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"Theory of Relativity"
Part 1
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Disclaimer: The characters of Roswell belong to the WB, among others, I’m just borrowing them to tell a tale.
Summary: A year or two down the road (still in highschool)…Max and Liz are about to end the friendship game they’ve been playing
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Authors Note: 1.) For some reason I like Fan Fictions in episode format so that’s how I wrote this… 2.) This story gets vague at a specific spot – I figure your imaginations can come up with details far better than I can write…
(Scene: Max’s bedroom. Max is sitting on his bed reading a book and listening to the radio. There’s a knock on his door)

Max: It’s open (Isabel enters and Max immediately looks at her funny) What’s wrong?

Isabel: Nothings wrong, can’t I just come and see what you’re doing?

Max: Isabel, you knocked. Now what’s going on?

Isabel (she sighs): Okay Max…but you can’t get mad at me…you know how Liz can get sometimes…

Max (interrupting her): What’s wrong with Liz?

Isabel: Nothings wrong with her (she pauses searching for the way to say what she has to, and finally looking away from Max and sheepishly says) She knows we can dream walk.

Max: What! Isabel, you know….

Isabel (interrupting him and talking really fast): Keep your pants on Max…I told her we hadn’t done it to her and that you don’t really do it all – she kinda seemed disappointed (Max looks at her patronizing). Look, we were talking about Valenti and I let a few things slip…you know, about what we saw when we went into his dream…and then you know how Liz is – question, question, question – I couldn’t not tell her Max.

Max (smiling from the image of Liz berating Isabel with questions): What’d she say?

Isabel: Once the feeling of indignation left her she just had more questions…she didn’t really understand...I told her I’d visit her tonight and show her. (Seeing Max’s face flinch with a hint of jealousy) You could go…I’m sure that’s what she’s hoping for.

Max: I couldn’t it…

Isabel: It’s just a dream Max, and you have more patience with her incessant questioning than I do.

Max (contemplating the proposal): It is just a dream.

Isabel: Good boy Max…let me know how it goes. (she leaves)

(Scene: Max’s Bedroom. Max is laying on the bed with the yearbook out looking at Liz’s picture. He’s obviously struggling with “to-do-it or not-to-do-it”)

Max: It’s just a dream…(he touches her picture and closes his eyes as he rests his head down on his pillow)

(Dream Scene: Liz’s Bedroom. Liz, wearing her bathrobe, is sitting on the edge of her bed. Max enters the dream standing in front of her in the middle of her room)

Liz: I’ve been waiting for you. (She looks up at Max) I wasn’t sure if…if you were going to come.

Max (nervous and uncomfortable): Isabel thought it might be more comfortable for you if it was me.

Liz: Is that the only reason you came?

Max (almost embarrassed): No.

Liz: Isabel said you don’t do this very often, why?

Max: We went once when we were little…into our mother’s dream. We wanted to know what she thought of us…but it…it really freaked her out…she couldn’t sleep for weeks. I just decided that I didn’t like it…I would never want anyone to know my dreams, so what gives me the right?

Liz (smiling and looking up at him) Always the gentleman Max.

Max (looking at her and smiling back): Not that I haven’t thought about it.

Liz: So are you, real?

Max: Well sort of…I mean this is your dream, I’m just a visitor...but I am the Max you know, not some sort of imaginary dream Max. Does that make since? It’s really hard to explain…

Liz: Can I touch you?

Max (thinking about it): Well, yea…you are your “dream self” and I’m my “dream self” and in the dream plane you can do anything that you…

Liz (interrupting him and smiling): No Max, I mean can I touch you?

Max (getting it and looking at her and in a shaky voice) Oh…it’s your dream.

Liz (stands up, looks at him): Will I feel you?

Max (confused): I don’t really know, I mean we don’t…really feel dreams.

(Liz looks at him slightly seductively, walks over to him and puts her hand on his chest. They look at each other. She puts her hand down and walks around Max so she’s standing behind him. He turns around looking at her questioningly. She puts her hand on his chest again and pushes him backward until he sits on her bed. Max looks up at her extremely nervous)

Liz (softly): It’s my dream, right?

Max (sounding nervous): Yes.

Liz (whispering, like she’s talking to herself): And it’s just a dream.

Max (getting more nervous): But it’s still you Liz, and it’s still me…

Liz: In a dream.

(Liz looks at him deeply and then drops her bathrobe. She’s wearing a simple, very thin, spaghetti strapped long cotton nightgown. Max catches his breath and stands up)

Max (barely audible): Liz…

Liz: Max I’ve been dreaming about this for a long time.

