FanFic - Max/Liz
"Trading Places"
Part 8
by Rachel
Disclaimer: Je ne possÚde pas le "Roswell." (Caption: I do not own "Roswell.")
Summary: Ummm, yeah. Well, everything gets changed back to normal.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Alas, I am finishing my debut series. I should be heart-broken, and yet relieved at the same time. Not the case. You think I need therapy?
Max snapped up in his bed. His bed? What was he doing here? Where was Liz? Did his mother bring him back? Did Liz? Where was everybody else? Before Max could think to answer any of his questions, someone knocked on his door.

"Can I come in?" Isabel asked.

"Sure." She opened the door and walked over.

"Alex just called me. Told me something you really ought to know. Liz is leaving at 4:30 this afternoon for Florida. From what he told me, it's for the whole summer. So you have 6 hours to fix things, or wait 3 months. You're choice, but you better decide quickly."

"What? We already did. What are you talking about? And how'd I get back here?"

"Max, you came in late last night after insisting on walking home to try and find Liz. Remember?"

"What? No, you woke me up and made me breakfast. Really early. And..."


"Oh God."

"What is it Max?"

"I got to go!" Max got up out of bed. He was still wearing his clothes from when he came home from the desert, so he didn't have to change. He pulled on his shoes and shot out the door.

Max ran like he'd never run before. Liz was at stake here. He couldn't believe what had happened. If this didn't convince her to stay, nothing would. It had to. As far as Max was concerned, he couldn't lose her. Not now. Not ever.

He ran into the Crash Down. Everybody immediately looked at him, 'causing him to blush. He tried to remain calm, well, regain calmness, while he walked up to Mr. Parker at the cash machine. "Where's Liz?" he tried to say quietly, without using the whisper which immediately gets everybody's attention. Well, everybody that chose to ignore him when he burst in.

"She's up in her room." Max started to turn away. "But Max, she's really upset. So here's the deal, you cheer her up, good for you two. You upset her even more, I will personally use you as the secret ingredient for my new invention, alien ala-carte." The last sentence was said with a seriousness that made Max believe every word.

For a split second, he wondered if Liz or someone else had told Mr. Parker that he was an alien. He quickly pushed that out of his head and started walking towards the back. He proceeded up the stairs with as much rush as he could. He felt that he should be quiet. That way maybe he could start talking before she went down her ladder.

Max reached her door, but before he could knock, Liz opened it. "Max?! are you doing here?" she looked like she had been crying for a long time.

"I came to talk to you. And I really need you to listen to me. Can you do that?" She nodded feebly, and Max led her over to her bed where they sat down. He pushed away memories of making out and proceeded to tell her about what happened to him. She didn't interrupt him at all, just sat and let it sink in.

When Max had finished, Liz sat there looking into his eyes for the longest time. Max started to get worried by the silence. She finally broke the silence, speaking in slow, broken sentences. "So you had a dream. In which I had to put our relationship back together. Me. A dream. I don't see how this should make an impact. It was a dream. True, you risked your life for me in your dream, but it was a DREAM." Liz was speaking normal now, if not a bit commanding.

"But Liz, I didn't know I was dreaming."

"Consciously, no. But you did unconsciously. And that very well could have made you more eager to jump."

"Okay, okay. So it was a dream, that doesn't make it any less true of my feelings." Max reached down and picked up her hands. "If you asked me to, I'd jump off a cliff for you. Not using my powers or anything. God Liz, if you asked me to, I'd kill myself. No questions or hesitation. I love you. And everything you told me in my dream. I mean it for you.

"I can't lose you. Not now. Not ever. Destiny is the fate of a man. And the fate is essential to what the man is. And the thing is, without you, I'm not a man. My fate is to be with you. My destiny is you. If you would have me."

Liz looked up at Max and smiled. Tears began to roll slowly down her cheeks. Max smiled too and wiped them away one by one. "How could I not have you? I love you Max. I'm just so glad that you love me."

She reached up and took his had from her cheek and kissed it. "Come here," Max said pulling her into a hug. He kissed her head. "I will always love you. I will always be with you. Never forget that." They stayed in that embrace until Liz's dad came up to tell her it was time to take her to Florida.

"I'm not going, Dad," she told him. Then softer, she said, "I'm never leaving," and snuggled back into Max's arms.

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