Fanfic - Max/Liz
"Truth Again"
Part 1
by Serena
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Summary: Roswell in 14 years. The Skins return. Liz writes in her diary. Liz POV.
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Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: After “the Departure” I wondered if Liz’ acting in “End of the world” has changed something or not. And if not… what would they do, because, they don’t have the granolith chamber anymore. So this is my (very sad) version how it could be. First I wanted to write two versions, one with a happy ending and one with a sad ending, but after I finished the sad one, I didn’t know, how all this could have a good end. It’s sad. It’s the first fanfic I post and I’m not very good at English, so please don’t mind my mistakes. And last but not least… I’d love to get feedback. Dedication: to all those, who write fanfic. I love reading it and to all my friends.
Today is December 4th 2014 and I’m Liz Parker. Two months before, life seemed to be finally alright again. Max and I have been together again since Tess left Earth. And everything seemed to be perfect. We married, when we were 20 but not in the Elvis Chapel in Las Vegas. Instead we married in Roswell together with our parents and all our friends. It was the best day (or night) of my life. Also Michael and Maria are still a couple. Since Michael would have stayed with her, when they wanted to leave, they didn’t have any bigger troubles in their relationship. But everything has changed now. Life won’t be the same anymore.

Now I remember, what I did that Max wouldn’t love me anymore, and now I know, that everything I did, was worthless. I knew it the moment, Max looked into my eyes and told us, that the Skins had arrived again and murdered Kyle’s dad. It’s exactly the time, future Max had told me, that the Skins would come back and I knew, I was right. I saw disbelief and fear in the faces of Isabel, Michael, Kyle and Maria. Kyle was shocked and just left the room. After a while he came back again. I knew that he felt grief but he promised that he would help us to defeat them.

Somehow, I knew what it would be like in the next days, maybe weeks or months. The future Max had told me about Isabel’s and Michael’s fate. But I was afraid to tell them.

To tell Maria, to tell Max. And maybe it was better this way. Maybe I wasn’t right and my acting in this night really had changed something.

I tried to make myself believe. And so I didn’t tell anyone.

December 15th 2014

Today Isabel died, and now I know that I was right and gave up all my hope. I wish the future Max would be here, so that I could ask him, when and where Michael was going to die, so that I could at least try to hold him back to be there then. But he isn’t. Why did he even tell me about all this?

I can’t stand waiting until something happens. Somebody is going to die and I am unable to do anything about it. I see Max, my love and my very life and it drives me crazy seeing him so full of grief because of Isabel’s death. I feel with him. I know how it is to loose someone, you care about. I already lost my parents, they died years ago in a car accident, my grandma and Alex. And Isabel was also a friend of mine. So I mourn for her too. But she was his sister. Sometimes the only friend he had. Sometimes the only person he could trust in, after all I did to him.

Now we are in the UFO- Center and try to hide here. Max is restless, didn’t sleep for days. The others are also very tired but nobody can sleep. Everybody is afraid of his dreams. And everybody is afraid of waking up and confronting the truth again.

December 19th 2014

The disaster is getting bigger. Today Michael and Kyle died. Michael, Maria and Kyle wanted to get some food and were attacked by the Skins. Kyle first got shot and immediately died. Michael saved Maria and also got shot. But he kept alive. They brought him down to us, but not even Max could heal him. So the only thing we could do, was to wait.

It was horrible. By his eyes I could tell that he felt pain, but he didn’t say anything. He was brave. Maria hold his dying body all the time. They talked for a long while, but then Michael was getting weaker. Maria told him to stay alive and Max just sat there, watched and held Michael’s hand. All of them knew that it was too late. Michael told Maria, he loved her and that he had wanted to ask her to marry him after all this. In tears she told him, that she would have said yes and kissed him softly on his lips. “I know,” he whispered. Then he took a ring out of his pocket and put it on her finger. “It’s so beautiful, thank you,” she cried. He smiled and kissed her softly and then he closed his eyes.

Maria sat there, holding his body and cried. I got down on my knees and hugged her, knowing, that nothing I said could help her.

Now she’s sleeping and I’ve got some time for myself. It’s hard, to sit here and to wait.

Max is looking horrible. Just like a shell of himself. His beautiful, dark eyes are like black holes, he looks like a corpse. After Maria fell asleep, we talked for a long time. He told me about his grief. He said, that he was sorry for me and the others, that we all risked our lives for them and that, if he could, he would made an end to all this. And then I just hugged him, trying to give him a little bit of comfort, I wished I could help him at least a little bit.

December 20th 2014

Only four days to Christmas, and I’m sure that this will be the most horrible Christmas in my life. Because the Skins have won this battle. Because today’s the day, my only love on this world died. I should have known it. Because yesterday when Max said, that he would make an end, if he could, we knew that there was one possibility. The Skins lived on their spaceship on this world. We had to destroy it and the Skins would die. The problem was, that everything in it or near to it would also die then.