(Max just stands there looking at Liz, passion over takes him and he steps toward her)

Max: Not as long as I have. (He grabs her, pulls her to him and they kiss)

-----Commercial Break ------ (let your minds wander where they will)

(Dream Scene: Liz’s Bedroom. Liz is resting her head on Max’s bare chest and Max is gently playing with her hair)

Liz: Listen.

Max: What?

Liz (she raises her head and looks up at him): Our heart beats…they’re beating (she pauses) in sync (she grabs his left hand puts it on her chest and puts his right hand on his. Surprised he looks up at her)

Liz: Will we remember this?

Max: I think so…after you wake up.

Liz: I don’t want to wake up Max. (Max smiles at her and gently pulls her face towards his and gives her a kiss on her forehead)

BANG (There’s a loud sound from Liz’s door. The screen splits and we see Max in his bedroom jerking out of bed and Liz jerking up in her bed. Scene stays with Liz.)

Mrs. Parker (from behind the door): Liz honey, it’s a quarter past 7. Are you up?

Liz (looking down at her bed – where Max was in her dream – rubbing eyes, and smiling): Yea Mom. I’m up.

(She throws back the covers and gets out of bed, still in la la land from her dream she walks over to her dresser. She stops dead in her tracks when she sees herself in the mirror wearing Max’s shirt. She looks down at herself grabs at the shirt, slowly looks over to where her bathrobe and nightgown are on the floor. She looks back at the mirror with “panic/confused face.” She goes back to her bed and sees blood on her sheets, panic face gets worse.)

(Scene: Max’s Bedroom. A bare-chested Max is looking for his shirt. Isabel comes in his room)

Isabel: You’re not ready yet.

Max (confused and fumbling through his things): I can’t find my night-shirt.

Isabel: Max it’s 7:30, forget the shirt. (Max looks up at her confused) Is everything okay?

Max: Yea.

Isabel: So how’d it go last night.

Max (startled): What?

Isabel: The dream, you did go, right?

Max: Yea…

Isabel (interrupting): Are you sure everything’s okay?

Max (totally flustered): No offense Iz, but I’ve gotta get ready for school.

Isabel (looking at him inquisitively): Okay Max. (She leaves. When the door shuts Max just sits on his bed looking puzzled)

(Scene: School. Liz and Maria are standing by their lockers. Maria is babbling on about something and Liz just has this very distant, distracted look on her face)

Maria: Earth to Liz, h-e-l-l-o. (Maria waves her hand in front of Liz’s face. Liz startled looks over at Maria) Okay…where’d you just go?

Liz (stumbling): I’m sorry Maria…I just had…this dream last night…I uh…(she looks up and sees Max and Isabel walking down the hall toward them. Liz’s confused look makes Max confused and Liz follows him with her eyes as he walks past her)

Maria (watching the whole interaction): That time I know where you went. What’s going on with you Liz?

Liz: We’re gonna be late for class.

Maria: Not so fast.

Liz: Maria…it was just a really weird dream.

Maria: Lunch – I want details.

Liz (gives her a week smile): Uh uh.

(Scene: Library. Max and Liz’s 4th period biology class is doing research. Max is sitting at a table and Liz walks up and sits across from him. She just stares at him)

Max: Liz?

Liz (softly): It was a dream right?

Max (matches her confused look with a sad one): It was a bad idea.

Liz (sounding urgent): Max, tell me it was a dream.

Max: Liz, what’s wrong? (He looks at her, trying to gauge her mood) It was just a dream, an intense dream. (Liz just looks at him and Max gets more concerned and worried) It was a really bad idea…Liz?

Liz (looking away from Max dazed): It wasn’t a dream…

Max (really confused): Liz, it was.

(Liz looks at Max and then opens her backpack and pulls out his shirt. Max just looks from the shirt to Liz back to the shirt)

Liz: Then how’d I…(she pauses and looks at Max, looking for answers) I was wearing this when I got up this morning. (Max is stone faced just looking at the shirt and then at Liz)

Max (mumbling to himself): It was a dream…I fell asleep…my room…woke up…in my room…how…

Max looks at Liz and stops, they look at each other neither knowing what to say or what the hell’s going on. Liz shakes her head, gets up from her seat and sits in the chair next to Max. She pulls it close to him, looks at Max and then grabs his left hand and holds it over her heart and grabs his right and places it over his. They both look down at their hands and then up at each other.)

(Scene fades to black and we hear the sound of their hearts beating together)

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