FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 6
by Ash
Disclaimer: I'm just borrowing characters from Melinda Metz and Roswell on WB because I'm so lame that I can't do it on my own. It's all them. Really.
Summary: Dark, dark alter-reality for M2tM; serious R rating, folks
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
"I'm all out of faith,

This is how I feel.

I'm cold and I am shamed,

Lying naked on the floor.

Illusion never changed,

Into something real.

I'm wide awake

And I can see the perfect sky is torn.

You're a little late,

I'm already



His trembling hands went to her face and he made her face him.

She saw pain in his eyes, and too many emotions to dissect, just a whirlwind of pain and confusion and anger. It seemed like he almost couldn't breathe, but the words finally made it out.

"Why... why didn't you tell me? I wouldn't have left you alone... I would have been there. Oh, god, Liz..."

She forced her eyes away from his face.

Did he hate her? Was it really her fault?

The thought stunned her and she lowered her head as he continued.

"If I had just known... oh god..."

If she had just told him, he could have protected her. That was what he was saying, his breath hot against her cheek, her face wet with his tears.

He pulled her in closer, as if he were trying to squeeze away the pain and she grimaced in his embrace.

"No," he whispered hoarsely. "It's not your fault. It's mine. I'll take care of it. And I can heal you."

At the words, Liz jumped and tried to pull away.

Max held on to her tightly, looking into her face questioningly.

"I can help the pain. Please let me."

If he connected, then he'd see everything, feel everything. After all he'd been through...

Liz shook her head violently.

"Liz," Max whispered, his voice pained. "I wasn't there. I should have been there. I don't care if I see it. I want to see it, to know what you went through."

Liz just stared at him, not convinced.

Max looked deep into her eyes and leaned forward, placing his lips gently over hers.

Liz winced and tried to pull away, but she didn't have the strength to do it. The memory of the other Max was still so overpowering...

But this was her Max, and his lips were infinitely softer, caressing hers until she relaxed.

And her mind began to flood with images... of Max sitting still in the white room, waiting, his heart beating loudly, his determination to see her again like a source of strength...

of Max being grabbed and strapped down to a table, his fear washing over Liz in a flood...

of Max helpless and drugged, while Agent Pierce questioned him...

of Max wearing some strange device on his head and seeing his friends, his loved ones and the feeling of suffering from him threatened to overwhelm her...

but the absolute panic and rage that overtook him at the last picture was terrifying to Liz.

It was... what was that?

It was her own lifeless body lying there, face smeared with blood.

Her heart clenched tightly.

Pierce had threatened Max with it.

Liz felt rage tower up within her.

Then the next image came immediately... Max strapped down once again, awaiting the cut of the scalpel.

Liz was begging to see no more, and she pulled away from the kiss, sobbing silently against him.

But Max once again pulled her face up to his, his sad eyes infinitely tender.

"You saw, didn't you? Do you think I wanted you to see that? No, but we can't shut each other out right now. You are a part of me, Liz. And not even Pierce using that against me can make me want otherwise. I love you, Liz. Nothing I see or feel will ever take that away. So, let me help you," his voice was so passionate.

And she was tired, so tired as the tears dripped down her cheeks.

When had she started feeling again?

She looked into his beautiful eyes, paused a moment and then nodded.

Max took a shaky breath, then put one hand on her cheek, cupping it gently.

The bruised flesh felt warm now, and Liz relaxed against the pressure.

Their eyes were melting into each other, becoming one again. She could feel his heart beating through the connection, feel his energy pulsing through her. And the pain began to fade... in her face, her head, her arms and, oh god, he was healing the bruised flesh between her legs. She shuddered and tried to welcome the vulnerable feeling. It was strange, tingling... and warm.

But this was Max, she reminded herself, and it was okay.

Just as she felt completely whole and a gentle smile broke across her face at the final absence of pain, Max let out a hoarse cry. He threw his head back and pulled away from her, scrambling to his knees.

Liz froze in place, not able to breathe. He had seen it, seen it all.

And he was weeping, shuddering violently.

"Max," she croaked, reaching for him. "Max, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't want you to see..."

But he turned his ravaged face to hers and stood, pulling her to her feet.

His intensity almost scared her as he whispered, "You thought it was me. How- how could he do that to you?"

She was shaking her head, willing him to get past it somehow.