We had decided, that we didn’t want to risk another life and wanted to find another chance.

But now Max destroyed it. When the attacks ended, Maria and I looked for Max and I finally found him lying on the floor of the building, where the ship was hidden. He was dying. And there was nothing I could do to help him. And we both knew it. He told me, that he loved me and that he was sorry for leaving me. He asked me not to hate him and I told him that I could never hate him. I love him, always would, and this was, what I finally told him. “I’ve got nothing left on this world now,” I said, “Tell me how shall I go on.”

“I’m sorry Liz. I’m sorry for leaving you.”

“I wish we could have been together. We could have had a family, you know, if I wouldn’t have….”

“Shh… I know what you mean, but I don’t blame you. You wanted the best for me, Tess and I just…”

“Forget it Max, forget it. I just wish, she wouldn’t have left. If she’d be here, you would have been able to defeat them without you all dying, without destroying the ship. I’d rather want you to be with her than you being dead.” I interrupted him.

“No… I don’t regret being with you. Never,” he said softly. And then he carefully touched my stomach, his hand started to gleam.

“I wish so much I could say, “yes I will to you”,” I said.

“Me too” he answered and when he kissed me, I closed my eyes and when I opened them again, he was gone.

I had no time to mourn. Because then the whole building came down. I could save myself but Maria was buried under the concrete. The firemen needed more than two hours until they could rescue her. She was badly injured, but she was alive, at least physically.

And so Maria and I are the only ones left now, after this battle. The doctors say, that she probably won’t be able to go for the rest of her life. I don’t know how I can tell her. She didn’t speak much since Michael died. When she sleeps, she murmurs his name again and again. I can’t bear seeing her in such a condition. It cuts my heart off. She’s my best friend ever, now my only friend on this world, who’s still alive. Now, everything we did in the past 7 years to save our alien- friends, is worthless. Alex, Kyle, Sheriff Valenti and who know how many else, died for nothing. If just one of the three would have survived, it would have been worth it, but now? Life makes no sense for me anymore. I’ve lost everything, my parents, my friends and my love. So why shall I go on on this world.

Maria is the only one I’ve got left. And she’s in an even worse situation than I am. When Alex died, we both had someone to comfort us. But this isn’t like Alex’ death. At that time, we had our friends, our parents, we had each other. Everyone near to us, died. Everyone we loved is taken away from us. Now she’s the only one I can count on.

September 25th 2015

Today a little miracle happened. I’m a mother.

My baby is born. Our baby, Max’ and my baby. A few weeks after Max’ death I found out that I was pregnant. The little girl, I’m holding in my arms is still a little miracle for me.

I’m happy that I’ve got something to remind me of Max, although I would never need anything to remember him. I will never love someone as much as I loved him. And that’s never going to change.

Now I watch my little baby sleeping in her bed.

Maria already visited me and my little Isabel in hospital. She was totally perplex when I told her the news, but happy for me. February 29th 2016

Little Isabel grows really quick and she’s already a beautiful little girl. She has the beautiful brown eyes from her father and her hair is also dark brown. And sometimes, I find those tiny silver handprints on her toys. She’s so much like her dad. I miss him so much. Why did he have to leave me?

July 4th 2020

Isabel and I share an apartment with Maria now in Los Angeles.

We both decided that we didn’t want to live in Roswell anymore, after all that happened. And I think it was the right decision. But today I went back to my hometown, where I spent my entire life until now.

I showed Isabel my old home. I went through the streets, I knew once so well. And then suddenly, I stood in front of the Crashdown. So many memories came up. This was the place, where we shared so many of our good times.

This was the place, where everything had begun. I went in and sat down at the table, where we had always sat. It was closed since my parents had died. I sat there and all the damn memories came up. I sat there and remembered. I forgot everything around me and if Isabel wouldn’t have been, I’d still sit there.

Then, it was already dawn, I went to the cemetery. I stood in front of Max’ grave and started to cry. Isabel pulled on my jacket and asked me why I was so sad. I hugged her softly. She was so sweet.

“This is your daddy’s grave,” I explained to her softly.

“How was daddy?”, she wanted to know.

“Your daddy was a great man. He made mommy very happy. You know, he had the same wonderful eyes you have. When I looked into his eyes I forgot the entire world around me. It was like magic. He showed me the stars.”

“Why did he die?”, she asked me.

“He was a hero,” Maria, who came to the grave at this moment, answered instead of me.

“Yeah he was a great hero,” I repeated.

“Is daddy in heaven now?”, she asked.

“Yeah daddy is in heaven, together with his friends.”

And I looked up from the grave and watched the stars above.

“I hope so” I whispered.

And then I put some flowers next to his gravestone, on which was written:

Max Evans
1981 - 2014
You came from far and now you are far away
But my heart will always be with you.
You saved me and my world

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