry lip gloss she always wore as she placed her soft lips on his... Then he realized the fog was gone, and that Liz was real. His arms came up around her, pressing her warm body closer to him. he wrapped his hands in her silky hair, deepening their kiss. Max was completely oblivious to his sister's, "Thank God," and to Tess' pained expression. The only thing he was aware of, or wanted to be aware of, was Liz. Isabel walked Tess to the door. She was sorry for her friend, but happy for her brother. Besides, Tess should have known by now that Max wasn't going to give up Liz. There had been no possibility of that. She glanced back into Max's room, yup, he was definitely okay now, and slipped out again. It wasn't as if they'd know she was there, but watching her brother make out with his girlfriend was not one of her fantasies. Max stood up against the wall, pulling Liz with him. She felt her feet lift off the ground as he carried her to the bed. This was definitely getting intense, but hey, she wasn't going to complain. She slid her hands underneath his shirt, feeling sleek muscles under his smooth skin. She knew now, there was no way to deny it, she needed him like she needed air. Why had she tortured herself for so long? All of a sudden, he was sobbing uncontrollably. She could feel his deep, racking breaths and the wetness of his tears against her neck. "Max?" All her doubts came rushing back. What if she was wrong? What if he was finally moving on? What if..? He lifted his head. "God, Liz, I just... I love you so much..." She felt tears of joy prick her eyes. "I love you, too, Max." He smiled at her, playing with her thick brown hair. "Don't ever leave me again." "I won't," she promised, "Just don't ever let me go." "Never," he whispered fiercely. They smiled at each other, then kissed again. Slow, long, and lingering. They didn't need to rush, they had all the time in the world. And they were going to spend it together.
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