But after one more long look at her, he turned abruptly and walked away a few steps.

Coldness seeped into Liz's heart as she watched him. Did he feel differently about her now, now that he had seen her used in that way?

Oh god, please let him still love me, she thought, trembling again.

Time crawled by, and Liz had to be near him again, to know what his response would be. She stood behind him and tentatively reached out a small, delicate hand to his back, feeling the tight muscles underneath his shirt. He was so tense...

Finally, he spoke, turning to her.

"Liz, no more worrying about me. But this is not just your pain anymore. It's ours."

She nodded slowly, looking down.

Max gently pulled her into his arms and rested his head on top of hers. Liz relaxed against him with a sigh.

"You'll be safe now, I promise," he whispered.

And from somewhere deep inside, a few more tears bubbled up and slid down her face.

"Shhh," Max whispered. "It's okay. I'm here."

She longed to stay in his arms forever, but a panicked voice made her turn to investigate.

"Kyle," she heard Isabel call out.

And she saw something she would never forget: Kyle Valenti standing in the hallway, mouth gaping.

How much had he seen? Had he seen Max heal her?

Liz pulled away from Max and whispered, "Kyle?"

Max turned abruptly and stared.

Then Kyle's usual sardonic grin flashed across his face in all its glory.

"Well, spank my butt and call me Henry. Liz is in love with E.T."


Max and Liz exchanged glances as Kyle crossed to them.

Kyle came to stand right in front of Liz and looked her face over carefully, then turned to Max.

"You do good work. Now, my guess is that this is the big secret, or is there something else I should know about?"

Liz smiled slowly, ignoring the look Isabel shot her as she entered the room.

"No, this is it. Max saved my life when I was shot at the Crashdown last year."

"Okay," Kyle nodded and smiled again as he absorbed that information. "So it was the Florence Nightengale effect. She fell for you because you saved her. Finally, it makes sense."

Then he stuck his hand out to Max.

"So I guess I should say, 'thanks,'" he smiled as Max grasped his hand in return. "And call up the FBI to report you."

Liz's heart skipped a beat, her eyes automatically shooting past him to Isabel, who was looking at Kyle with deadly eyes.

"Kyle," she said in a strangled voice.

"What," he looked at their tense faces, puzzled. "Kidding. Only kidding. Like the FBI would be interested in Max Evans."

Liz looked at Max's tense face and fought the impulse to punch Kyle.

"Shut up, Kyle," she said in a low voice as she propelled Max past Kyle and into the living room.

"Great, Liz," Isabel hissed as she followed after them. "Anyone else you want to tell? That's the last thing we need right now, for Kyle to show up on the Jerry Springer show 'I Lost My Ex to an Alien.'"

"Iz," Max said tensely.

"Was it something I said," Kyle followed after them gamely.

Liz rolled her eyes. He just loved to bug the hell out of Max.

Isabel sent Max a look before grabbing nervously at the pendant around her neck.

Behind them, they heard the Sheriff say in a low voice, "Here's a couple of twenties, Kyle, how about going to pick up some pizzas?"

"No way, Dad. I mean, I just found out there are aliens in Roswell. Grandpa wasn't crazy. And you, you've known about this all year, haven't you? I want to hear the whole-"

"Kyle, shut up," Valenti said in a firm voice. "Now, these kids have been through a lot. The last thing they need is the third degree from you. We'll talk more later. And not a word to anyone, you understand?"

The Sheriff stalked back in the room, Kyle sighing loudly behind him.

But Kyle did leave, Liz noticed with relief. We'll deal with him later.

"Sorry," she looked up at Max beside her.

"It's okay," Max said wearily. "There wasn't a choice. I just hope we can convince Michael of that."

"Me, too" Isabel muttered. "He and Tess are on their way," she began in a tense voice.

Liz groaned and felt Max tighten his arm around her. She looked over at hs warm smile and sighed.

"I guess we might as well call Maria and Alex, too. There's no point in dragging this out further."

Isabel nodded in relief and went to go use the phone.

Max leaned over and kissed Liz on the forehead gently.

"Remember, you don't have to handle anything alone anymore.

Liz snuggled into his chest and tried to relax. All she wanted to do was go home and crawl into bed and pretend like nothing had ever happened. Was this night ever going to end?


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